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  1. I'd buy a sequel to Alpha Protocol without a doubt! Where some played "a horrible glitchfest of a game", I experienced a rough gem with some minor problems, but a very strong concept. I'm sure AP2 would get lots of reviewer attention, as people love to blindly bash on sequels to games they have bashed in the past. Still, AP1 was unique in how it handled it's branching mission structure. A game like that, but more stable and with fancier graphics, would be an absolute blast to play and get far better review scores.
  2. My secondary weapons ARE the SMG's. I mostly use my hands / knife / gadgets. I must admit though, while SMG's aren't intended to fire on a single target they become more reliable when investing in mods and using short, controlled bursts. That way they drop normal enemies fine. High velocity rounds help against armour, but boss armour is almost impenatrable with SMG's due to low damage and long reload times. Made me wish the dual-wield was optional.
  3. No, my main focus is stealth. Normally I can clear out a room by watching patterns and takedown people. So far SMG's do decent damage even at mid range. exept against boss armour. Even fast reloading gets me nowhere. Only at extreme long range do I use a rifle, but I do not have points invested in the skill. I rarely use it as most people that far away don't see me anyway. I do have some points in melee / tech but not much. I though Sabotage would help me find a lot of gear but stuff is really expensive, you actively have to sell off old gear to get a better weapon or armour. I have no issues getting through the levels. I have issues getting through boss armour before it regenerates.
  4. Dude! I picked those specialisations missions ago. I did every mission already, the only ones I have available to me end in an unbeatable bossfight. That's the only reason I haven't finished them. The game is essentially teasing me to restart on easy using the same build everybody else uses (stealth/pistols/cqc), defeating the concept of role playing and level progression alltogether. This topic is in fact a gentle warning. Not many people will go with SMG's (most people prefer either a pistol or assault rifle), but those few that actually have an interest in SMG's, should know that their weapon of choice will screw them over in the end. Due to my BioWare / Obsidian / Bethesda fanboyness, I wanted to like and defend this game, as the levels itself are a blast to play. These horrid, unbeatable bossfights are slowly breeding contempt for Alpha Protocol. Getting stuck on a boss because your build doesn't allow you to defeat him, is crap I would expect from a Final Fantasy game.
  5. GAAAH! NERD RAGE! Why oh WHY did I pick SMG's as a specialization? Regular enemies go down pretty fast but these weapons are utter JUNK in one of those atrocious, insanely hard bossfights. I don't need to spoil which bossfight... as they are useless in about ALL OF THEM!!! I have the Fury / Havoc perks and 13 points in the SMG skill, and still Bullet Storm does NOTHING against a boss. Not even a glancing hit, NOTHING I tell you! Whoever decided to screw SMG users out of defeating a boss? You suck buddy! Unless you know EXACTLY what to expect and prepare accordingly (which is against the very nature of this game) bossfights are impossible to win with SMG users. 'Your weapon is choice'.... right. More like 'Your weapon is choice as long as it is a pistol because other weapons are weaksauce and will get you killed'. Lame.
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