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  1. Found two cloaks, one granted fireball and the other granted wreathing flame (mantle of wreathing flame), neither seems to be working properly. Casting from the character spellbar, the Fireball animation actually went off, caused enemies to aggro, but didn't cause any actual damage in game or in the combat log. Casting Wreathing Flame consumed the charge, but had no visible effect and didn't drain any stamina.
  2. When I kill Hendyna and Rumbald I'll get the top left corner alert Quest Failed for 'Nest Egg' and 'A Farmer's Plight' respectively. When I leave Dyrford, or go into a building, then zone back into the town, the alerts show up again.
  3. Using the knockdown ability (both my fighter and enemy fighters) causes the knockdown sound effect to play like 4 or 5 times on loop. Super loud and annoying. It doesn't happen with any other spell or ability. DxDiag.txt d259c200b71d402ea53268e6a2db3ac6 DyrfordVillage 7609306.zip
  4. On AI stuff, have you guys discussed whether you're going with more structured aggro/threat management like in MMOs and DA, or more freeform like in the IE games?
  5. That's Matt MacLean and his award winning beard: http://kotaku.com/5577920/this-means-beard-war Don't touch it!
  6. Something that publishers wouldn't give a shot - old school isometric RPGs. Obsidian is great at coming up with settings, all I'd ask is do something as crazy as you think you can get away with.
  7. Texture pop was non-existant on my PC except for the inventory. Only major bug I came across in 3 playthroughs was the reload one, but that's easily solvable by not clicking 'load last save'.
  8. Uh I went with SMGs and they were so good by the end it felt like cheating. If they aren't doing enough damage you're not close enough. Take Toughness too, with Bullet Storm + Iron Will up it's basically unlimited ammo + god mode. I didn't even bother with cover, I just sprinted around murdering people in the face. Every boss went down in seconds.
  9. The reviewer for Destructoid was Jim Sterling, he's basically a professional troll. He gave Deadly Premonitions a 10/10.
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