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  1. Yes, it's a good question why they have all these surplus $750K MRAPs to give away, when supposedly they're critically short of money for training and maintenance. Although I suppose it's better than giving them to our "allies", so that they wind up in IS or Al Qaeda hands.
  2. So perhaps the report I saw was a bit misleading. The totals may have been correct, but they didn't necessarily happen in the exact same spot, whereas a 100 year event would be defined for a specific spot, not "somewhere" in the area. For example, in 1979 Alvin which is in the Houston area got 43 inches of rain in a 24 hour period! http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/texas/article/After-35-years-Alvin-still-holds-U-S-record-for-5644837.php
  3. Because people don't need to be saved if it's just a regular old flood? It's not even a probability, we've had 4-5 floods in the last 40 years with close to 50" inches of rain. Supposedly a 100 year event is 13" of rain over 24 hours, but that's pretty common here, it doesn't even flood except in some low lying areas. The only way I can figure this nomenclature is correct is if they factor out all the hurricanes and tropical storms, since they expect people to evacuate in those anyway. Why don't they just buy monster trucks then ? Those can handle high water and are pro
  4. So just today I saw a Houston Police MRAP, presumably participating in flood rescues. This is a vehicle that Rand Paul says should never be given to local police, because why would local police possibly need a high clearance all terrain vehicle? As far as the White House, Trump should fire Kelly and replace him with Bannon, bring back Lewandowsky and Gorka, and replace Tillerson with John Bolton. Trump needs loyal people who'll carry out his agenda, not a bunch of establishment backstabbers who undermine him every step of the way.
  5. California: https://twitchy.com/dougp-3137/2017/08/30/l-a-city-council-votes-to-rename-columbus-day/
  6. But Democrats are far, far worse. Granted both parties are corrupt, but without changing the electoral system nothing can be done about it. Have you ever considered not voting for Republicans and Democrats? If we get enough people to do that we CAN start changing things a little without screwing with the Constitution. It has happened before. You don't see any Whigs running around do you? Oh... wait: http://www.modernwhig.org/ I've considered it and decided it was illogical. All I'd be doing is helping the Dems, which are by far the greater evil. Whigs didn't disappear because peo
  7. But Democrats are far, far worse. Granted both parties are corrupt, but without changing the electoral system nothing can be done about it.
  8. That's the problem, the Dems don't believe in liberal democracy either. Not freedom of speech, and not rule of law. Otherwise I wouldn't be worried. Just technicalities, a Presidential pardon can't be overruled. Btw, all this outrage about Arpaio being pardoned for enforcing the law (convicted by criminals who refuse to enforce the law themselves and not even allowed a jury trial), and crickets about Terry McAuliffe restoring voting rights to 60000 felons just so they could vote for Hillary. http://dailycaller.com/2016/11/06/exclusive-virginia-gov-pardons-60000-felons-enough-to-swin
  9. Actually the weather isn't weird here. Hurricanes are normal for this time of year. What's unusual is that instead of moving inland and dissipating like they normally do, this one was blocked by an area of high pressure and so it sat stationary for several days just dumping rain. It was also lined up just exactly right so that most of the rain fell on Houston. Similar thing happened in 2001, although that was a tropical storm.
  10. States only have power so long as the Constitution is respected. And the Democrats, especially the far left ones have made it clear time and again that they wipe their ass with it. Yes, Venezuela and Turkey are finding out right now how sweet insurrection is once a tyrant is elected. Even if we won (very doubtful) I don't want to live through that. No, demographics and dumb young people are going the Democrats' way. It's actually a miracle Trump won, and no other Republican would've won any blue state. Although he's not specifically addressing what we're discussing here, Nolte exp
  11. Says the man who's never lived in the Soviet Union. Edit: I'm sure a lot of Venezuelans thought if they elect a socialist things wouldn't be that different, now they're eating their pets. The ultimate aim of the Democrats isn't the Soviet Union. In the US most socialists favor the Democrats but most Democrats are not socialists. Socialism is not the aim of that group. Oh sure they will talk about it, even borrow ideas from it. But like I told Ben once they may flirt with the ugly red-haired girl, but they won't marry her. But as I have said many times and stand behind, the love
  12. Was that for Teknoman? I haven't. I have an English copy and I've read some parts of it, but it's pretty thick. Of course, I wouldn't claim to have read the bible, either. I grew up reading passages out of it and have probably covered all of the NT at some point or another, but I've never really sat down and studied it from page to page as an adult. I've read a fair share of religious history books, but I'd never call myself an expert on theology. A hobbyist at best. That's why I was curious about Teknoman's education on the matter. No, that was for you. I thought you teach comparati
  13. Says the man who's never lived in the Soviet Union. Edit: I'm sure a lot of Venezuelans thought if they elect a socialist things wouldn't be that different, now they're eating their pets.
  14. If they turned on me just with their Glocks, how long do you think I'd last? Also local police is usually pretty reasonable as far as political activity is concerned, it's the feds you've got to worry about. And they got all the fire power they want already. Actually I'm counting on Texas to protect me from the fed deep state and their ANTIFA ilk allies. it takes some imaginative effort to see your local Sheriff of Texas protecting you from the communist American Government You say that because you have no clue about anything going on in US, or pretty much in general. If they t
  15. Is Prey as good as the original? (Prey) There were a couple of attempts to make a sequel, but they failed. Finally Arkane got it and did their own thing. The only reason it's called "Prey" now is because Bethesda had already bought the IP. I find it quite addictive, though a bit painful at times.
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