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  1. @Boeroer @Elric Galad @Phenomenum @Grape_You_In_The_Mouth No time to test Blood for now, but I went and inserted the seemingly nonsense Spirit Frenzy attack component that only targets self into the status effect IDs for Spirit Tornado and lo and behold, stagger works on everything. Madness.
  2. It was just humans after boarding a ship to battle. Pistoleers, fighters, weather mages, and a rogue or two. I'll use the console this time and dig around to see if I can figure out why it isn't working for me. UPDATE: Tried again with multiple spells. Thrust of Tattered Veils, Web, the fire ray, Fireball (again), but Staggered did not apply with Spirit Tornado. I was still able to apply Stagger via weapon attacks and Carnage regardless of which upgrade. Roars and Shouts also did not work with Spirit Tornado, so that was a bad call on my part to give that info off hand. I think this is an
  3. No but before I made my post I really did go into my game, load a save, and threw a fireball while in Spirit Tornado rage. None of the enemies were staggered.
  4. Well, sans the blessing to get to level 4 from the get-go, you can quickly gather xp from just sailing around. Consult the thread on gaining experience without much combat here: There's also an xp bonus for just encountering new locations. Nemnok's dungeon gives some sky high discovery xp, so consider those if you really need to push for xp.
  5. Madscientist, I like how you ask those questions after Boeroer said they'd be unable to access the game for a week. Carnage does not generate focus. This was a specific design choice the team was transparent about since the kickstarter/fig campaign. Focus will still fill fast with Draining Whip, so take that. You can also still generate focus off of certain blast effects, like from a rod modal. Blood Thirst applies to the next attack made within 10 sec. This is applied for each hand, so if you have a weapon in each hand, the 0 recovery will affect both before Blood Thirst is r
  6. Ah, dampened abilities will say suppressed. If it doesn't say that, then the ability wasn't affected. You can also tell if a buff is suppressed if it is grayed out.
  7. Spell Disruption has synergy with Carnage. When it was useful during my solo Mage Slayer run, Carnage was an abuseable factor due to how Carnage grazes work. If you keep Spell Disruption, don't get rid of Carnage arbitrarily.
  8. Nah, you just haven't been around long enough. Basically, the Barbarian's melee passives and abilities are not strong enough to outweight the power of their other abilities. The action speed modifiers are more useful for most builds than any of the Barbarian's melee abilities. Carnage in particular is looked down upon for having low damage output and less cheese than in PoE1 due to being smaller in AoE size and having no compatibility with most unique weapon abilities. As for Heart of Fury, it works with ranged weapons, as does Barbaric Blow. If you dual wield pistols, you can fire the firs
  9. I wouldn't exactly call that care if all you're doing is making the resistance friendly and increasing it with power level. It's not a popular subclass to begin with and the identity of the class has always been in conflict with itself since you'll kill most casters faster than you can actually benefit from its features. As it stands, even the usefulness of Spell Disruption is underwhelming due to how most enemy spell-like abilities are not actually spells for the purpose of the subclass feature. The drawbacks are also beyond just indiscriminate spell resistance, as you are also unable to use
  10. It's a random street event that can happen while traveling between points in Nekataka after you've gone to Serpent's Crown and had the scene with all the major players in the palace. You should be able to trigger this event before Hasongo, but the rate at which you can encounter events increases significantly afterwards if you still don't encounter the event before then.
  11. Set based on number of resources available instead of cooldown. Opening volley with pistols should be tied to HP of healthy enemies. If there are no enemies with that hp value, switch to a different weapon and attack.
  12. Ah, you missed what I typed. The Frenzy duration is checked at the start of your turn and will not decrement the turn you activate the buff. So you won't see the duration change until the start of your next turn, and the game will grant you the buff during the 0 round in order to make full use of the remaining time the buff would have had in real time with pause. IIRC in Deadfire DoT and regen effects in turn based are applied in the order the effects are received.
