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  1. My experience has been that fan VOs are almost universally horrible and actually make things significantly worse than if you're just allowed to imagine for yourself what the character sounds like.
  2. Hey, it's your money. If an enormous sprawling RPG, the product of years of work, is soiled forever for you and every product of the company that made it tainted from here on out because one piece of dialogue was changed to something more PC, then go ahead and seek a refund and move on with your life Obsidian-free. I just reserve the right to think of this as utterly ridiculous.
  3. If the point is 'we don't care how many thousands of man-hours you poured into this game or how much people seem to love the work you've done otherwise, if you alter a piece of irrelevant flavor text for reasons perceived to be catering to the Tumblr crowd your company has jumped the shark and should give us all our money back', then yes, a striking point. I can't imagine how people working at Obsidian couldn't take that approach seriously. Why is it so hard for people to find middle ground here? Like, 'Hey, Obsidian, this was a sh*tty move, we love ya and PoE is otherwise great but pleas
  4. What's funny is that these same people are perfectly fine with nonsense like this: Which puts the memorials at just slightly better than Sonic The Hedgehog furry fanfic but you know outrage and boycotts... In general, I went in expecting any backer contributions to be on the low end of the writing scale. Plunking down a wad of cash doesn't make you a competent fantasy writer, shockingly enough, and fantasy is one of those genres where the depths of suck people are capable of can be truly awe-inspiring. That was kind of one of the things that unnerved me about the whole 'backer p
  5. Does anyone else spot the irony in some people reacting to Obsidian caving in to people who are too easily offended by irrelevant things by announcing they'll never buy an Obsidian game again until Obsidian changes back a few lines of text? Seriously, how are some of you any better than the SJWs you're whining about?
  6. [Editor's note: For the sake of brevity, I have omitted Lady Perrini's long-winded and absurd stories of her background and origin prior to arriving in the Dyrwood. Suffice to say, though she puts it more delicately, she is the daughter of a wealthy merchant who used his money and connections to purchase a title of nobility. Her upbringing was filled with the finer things, but the nobles of the old class looked down on her family as up-jumped pretenders, as they are wont to do with anyone who cannot trace their noble status back to the Grand Empire. Resentful at this treatment and filled with
  7. I pledged a really low amount because I'm poor. So saying that it was worth my pledge doesn't mean much.
  8. Preface and editorial commentary by Verzano Bufó, renowned scholar and historian of the Eastern Reach and noted critic of the Petrona Perini series of adventure stories which have of recent won such popularity amongst the moneyed classes of Old Vailia and the Vailian Republics It is scarcely surprising that tales so rich with action and excitement as those spread by the famed Lady Perini should have won so many admirers. To folk of wealth and breeding, with scarce more of interest in their lives than the balancing of ledgers and the tawdry gossip of the local nobility, the appeal of an edu
  9. It's kind of hard to fully absorb that, in the year 2015, I'm playing what is pretty much an Infinity Engine game. Lots of text, highly detailed storyline and characters, lots of stats and character design options... Today is a good day.
  10. Introducing Petrona Perini, Scion of Old Vailia and seeker of fame and fortune! Mostly because daddy was, in reality, just a rich merchant who bought his titles. The stuck-up nobles of the old blood don't approve of that sort of thing.
  11. It's not out yet, but the association with Paradox made me think of some of the forums filled with After Action Reports they have set up over there. For my part, I've been thinking of detailing my first playthrough from the perspective of my lovely Vailian Rogue chick, when I'm completely blind as to what's happening and what's going to happen.
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