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  1. I was hopeful this is what the Microsoft deal would lead to. So many good games to look forward to :) Looking forward to it.
  2. Mixed feelings here, seeing Obsidian stop struggling was one thing I wanted. Seeing them do it by themselves was another. I guess we couldn't have the best of both worlds as is always the case. I'm happy for the employees and hopefully the new financial backing will secure OEI the resources it deserves. There have been quite a few good game released under the Microsoft banner. With Sea of Thieves they have also hopefully learned not to lean too much on a studio because that game COULD have been a real gem. A costly mistake which Obsidian now shouldn't need to feel. I'm sure the first game to release by OEI will be largely untainted (ala DA:O by Bioware after EA took over), what happens after though... Time will tell. Also.. Vampire The Masquerade I guess I can always replay Redemption and Bloodlines. Again. and again *shakes fist*
  3. Received it today, that statue is amazing! So ehh... when's the next kickstarter?
  4. Try Lionheart (Legacy of the Crusader) which was rushed near the end (unfortunately) or Tower of Time (small little indie gem).
  5. Unsure how expensive it is for you but I can recommend the Tower of Time. Indie cRPG which is more in depth then I initially expected. -edit just realized that might not be available to you on those platforms oh well
  6. At the time, I was devastated when the news broke about EA acquiring Bioware. Eventually my fears were proven right and Bio will probably end up with the studio closing soon enough. Not even sure what their target audience is with Anthem. With OEI+MS though I'm not sure, this could end very well indeed. There is always some loss when you give up your independence so no arguing against that. The financial strength could allow Obsidian to create games beyond AA games, or if they decide to stick to them perhaps polish them more and maybe even create more of them at the same time! The obvious downside being that they will be asked to create Xbox exclusives, I'm sure Although I'm a cRPG and retro gamer, I'm not married to my mouse and keyboard so I don't worry at all with moving to a gamepad. I just hope they won't go all in (meaning "beyond" AAA everyone on deck 365 day crunch / year), it just doesn't work. Do what you do well and with additional Finances, simply do that... better As an example of a studio which is really turning around in my eyes: I really admire what Square is trying to do revisiting their roots (Bravely Default / Octopath Traveler / etc). They also remade the Xenogears OST recently, good stuff. I guess time will tell what will happen, I hope the board stays open though
  7. I was wondering when my physical edition would show up While things probably could have gone better, I'm sure everything was done with the best intentions. Thanks for the updates! (I've long since finished the game, next playthrough will probably when all DLC has been released)
  8. Yes, you can swap over and no files will be changed (until something 89+ releases). I've opted out of beta for now, seeing as there is no difference anyway and I can always opt back in if something impressive comes in.
  9. Perhaps they can add a "shift" function on those speed numbers that displays a more complete calculation? Shift is already used to "better explain" stuff elsewhere and is unused on those pages as far as I can see.
  10. Appears correct, even in my current 21% DEX game. Not a bug then, but perhaps there could be better way to display it? I'm willing to bet many people will simply look at the numbers and conclude something's wrong without that formula.
  11. It's not a hard cap and you can see it happening with your companions also. It looks more like a global -2 DEX modifier. Posted it here earlier: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99072-attributes-dexterity-not-calculating-correctly/ -edit Apparently not a bug but it is missing information on the formula, more info in the thread above.
  12. Started a new game on Beta 86, though before entering the ship, Beta 89 came out so I'm actually on that. When entering my ship for the first time, the following happened: Unfortunately I overwrite the save where it happened and having tried to recreate it, I failed (second attempt everyone was positioned as normal): I can tell you that eventually they moved away from that spot and all was well again (so very minor). One more thing: On my previous playthroughs I received a dark grey cloak: This time however, I got the royal deadfire company cloak: No idea if this is intended and part of the "poe1 import fixes"? (I always import my game) But it was something new so I figured I'd add it -edit To clarify, the cloak is the one you get when you first enter your ship.
  13. Darn I knew it when I read it earlier haha. I imported a game after the earlier Eder fix (and it worked, so I figured I was reasonably safe) but I guess I'm going to see things going "off" pretty soon. Oh well
  14. That does look like it should be 1 or 2 for minor but who knows, maybe average should be 6. Wonder if we could get a reply on intention so we can change it ourselves until it's patched.
  15. Hi guys, noticed the following behavior: Taking the Weapon and Shield Style passive will give you +6 Reflex Saves regardless of wearing a shield or not. (I'm unsure if I should just gather a few issues and post them together, it is easier for me to just post them when I find them however)
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