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  1. I'd say it mainly has to do with the hardware of the ps4 just showing it's age. SSD speed doesn't matter since the load time has to do with processing speed and with only 8gb's of shared memory the ps4 is just going to be a bit slow when loading. You have to remember you're playing new games on 7 year old (or if using ps4 pro,) 4 year old hardware. For comparison, I just bought a new PC this year.. My old one had hit 8 years old and couldn't even play Poe2. So the fact that an 7 year old console can somehow play games that a very good 8 year old computer couldn't.. is pretty cool.
  2. Thanks guys. I think I was just having a freak out moment at all the changes which made my cave man brain feel stupid and threatened. I'm having fun with the game and the new character models / animations and maps are great. (I'm still giving the 'choose your own adventure" maps a bit of the stinky eyeball mainly because in Poe1 story time usually meant injury time for me or one of my companions.)
  3. So why are some item effects just not listed on your character summary anymore? If I equip something like the Swordmans' Bracers which adds "glancing strikes" do I just have to trust that it's working as intended? Do item effects still get suppressed? Like do ring of protection, cloak of protection stack or suppress? (and why don't they show up under current effects either?) Coming straight from POE1 and having never played this before I have to say that a lot of the changes feel really, really weird. I knew there were changes but this feels like too much change.
  4. Nah, I was way more paranoid my first playthrough. That was before there was a completed wiki or any walkthroughs. Just looking at my journal and seeing that "keep journeying with companion" and having no answers to turn to made me totally believe it was broken... I don't think I picked up Grieving Mother on my first playthrough though.. I don't have any memory of her quests at any rate. This was the first time I went through with all the pre-made companions and didn't substitute any of my own made ones.
  5. Yeah.. Durance and Mothers quest makes me way too paranoid. . Mother's completes rather quickly compared to Durance but it still makes me constantly wonder if something has gone wrong or will go wrong. On this play through some of Durance's stuff seemed to happen out of order. I went in to pray to gods.. Decided I didn't want to do that yet and left without praying. Durance's persuasion speech about Woedica popped up immediately after leaving even though I hadn't talked to Magran or anybody, .. then about three days later I had the third vision while resting and then the quest ended. Up un
  6. Yes, that can be annoying. Dialogue trees without rules. Sometimes you have the option of exhausting the entire dialogue tree, sometimes if you had chosen a different starting point you could have gleaned more info and other times you only get to choose one option no matter your starting point. This makes me reload quite a lot to try out different dialogue options just to make sure there's not info I'm missing out on. Dialogue that contains lore, history, backstory or better understanding of a certain situation shouldn't get blocked off because you asked "why" instead of "what." How
  7. Since I just finished up Poe1 after not playing it for about 3 years.. my new thought is that maybe it has to do with Poe1 being fairly convoluted and how it often makes you feel like you've messed up or made the wrong decision. (or you feel like you made the right decision but the outcome isn't what you expected or wanted.) Even though I still remembered most major plotlines and decisions I still found myself saying "huh? what? why?" and reloading quite a lot just because the dialogue choices sometimes weren't exactly clear. Instead of feeling like I was roleplaying a characters response I o
  8. I haven't really done any stealthing past enemies.. I just like to stealth into rooms to get a look at where enemies are and what I'll likely be up against. Then I usually set up my party out of the room sneak attack with the rogue and run back to party. … (and a lot of the time block the doorway with the fighters.) Of course this game now has pick pocket but I'll most likely be relying on another party member for that... If at all. I tend to largely forget about pickpocket in just about every game that has it unless I've played it so many times I already know what to pickpocket because of
  9. Wow.. Lots of good info... Unfortunately I haven't played through POE2 yet so I don't know what a lot of this is. I'll just have to figure out some stuff as I go. Basically I just don't want to get through half of the game and go "oh crap, I shoulda, coulda, woulda!" Knowing that Shadowstep, Sap and Fnishing blow might not be worth it is good info though. (although I might still take shadowstep just because it sounds fun .) Sap and Finishing blow can be substituted for Takedown Combo and Driving Flight as I definitely liked the sound of those. More stuff for the pet companion to do is
  10. Mainly looking at Aracana, Stealth and Mechanics I guess. Don't think I need to worry about anything else as I can have other party members do those things. In POE1 I'm easily getting away with a 5 in stealth.. (with gear boosting it to 8)… I can sneak / steal / scout around quite easily. No idea if that's sufficient for POE2. Mechanics obviously need to be the highest. Have no idea how much skill boosting gear there is in the game for mechanics. Arcana is the one I have no idea about. How much Arcana should I think about having? (and how much could I maybe get from gear?).. I'd mainly b
  11. Yeah, Time in Party is how long you've played with the character in game.. It's still based on in game time though. (so it's still kind of weird.) It doesn't correspond to any real life play time. So I've now played with the character for 12 in game days.. but in real life I've played the game for 51 hours and I started on the 13th and today is the 22nds. So nothing in real life equals 12 days.
  12. Yep, me neither. Actually made me wonder if they weren't always there. It's been a few years since I last played the game. It's amazing how much I've forgotten.
  13. I guess I figured it out. It doesn't record travel time as time spent in party. (It might not record resting as time spent in party as well but I didn't test that out.) Travel time also seems a little borked maybe. I tested this out with my early saves.. So my character left Cilant LIs with 6 hours in party, 0 travel time and 8 hours Elapsed time (2 hours knocked out?.. I don't know.) Arrived at Valewood with 6 hours in party, 6 hours travel time 14 hours elapsed time. I then ran down the road and directly exited the other side to get to Gilded Vale.. 8 hour journey, Elapsed Time 22 hours,
  14. I don't think I ever really payed attention to these stats before. Mainly I just always looked to see who had the most kills and who killed the most powerful creature. At any rate, I'm wondering why "Elapsed Time" states 2 months, 2 days, etc. while my characters "Time In Party" states 10 days, 7 hours. (travel time states 1 month, 1 day.. so that's also confusing.) Do certain quests jump time forward and I just never noticed or something?
  15. Yeah, I watched a video about desperados 3 after downloading shadow tactics and stuck it in my watchlist. I had never heard of Desperados either.. Weirdly enough I own and loved Commandos 1-3 so I'm not sure why I never knew desperados existed.
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