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  1. I hope, one day, Obsidian will take a look in this patch... ...And integrate most of the changes in a true official update ! (I dream)
  2. Blood surge could be at 33 % It is a level 9 ability. For tight scores, I think in this case, we must choose the closest result to the original game.
  3. Grrr... Obsidian... Thanks for the others. This mod. will be mine. You have all my support.
  4. I agree, It is very weird. Few area are better, other are worst. Like tikawara with a loss of 10 fps without explanation, weither effects etc.
  5. Indeed. It could be a very good idea. Prone is not concerned by the aerial effect. We can skip all the air effect and only put the total of the value only on a bigger prone duration. Like that no problems. This is the best way to go !^^ This patch will become essential to me if he do that. I hope responsible changes to make it almost official !^^ (Like 95 % repair, and 5 % of personal interpretation, and not the reverse) Because players must feel the respect of the original work. I am not a big fan of custom content generally (I dont like the sacrilege side), except when this is 100 % legit like TSLMR for Kotor 2 or Vampire bloodlines with Verner Patch (for example).
  6. It is a shame. This game clearly need one or two addtionnal patch. Community patch is always awsome, but I know people don't know this kind of upgrade exist, or people don't like modify the original game, or even, the version for console ?
  7. I have few lowering FPS in Tikawara. 60 FPS ... 60 FPS. Instant hurt 20 FPS. (mini freeze) 60 FPS 60 FPS.... Normal ? (Witcher 3 is perfectly fluid)
  8. Schin there will never be a new patch ? : ( Because there is a good change to make if it is not too complicate : Make Knock up always a valid target. (red circle never disapear = not like now). For the pleasure of the game, it should be a true added value. For a console version for example... I love give order but here, you give an order never applied after a Knock up.
  9. Hello guys, There is a delay when an ennemy is KNOCK UP. During this delay, the ennemy becoming untargettable. (red circle disapear and reappear few seconds after).All the orders of others companions are cancelled because during a brief moment = no presence. It is pretty annoying. I tell you this because I have recently created a team with a lot of Fighter and Mule kick. And each micro cancelled add a lot of new micro for each action cancelled. Eg : 1. Mule kick 2. Mule kick 3. Flame of devotion 4. Flame of devotion 5. Mule kick The character ONE (1) will touch. Ok. Because it is Mule kick (and knock up more exactly) Characters 2, 3, 4, 5 will have cancelled orders. (It is like Knock up make a target invisible for few seconds) Ok... So I must give them orders again. (Micromanagement +++++) You see ?^^ It's so annoying, that the best strategy with a lot of 'knock up" in this kind of case, is to give a different target to everyone, to avoid crossing attacks! More ! Sometimes with a bad luck, the action of OTHERS members of the team occurs just DURING the knock up^^ and here, there is no effect at all (doing in the wind like we said in french). So... The solution ? Make targetable/damaging the ennemy even during the "knock up" animation. There is no RP reason to make a target less accessible during this moment. On the contrary, it is the moment when he is the most vulnerable.
  10. Already give my idea highter : I prefer a low value but effective at the start. To avoid few situations where there is no bonus at all, when flanking is active. So -2 can be a good start. Generally I am a fan of "all value works" (= all stack) EVEN with a reduced amount. (if the value must be reduced obviously) Because this is better for theory crafting and the "feeling" of a true bonus. ("Oh no my bonus is cancelled, too bad") And if there a stack effect, I am not against up to -4. It is a good number. -2 to -4 is the good ampan. So -2 or -3 are the best bet. If there is no stack now : Perhaps double the actual value : -6x3. (-6 + -6 = -2 in to hit if we count Flanked, the third add -6 etc. But stay... strong. Don't work really if the two first hit are reduced)
  11. In fact, the topic talk of one thing. The supressed effect of one ability. In don't see where there is a wrong info. You can tell me the limit arrive too quickly for you, yes. and there is no debate on a "feeling". But don't tell me this is wrong... There is a picture where the effect is supressed. For all the situation possible (lot of projectiles or not) , I think an immediate stack effect is better for no projectiles, even with a reduced amount.
  12. It is not totally the thing of "taking their time". It is more... to know/understand the situation. After that yes, Obsidian must take their time.
  13. Obsidian : Ok devs, today we must upset the code. Any ideas ? Ted : I think we can put penetration value at 0 ? Obsidian : Good idea I take it.
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