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  1. No. I think it is worth around $20, maybe $30 max. I enjoyed the game but the game is not up to the quality of AAA releases that normally cost $50+. For example the backer npcs are a real distraction, skills like stealth and mechanics are tedious, bugs with item stats and such, etc. The graphics and story are alright but not phenomenal. It is certainly worth playing but I think the price is not equal to the game.
  2. what is the highest mechanics you need to open every lock in the game? 10 is the highest i have seen
  3. please god yes and to all the defenders: imagine browsing a webpage and seeing ads all over the top and sides of the page. you can't choose not to see them since they are everywhere around what you are looking at. having to play wheres waldo to find the normal npcs to talk to is really annoying. i can't even make out the name tag color difference most of the time. if it were a $10 game its easy to forgive this nonsense but for $45+ they shouldn't shove these amateur fanfics down our throats.
  4. is obsidian making money hand over fist with this game? since the game development was funded by donations, and it was the top selling game on steam for awhile (not to mention all the GoG sales) at $45+ per product, is everything they make now just tons of profit since they don't need to pay investors?
  5. yeah a toggle in the options menu would be great. it could just leave the npcs there but not make them noninteractable. unfortunately since people paid so much money for those npcs i doubt they would ever add any interface to hide them. i see now they have yellow name backgrounds but having to check every npc for that is tedious and also easy to miss since its hard to notice from regular names. the problem is that it is amateur work. when i pay full price for a game i don't want to read weak fanfic stories from random people (some of them are well written but many are not). im paying for a product by professionals. not to mention they have no relevance to the world and story. maybe if this were a $10 game it would be acceptable.
  6. yeah thief skills in BG2 were super confusing for me since i had no idea how high to take the skills. usually i like to max out a few skills but with invisible soft caps i have no idea what to do. anyone have any idea on stealth cap? i would even max stealth at 13 points if there was a reason to. i love sneaking around on my rogue (Raedrics Keep was so fun). also if anyone has seen any mechanics above level 9 please say. thanks.
  7. so chanters and paladins (i saw a couple on Pallegina when i got her) have toggle aoe buffs that stay on, and priests have only short-duration buffs that you cast? what are some other good "support classes"? buffing/healing/cc. i read that druids have healing and spells that make targets backstab-able so i would count them. so that makes: chanter paladin priest druid as the top support classes? my strategy probably sounds weird to some but i am a solo player at heart so i just like to control him mostly in combat. in particular the toggle buffs (chanters/paladins) are my favorite since i don't need to micro manage them in fights as much to get the benefits. i play on normal difficulty so overall group optimization is not as important, although i will probably get 1 tank (fighter is the best tank for damage mitigation?)
  8. what are the classes that can cast buffs to benefit others (either modal or temporary)? basically i want to build my group around buffing up my main (rogue dual wielder) so i can have him do most of the killing. spells that increase his stats/damage and such. i read some wiki descriptions and it seems like chanters have a bunch of constant group buffs they can choose from. who else has buffs? i am asking because it is too much work to read all the skills from 11 classes and my only experience so far is with my rogue. thanks.
  9. i too read a bunch thinking that they would be relevant to a quest or puzzle or something in the game but after noticing the quality is all over the place i came here to figure out what's up. i think it is really lame to have these npcs everywhere. the graveyard memorials i can deal with but these npcs are all over the place there are just too many. i don't expect this sort of thing in a $45 game...feels very unprofessional.
  10. anyone have an idea if there are caps on effectiveness of certain skills? like does stealth increase in effectiveness all the way to rank 13? in particular i am wondering about mechanics. what is the highest mechanics required disarm you have found? i am pretty low so i haven't seen anything past rank 5, but i need to plan ahead - it would suck to get to level 12 someday and find out i can never open certain containers since i didn't bring my mechanics high enough.
  11. I just want a vast unique world to exist in. I am hoping for freedom of choice and lots of unique weapons/armor (rather than just generic tiers of gear like in skyrim) to sate my exploratory nature.
  12. I wish we could go whereever we want and explore a la skyrim. I enjoy exploring areas and searching for treasure while ignoring the quests. Although I like the isometric style I hope the game is not too linear like the Baldurs Gate games were.
  13. ditto on the exploring...I always have to explore each zone completely before I leave. I don't like quests so I skip all but the main quest line and I also like to kill every single npc that is possible to. So I slaughter entire towns if I can. also I spend a lot of time managing my party's equipment. I like to make sure I have the best equipment at each point in the game rather than rushing to the end and just getting the most powerful set later on.
  14. I never played PS:T, just the BG games. Maybe that is part of the reason it seems weird to me. If the color of the text is really different maybe it won't be so bad, but in that screenshot I linked in the OP it is all the same color. I hope its just because that was an early build.
  15. I am in the "no respec" camp. I like the feel of every character decision having weight.
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