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  1. i tend to prefer the infuse vital elements and nature godlike combo, that way u atleast get a useful buff
  2. sent a tweet to obsidian, hopefully they'll respond either there or here, i assume it's a cdkey issue? since normally you'd have seperate cdkeys for each expansion but - atleast mine had 1 cdkey that contained both.
  3. same here, i ordered both together as part of the pack prior to release, part 1 came fine but see no part 2.
  4. my biggest issue with PoTD was due to the stat boost you miss...a lot and as far as i know there is only the accurate enchantment that u can get
  5. from what ive seen on the wiki there was a 8 mechanics mentioned, as well as a 6 lore - not sure hwat the requirement is for lvl 5 scrolls but that too.
  6. from what i saw certain ranks consumed certain anvils with the highest level ones being 4 or 6 (cant remember), anyone know if u can enchant more than 1 of the same upgrade, eg 2 +2 might enchants or can you only have one.
  7. either wood elf for the accuracy bonus at range or death godlike for the 20% dmg bonus at enemy hp being under 25%
  8. i went with lore and mechanics cause im a wizard with the scholar background ;p
  9. yes but from what i understood you can switch grimoire's in combat
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