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  1. How is the guy's brother a traitor? Also I'd never compare the Clinton's to Atreides. They're more like the Bene Gesserit. But you're right, Trump certainly strikes the same figure and moral strength of Leto II.
  2. Wait, the Sherlock guys made a Dracula show and people hated it? Let's give that a shot, I'm sure it'll be a fascinating dumpster fire.
  3. And his twin brother, I heard. Which would be a federal offense, no? But I guess since the senate is under his control and he doesn't face consequences for his criminal activity, Baron Harkonnen can do whatever the **** he likes.
  4. I Am Mother. Decent sci-fi movie with a strong premise and great cast. Recommended.
  5. I've always been a Blizzard fan, but the past year they've been really garbage. I kept off the hate train for a long time, because I've still enjoyed most of their games even if they weren't high watermarks. I enjoyed StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3 and Legion was the most fun I ever had with World of WarCraft. But... Between the disappointing product launches, unkept promises, layoffs, corporate political bootlicking and lackluster announcements... I'm pretty sure it's the first time I haven't pre-ordered a WoW expansion. WarCraft 3 is one of my favorite games of all time yet I didn't purchase its remaster. I don't have battlenet installed anymore, not because of any kind of conscious boycott but as a hardcore Blizzard shill even I've lost my taste for them and I haven't been enjoying their products either. This WoW expansion in particular has been boring. Overwatch has gotten steadily worse as they've added content and the "sequel" looks like a DLC the price of a full game. Then there's been reports of devs anonymously reaching out and opening up about budget cuts forced upon them by the almighty Bobby Kotick. Oh how the mighty have fallen. It makes me sad. Or maybe having a baby changed my perspective more than I realized. I don't have time for grindy nonsense like BFA and Shadowlands needs to prove it's not as pointless before I return. I have no need to lay down cash for a slight upgrade of a game I've played ad nauseum. But probably the Blizzard even turning off their most hardcore fans thing. /rant Also, people remastering games left and right yet no Dungeon Keeper or Black & White. Game industry, get on it dammit. Or at least get B&W on GOG or something.
  6. http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20150310-the-truth-about-giant-pandas Read this article about how wild pandas are apparently much more dangerous and have a strong sex drive, and the whole image of pandas is skewed by pandas getting somewhat "domesticated". Of course, it forgets to mention that wild pandas are almost constantly having diarrhea and have their backsides covered in poop.
  7. I'm glad I didn't pre-order that. When they announced it at BlizzCon 2018 they said it was going to have updated missions, cutscenes, cinematics and voice acting to better reflect current WarCraft canon, but apparently it has none of that. On a different note, in the zoomed out gameplay it's not as noticeable but I don't think any of the models really look like they fit WarCraft and Blizzard's style, they're more like JRPG designs. Surprise surprise, they were outsourced... Finally! Can't wait to see what Frictional does next. Hope they can scare me like Amnesia again.
  8. Yeah, that's the Krampus thing. They're also fond of throwing hard candy, hitting naughty kids with wooden canes and giving them salt.
  9. Black Pete is actually at the center of much controversy so many people here disagree. As a Dutch person I feel like I should respond. Personally, I don't think Black Pete is completely racist but the design has enough roots in racist caricature (Saint Nicholas' Moorish servants can certainly be recognized) for me to understand the criticism, especially considering my country's sordid history. Blackface doesn't carry the same taboo here. Blackface taboo stems mostly from other country's history of racism such as minstrel shows and the racist connotations are brought over from there - unlike those, Black Pete isn't actually considered a black person but someone whose skin has turned black from soot due to delivering presents through chimneys. He's closer to the German Krampus than a minstrel show. Still, I think there's enough racism in its history and in modern world context that I don't oppose the proposal to modernize the holiday and replace the blackface with colors or soot smudges. I've been told this makes me a traitor to my country's customs, but I always think tradition is just peer pressure from dead people. I must admit I'm horribly biased about it though - Black Pete triggers in me the same instinctive hatred as clowns. Screaming eyes and mouths showing from underneath a layer of makeup hiding whatever is really under there. I've always hated Black Pete and even as a kid I wanted nothing more than for them to be banned forever and every December I don't see any children enjoying the tradition and instead cowering away from these horrific shadow creatures.
  10. Just finished watching Knives Out. Very much enjoyed it. I figured out the villain in the first few scenes, which is usually a bad sign for a whodunit, but the actual how and when continued to surprise and delight that I'm sure it was intentional. Like an episode of Columbo. Rian Johnson works better in a genre built on subversion.
  11. Anyone have experience using an ethylene absorber in a refrigerator to keep food from spoiling. I'm sick of forgetting my fruit until the smell hits me upon opening the door and was given this as a tip by someone else with ADHD-C but I can't find user experiences online.
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