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  1. The worst part is that when your character gets knocked down, they spend a full turn to stand up, and thus it's extremely strong against you...but vs AI? Almost useless besides as interrupt.
  2. It doesn't say graze in the combat chat... what is a good goal for accuracy? I assumed at 18 perception it would be generally fine.
  3. Min's Fortune, and Whispers of Yennwood, with Hammering Toughts. Literally 2-4 damage a swing against anything with 10 armor or more (nevermind the golems with 14+).
  4. So I am playing a Cipher/Monk, and at level 9 I feel useless. Dual Wielding weapons, even two legendary ones do 3-5 damage against most enemies due to high armor, the character itself goes down like a ton of bricks with more than one enemy on it at a time. Am I missing something? a way to stack armor penetration? stats: Might 16, 12 Con, 17 dex, 17 perception, 11 int, 10 resolve. (With items).
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