  13. Ah, well then I should clarify how 4e worded powers and effect durations. D&D 4e pen and paper rule set clarifies the phases of a turn, which in truth have always existed in older editions but were rarely referenced specifically in spells or effects. A round is just a unit of time in which each creature in combat may experience a single turn. Each creature's actual turn consists of 3 phases: Start Phase, Action Phase, and End Phase. Normally, Start and End Phase are checked in case something affecting you interacts with your character during those phases, but most of the time at the s
  14. Initiative is being confused in this conversation with traditional table top games. In table top, you roll for initiative and your turn order is determined in descending order starting from largest value to smallest. However, in Deadfire, it's the opposite. Initiative is determined in ascending order, starting from the smallest value and going to the largest. This is because initiative is recalculated after your turn with modifiers based on the amount or intensity of the action you took. For example, if you attack and do not move, you have a higher likelihood of having very low initiative the
  15. In one playthrough with Berath's challenge, I've noticed missing crew on Valero's Rest after a disastrous ship fight, but not outside of this challenge. - Rounds are global in order to prevent characters from acting more than once in a round. Buffs are tracked based on start/end of turn, similar to 4th edition D&D. Otherwise, actions will determine whether you execute an ability instantaneously or if you end up rolling into the next round. Sure, it can resemble... FFX delay system, as the cool kids call it. It's more random than that, though. - Initiative is rolled at the end
  16. I've tested 50% Blood Surge myself and it was fine. The overall high costs and scattered efficiency of Barbarian actives meant it doubled as QoL.
  17. The Barbarian having access to Daze and Terrify as their primary tier 2 afflictions are fine. They are 2 of the most powerful tier 2 afflictions I can think of aside from int tier 2, and allow the Barbarian to safely holy hand grenade from stealth with little in the way of retaliation. Adding more tier 2 afflictions may muddle the matter (of what the class should specialize in). I've also updated my post to include more of your points. You also have the stagger effect on Spirit Frenzy that applies to carnage. You can use that code as a jumping point if you're dead set on trying to add more
  18. @Elric Galad Haha, funny you mention threatening presence. At some point last year (around the time I hit myself with the field boots to instantly kill myself through Barbaric Retaliation) I actually rolled in the sickening effect vs engaged targets, combining it with the no engagement vs lower level enemies. I didn't notice any imbalance because once you start to reach PL 7 (with other mods to savage defiance upgrades or other changes to earlier PL abilities) the choices become very competitive for SC Barbarian and most enemies who are dangerous by that point already resist constitution
  19. Uh, a topic got derailed. I'm gonna link posts made pertaining to Barbarian changes so people can reference from here if needed. Boeroer 01/24/2020 4:24 AM CST Elric Galahad 01/24/2020 5:01 AM Me 01/24/2020 12:33 PM Boeroer 01/24/2020 1:19 PM thelee 01/24/2020 1:48 PM Boeroer 01/24/2020 3:37 PM Powerotti 01/24/2020 3:42 PM (I don't think some of those triggers are possible?) thelee 01/24/2020 4:14 PM Elric Galahad 01/24/2020 4:29 PM I do strongly believe that if people want to make bigger changes to Barbarian, there needs to
  20. It's the 30% hit to crit conversion. The overpen comes from crit. That in itself is a huge damage boost. The 50% crit damage is icing. Penetration is such a deciding factor in higher difficulties that by default I will value the chance to overcome armor over the hobble. This is all, of course, still on the idea of reducing the ability to 1 cost with no other modifications.
  21. My problem with 1 point Barbaric Blow is the impact it has on MC. If I had to choose between Barbaric Blow or Crippling Strike on a Barb/Rogue, I'd choose Barbaric Blow every time because of the insane crit damage it can do. It would be a more potent source of overpen than any other 1 point costing ability, even Penetrating Strike. (Uh, I seem to be having trouble posting this. The submit button is resisting. If this gets double posted, my apologies.)
  22. Good point on the wasted damage. I have a point to add in case it matters. The wasted damage doesn't come into practice as often as it seems. For unarmed or two-weapon SC Barbarian, the first hit tends to send the enemy to near death. The second hit can then benefit from massive modifiers via Bloody Slaughter. The risk, however, is that as of the last few patches, if you kill the enemy with the first hit, and the second attack goes off without you being able to cancel it in some way, you loose the benefit of Blood Thirst and suffer full recovery. Conversely you can also fail to crit both ti
  23. I'm going to have to really try the sap + rod idea. That sounds amazing. On Barbaric Blow & friends I have had no trouble with Barbaric Blows in all my playthroughs. The move is designed for lucky executions in conjunction with Bloody Slaughter, and with Rage refund you can rapidly and reliably execute multiple low HP targets with ease. This leads to my playstyle of nuking everything with Spirit Tornado to low health and then proceeding to execute everything with rapid Barbaric Smashes. Even before Barbaric Smash, the damage increase in general is still enough for an unarmed
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