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  1. I added some abilities that go along with this theme. Rather Chanter is. Shamans talk with spirits. I like to think of the Druid classes, as interpreted by various RPGs, to be shamans of nature spirits, or the elements. It's a nuance difference, I know. I think you as well as others are getting too caught up with the name of the class being "shaman". The class can have any name to make it sound more unique. The main purpose of the class is to add a new play style with totems and weapon attacks that I think is actually very unique
  2. I completely agree! I guess you don't need to call this class a "shaman". I just mostly want totems to be added to the game and thought making a shaman class would be the best way to do it. I know the fury shaper has the wards that are like totems but there are only 3 or 2 if you multiclass. Not really changing things up that much. The idea is with the shaman class that the majority of the spells are totems. Totems are a different type of summon and the intention is to create new strategies around these new summons that can buff the party, or deal damage, or do whatever really
  3. Personally, I think shaman are similar to druids like paladins are similar to priests. Priests and paladins are both holy fighters that use a lot of fire and healing. One is just tankier than the other and is a spell caster rather than a melee fighter. I think there is enough of a difference or at least enough abilities to warrant another class.
  4. I've never modded before but I might look into and try. I can't imagine it being easy or quick
  5. Intro: I think it would be really cool if Obsidian added a 12th class to Deadfire and I think that class should be the Shaman. I know shaman right now is a multiclass between a Barbarian and Priest, but I think that should be changed to something else and Shaman should be its own single class. Why Shaman? I think shaman could be a really fun, unique class if it was added as a stand-alone class. Totems are cool and add a completely different play style. I gathered my thought and made up what I think would be a cool approach to making Shaman an official class. Below are class description
  6. Thanks for looking into this SChin! I appreciate you taking the time to try. Yes I will look into different status effects and see if I can make something work. I'll follow up with a post if I figure anything out. I'm still hoping the bug will be fixed in an upcoming update! Until then, maybe an added status effect will work out. Thanks again!
  7. I guess while we hope and wait for this to be fixed, is there a way to add the bonuses through console commands? Something like AddActiveEffect Heartfire and then we get that effect from the amulet?
  8. The annoying part is that this has been an issue since the game was released! At this point, why not fix it?? It's frustrating because I'm trying to make a build that revolves around this amulet but I can't if it isn't working right..
  9. I am also having this exact same problem. Will a fix be released in the next update or something?
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