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Found 5 results

  1. Hello guys, There is a delay when an ennemy is KNOCK UP. During this delay, the ennemy becoming untargettable. (red circle disapear and reappear few seconds after).All the orders of others companions are cancelled because during a brief moment = no presence. It is pretty annoying. I tell you this because I have recently created a team with a lot of Fighter and Mule kick. And each micro cancelled add a lot of new micro for each action cancelled. Eg : 1. Mule kick 2. Mule kick 3. Flame of devotion 4. Flame of devotion 5. Mule kick The character ONE (1) will touch. Ok. Because it is Mule kick (and knock up more exactly) Characters 2, 3, 4, 5 will have cancelled orders. (It is like Knock up make a target invisible for few seconds) Ok... So I must give them orders again. (Micromanagement +++++) You see ?^^ It's so annoying, that the best strategy with a lot of 'knock up" in this kind of case, is to give a different target to everyone, to avoid crossing attacks! More ! Sometimes with a bad luck, the action of OTHERS members of the team occurs just DURING the knock up^^ and here, there is no effect at all (doing in the wind like we said in french). So... The solution ? Make targetable/damaging the ennemy even during the "knock up" animation. There is no RP reason to make a target less accessible during this moment. On the contrary, it is the moment when he is the most vulnerable.
  2. KnockDown skills are only serving to delay enemies or to interrupt, nothing more. The enemy falls and raises on the same turn and still strikes as if nothing happened. Another important detail, the fallen enemy has the same deflection as if standing? Does it make any sense? Those who are fallen are not in a position to defend themselves, should have a penalty of 50% for attributes of avoidance as reflex and deflection. In my opinion who is knocked down should lose the turn and suffer avoidance penalty while on the ground.
  3. Description: Game version is GOG, updated to 1.04 My main character is a fighter, when I use Knockdown or a weapon which has a chance to apply prone on crit applies prone; however it lasts 0.0 seconds. Patch 1.04 notes claim that this issue is fixed however it seems like the fix is not retroactive. Honestly I am looking for a hotfix, it sort of breaks the game. If it could be fixed by editing a file or via console I would welcome that option too. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Choose knockdown, hit enemy, observe that the enemy falls down and immediately gets up. Important Files: Savegame & Output Log & DxDiag https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5y0esztjl80xhpc/AADs3XshNBw6A7qw3hPMnoMMa?dl=0 My output log is around 13MB and full of NullReferenceException
  4. Now Eder can't knock people prone anymore?! ARRGGGHHh this is actually worse for me than all the bugs that got fixed >.< He can successfully land it but it's always 0.0 sec prone.... ie: broken. EDIT: Huh so I rolled up another fighter for testing and her KD seems fine so something got messed up specifically on Eder on my save as it was being patched. Tried removing him and re-adding him to the party and no luck so far but I'll keep experimenting. If anyone else has run into this and knows a fix, please let me know. EDIT2: Weirder and weirder. It's only affected my latest 3 saves. If I go back further than that he's acting normal. I'll end up losing a couple hours but that might be what I have to do at this point.
  5. Using the knockdown ability (both my fighter and enemy fighters) causes the knockdown sound effect to play like 4 or 5 times on loop. Super loud and annoying. It doesn't happen with any other spell or ability. DxDiag.txt d259c200b71d402ea53268e6a2db3ac6 DyrfordVillage 7609306.zip
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