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  1. I logged in because new game is good and thought "damn, these dudes are all still here."
  2. The comic is trying to say that a big problem with our government is it overlabels everything, obviously.
  3. 26 inches?! Pffft, I've seen longer.
  4. Canada will pay for it. So that's where we're dumping sick people? You're dumping them in Germany, too. Pretty sure our medical care system is faster than Canada's and I know there's stats advertising that much. In the last two months alone, I've had ~5 American friends ask me how they could become German/EU citizens.
  5. Guys if I'm half-German am I a half Nazi? How do I know which half of my body hates jewish people?
  6. It won't do jack if those same establishment players adapt their bets to co-align with him, which they're already doing. This isn't progress, this is "we could've fallen off Mt. Everest but instead we only fell off K2."
  7. Aren't you even a bit curious where things are heading? Middle-ground in politics has been slowly disappearing for a while now. This thread may be a glimpse into political future of US. Doesn't take a genius to see where things are going, and I still pay attention. I just meant more that even if this thread were a bastion of sound, respectable discussion, the biggest and worst problem to me is that identity politics have gotten absurd. Even if we recognized that US politics desperately need calm, rational and respectable discussion, we're just a small group of people, and the masse
  8. No one's allowed to build walls of text except me. I have a union.
  9. I haven't been back here in a while and serious question: how can you guys keep going...? I've become so jaded with it all. There's sooooooo much misinformation from both sides it's absolutely absurd. Not to quote Alex Jones (<---idiot) but this really has become "info wars" with both Republicans and Democrats spouting absolute nonsense to fit their agenda, and the divide between the two is bigger than ever. Republicans hating Democrats and vice versa as both blindly vote for their party without thinking twice...? That's always been an issue, but now it's worse than ever and extremely t
  10. Maher seems like the kind of guy to gaze longingly into a mirror while masturbating.
  11. All the time, and our school children pledge allegiance to Islam every morning while one hand is over their heart and the other is over a döner kebab.
  12. This should be good: Name a country I've commented on the policies of. While it'd be hilarious to watch you embarass yourself, I'll remind you upfront I'm a dual citizen and yes, USA is my other country. German-Americans are actually fairly common. And even so, no, I am not saying you cannot comment on the policies of another country, but I am saying you need to be reasonable about it. I could be critical of Greek's debt, for example, but I likewise would be hesitant to "lecture" them because that's a sensitive topic and there's, for example, a number of reasons for Greeks themselves t
  13. I gotta be honest here: I'm very suspicious of other country's interests in Germany's policies. I regularly see Americans, British, Swedish, Polish....all kinds of different countries commenting on how Germany is dying or under Sharia Law and bla bla bla....well first of all, lolno. Second, even if it were, why do people care...? Like Poland for example doesn't let the refugees in. Okay. Good for Poland. Their country, their choice. So why is it when Germany lets refugees in, somehow all these other countries somehow seem validated in lecturing Germany for doing so...? I live in one of th
  14. Recount will be a waste of time and money. Though I'm looking forward to leftist salt after Trump wins again. I'm all for a recount, but given all we've seen this election cycle, imagine a scenario where the United States actively determines Clinton actually won and, in an unprecedented turn of events, attempts to hand her the election now. That would be a ****storm. Ain't nobody gonna trust such a result. I fully believe rigging goes on from both parties to a degree, but no, I do not believe Trump has enough power and influence to directly call for rigging in 3+ states. Even
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