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  1. Adgran, going by your theory 'Duke Nukem Forever' should have cost $225 at launch 15 years into development. But if you're willing to trade your pants for a copy then i'm going to believe it's worth the price Thank you all for your replies and comments, they were very helpful in making my decision.
  2. I'm an avid gamer and have played most Obsid games in the past however 45 bucks seems a bit steep when the only gameplay vids I can find show horrible graphics and the commentators spend 90 percent of the time clicking through dialogue. Without a playable demo i am hesitant to spend this amount because i've seen too many games lately fall flat on their face. Maximum PC has a (obviously sponsored) 9+ rating on this game but doesn't offer much info on play details. So i'm asking players who have purchased this game, is it worth the price? No shills please just honest replies would be greatly appreciated
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