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  1. I'd buy a sequel to Alpha Protocol without a doubt! Where some played "a horrible glitchfest of a game", I experienced a rough gem with some minor problems, but a very strong concept. I'm sure AP2 would get lots of reviewer attention, as people love to blindly bash on sequels to games they have bashed in the past. Still, AP1 was unique in how it handled it's branching mission structure. A game like that, but more stable and with fancier graphics, would be an absolute blast to play and get far better review scores.
  2. I think the TC killed Brayko without interrogating him. If so, you will not get the intel that marks Serkov as a traitor and there is no reason to go talk to him anymore.
  3. You can get Brayko's SMG's (along with his jacket) when you execute him. Sparing him allows you to play Turn Up The Radio in your safehouse though, so that might just be the toughest choice in the game. I have NO idea if there are any good, but they net you a lot of money.
  4. So far Heck, Hong Shi and Gregori are the only ones for who I haven't found a way to kill them. Heck however, refuses a 5 million dollar job (killing YOU) when he likes you. I wonder what happens if you piss him off enough. While Heck is one of my favourite characters in the game, I'd love to face his 'Liquid Terror' techniques in a bossfight. Everybody loves dry cleaning solution!
  5. Find everyone you CAN execute and then REFRAIN from doing so. Never, EVER, use the execute option.
  6. On a side note, I noticed changes in your gear and appearance (in your safehouses) get saved just as well. At least on Xbox.
  7. Incendiary Bombs are a great way to destroy boss' armour. They are a must for SMG oriented builds.
  8. Yes. This move can only be done when no enemies have discovered you. The Shadow Operative ability simply allows you to sneak up on an enemy in plain sight, so you can knock him out even while approaching him from the front. You get the same prompts as when you sneak normally and approach enemies from the back. Approaching from the front with Shadow Operative is actually a good idea, since the takedown animation is a bit shorter. In large fights you can actually dance in between enemies and do a chain of takedowns.
  9. As far as I know, this is indeed the case. I skipped a mission in Moscow. It wasn't available after I did the Alpha mission involving Serkov.
  10. Silent Running is great if you want to takedown people within reach but far away. When you still have low skills but want to sneak anyway, equip the most silent armour. Use Awareness whenever you can to get the drop on enemy positions. Observe carefully and strike when you think you can get away with it. Sneak past enemies, you will still get XP for NOT harming them! In the beginning of the game you will probably be discovered a few times per mission, unless you are godly at sneaking without help. Just accept this, your sneak skills can become insanely powerfull halfway through the game.
  11. I had Marburg attack me in Rome. I don't know what I exactly said to him but I remember mixing up my responses and Marburg getting angry (though my reputation with him is neutral). I went to the 'West Wing' if you know what I mean.
  12. My secondary weapons ARE the SMG's. I mostly use my hands / knife / gadgets. I must admit though, while SMG's aren't intended to fire on a single target they become more reliable when investing in mods and using short, controlled bursts. That way they drop normal enemies fine. High velocity rounds help against armour, but boss armour is almost impenatrable with SMG's due to low damage and long reload times. Made me wish the dual-wield was optional.
  13. Down you go Deng! The trick to beating this dude with Stealth / SMG's was actually not that hard. A little luck is involved with the Chinese Special Police. First, hide somewhere. Equip high-velocity rounds. When Deng enters the room, hit Shadow Operative. Select Bullet Storm and approach Deng. When you are close (preferably from behind, at least that's what I did) FIRST enter Bullet Storm, THEN melee his armour off as far as you can. Use controlled bursts and shoot while backing up. He will possibly interrupt you, but he cannot use a combo this way, just straight punches. Back off to much and he will start shooting. Try to avoid that, stay in optimal range and taunt him into combat. He'll back off as soon as you damage him enough. When Deng rushes you, and you still have some distance, toss an Inferno Bomb over your shoulder. He won't notice when he rushes you and walk right into it. It takes about 1.5 seconds for the fire to consume his armour. Shoot him if you have the chance. It was nice to have that ability that makes you immune to your own gadgets. I wonder if you can lock him in close combat when he stands in a blazing inferno you are immune to. When the CSP shows up things get ugly, fast. Your best bet is either to try to get Shadow Operative back up by hiding, or take them out quickly. I used the Inferno Bombs (since meleeing armour off is more efficient I had a few spares) but Bullet Storm also works. It's possible to kill one dude and make Deng and the CSP lose you, so you can use Shadow Operative again to ambush them. I was lucky, and able to toss one grenade right in between Deng and a CSP officer. Damn. In retrospect it was a pretty tense MGS type of boss battle. It's just hard to find out weaknesses I guess, because bosses can kill you in a few seconds if you play a fragile build.
  14. No, my main focus is stealth. Normally I can clear out a room by watching patterns and takedown people. So far SMG's do decent damage even at mid range. exept against boss armour. Even fast reloading gets me nowhere. Only at extreme long range do I use a rifle, but I do not have points invested in the skill. I rarely use it as most people that far away don't see me anyway. I do have some points in melee / tech but not much. I though Sabotage would help me find a lot of gear but stuff is really expensive, you actively have to sell off old gear to get a better weapon or armour. I have no issues getting through the levels. I have issues getting through boss armour before it regenerates.
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