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  1. Picking up the tab is as a gesture of 'chivalry' is such a joke in a world where women earn about the same as men. I can pay the drinks for my female friends (they pay next time) or if I specifically want to treat my girlfriend, but for a random date - never. If a date expects you to pay for her, you best move on to the next one pronto. If you want to pay for company, might as well get a hooker, the outcome is guaranteed from the start so it's a strictly better deal.
  2. I know there are a lot of people in the U.S. that understand very well how things are (not just on Sanders but on all of these issues) but they aren't a significant enough or influential enough chunk of the population.
  3. Nothing that's public in America will ever again consistently be on an upward trajectory. The reason for that are ideological and have little to do with available means. The U.S. populace is the best ideologically groomed populace in the world because it blankly accepts the coexistence of unparalleled wealth and many, practically third world quality, public services as a fact of life, as if comparatively poorer countries have not already demonstrated that as a point of civilizational development, this doesn't have to be, and shouldn't be the case. This is because Americans seem to ferv
  4. TBH....I never could get into Morrowind. I played all *the best* and *kinda best* RPG's out there but....Morrowind? I really disliked the 'dialogue' system. Which was a shame! The music was awesome and I also enjoyed some other features but....yeah. That dialogue was a game-breaker for me. :/ (Unlike many other games, I didn't play Morrowind as a kid. If I would, my opinion could have been different.) I could never get into Morrowind either. I tried three times and each time I ended up slugging it out with some ugly critters in an oppressively brown landscape. There was a lot to read,
  5. Invading Iran is not feasible, in practical terms, for the U.S. Contending with the Iranians would be a feat in itself, but even more so when Russia and China start flooding them with latest generation of ballistic missiles and assorted weaponry. And you better believe they would, with a hostile army drawing so close to their spheres of interest all bets that apply in a country of middling importance such as Syria, would be off. And when a Russian or Chinese anti-ship ballistic missile tanks a U.S. aircraft carrier, drowning most of its crew and destroying it's air assets, what then? Decla
  6. I want to play that game with them with a tazer.
  7. I have to say the Swedes have really pounced on making RPGs. Symbaroum seems to have been quite a hit and there is one called Trudvang chronicles and that probably has some of the best art I've ever seen in an RPG book (if not the best, consistency and quality wise). And I have a huge collection of RPG books so it takes quite a bit to impress me.
  8. IMO the best solution is (this heavily depends on what kind of game the players want to play, so it comes from my perspective), to have combat short, deadly with a smaller impact of gear relative to inherent racial traits. Talislanta did this really well with a template system that was flat out imbalanced according to what particular races were ideally like, no hit point growth (only skill growth) and simple combat resolution (armor was just a flat damage reduction number). This meant that some PC's could kill other PC's in one or two hits right away because one might be an non-combat art
  9. It's also interesting that D&D, for gaming purposes, tends to present armors as a progression whereas in reality it seems to have been a rather simpler situation - unarmored (a.k.a unlucky and possibly soon-to-be dead) or you either wore something was quite good, (the aforementioned gambesson) moving quickly into all but invulnerable (on the armored segments) starting with decent chainmail. There is a progression, historically speaking, but it cannot really be made to accommodate the gamey balance between characters with specific (magical) powers or skills (thieves) that need to be wea
  10. The boiling process makes leather very brittle so, unless reinforced with steel, it can't really withstand a blow a weapon. It can reduce arrow penetration somewhat, so it's better than nothing. Some historical sources suggest that it was the poor man's option or even for braces and shins of knights who couldn't afford the whole metal kit, but a picture I saw had the boiled leather wrapped around chainmail for a little bit of added safety, rather than being the primary means of protection. I don't understand in what sense you meant those swords were different - relative to each other t
  11. I don't know why these people hate the wealth of armor history so much they'll invent bogus designs in 2018 Leather in general is not a suitable material for armor, since it cannot stop even the most primitive of weapons. It is a supplementary material to steel in making a variety of armor designs. This can be tested by dropping a heavy rock on your toes while wearing a typical Timberland boot on one foot and a steel reinforced construction boot on the other. This simple experiment will, besides potentially making you a cripple, demonstrate that leather alone is not that great for stop
  12. Bro, he's persistently and reliably inconsistent- the only thing consistent is the 'in' in front of 'consistent'. Doesn't necessarily mean that he's wrong, but that certainly isn't evidence that he's right. I do wish people would drop the drink accusations though. ... To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand MCA. His posting style is extremely subtle and without a solid grasp of office politics the points will go over a typical reader's head. There's also Chris's nihilus development which is a deftly woven character- his characteristics draws heavily freom Vhi
  13. I made a similar observation on Reddit the other week. To my surprise he responded. Durance was nothing more than Ignus and Kreia. Not a bad mix, but not a new character either. Same thing with Shape of Fire in MotB; an old character with a new name. MotB and KOTOR2 were full of Torment-like characters. It was particularly noticeable because they all speak in the same wordy, troubled, existential style and carry similar 'spiritual' baggage. Don't get me wrong, it's still better than daddy-issues Bioware, but MCA has been orbiting the same muse for a while now.
  14. my issue with MCA is that he has been rehashing old ideas in many of the characters that he has written after Torment and I have not seen anything from him that is nearly as memorable for a very long time now. That really overshadows the entire nonsensical controversy for me. We're here for the games, not to be an ethics board. Presumably. He wrote Durance, right? It's the most annoyingly overwritten, repetitive bull****ter I've seen in a video game. I'd say that's the problem right there.
  15. A circlejerk of people talking about what other people are thinking, saying or doing, with no special insight, from at least a state or a continent away.
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