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  1. I hope devs don't forget that Xoti reputation is still bugged in the same way (increase insanely too fast). Also hope this would be addressed in todays patch so far it's a simple thing. Also would like to know what were the value imagined by devs in the first place.
  2. Our threads are now in the technical support part, where people seems to report bugs. It's not intuitive at first. It's at the end of the second page. Edit: Thank you for the work btw.
  3. First choice in any Disposition automatically gives Rank 1, it appears. Considering the supposed distorded multiplicative behind the increase, you reach rank max after a half a dozen of choices.
  4. Are they aware of this in Obsidian team? -Dispositions reach max level in few hours of play, in each category. Hazily. Since all are at maximum it has no sense anymore. -Disposition between certain characters doesn't work as well. No one noticed during beta...? Did it work at least once in the past?
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