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  1. So apparently Hungary outlawed homelessness. Well, they outlawed „habitual residence in a public space“. It’s a constitutional change, also, since the supreme court blocked it otherwise. https://www.google.de/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2018/10/15/europe/hungary-criminalizes-homelessness-intl/index.html
  2. The, in my humble opinion, best vantage point regarding WWI I’ve heard of is it being long existening violence merely re-imported into Europe. The colonies were ravaged by conflict for a long time already, and so it is easy to view WWI through this lense, as peripheral violence being brought back to the centre.
  3. For being the fourth reich, our politicians seem pretty inept at maintaining a unified majority, no?
  4. with the help of a friend and a few hours, I/we actually understood a page of Hegel. We felt so smart
  5. I have a feeling it will all be fine after the Bavarian elections. Anyway, since this term was a mess to begin with, I feel lucky that the re-elections didn’t happen BEFORE today
  6. How was it? interesting. Quite striking.
  7. Visited Buchenwald today, as part of a class trip to Weimar, a small town in former eastern Germany
  8. But institutions with many bright minds attract even more bright minds, no? Or institutions with lots of money can afford brighter minds. Either way, it does seem to me that it’d make a difference
  9. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7984436.stm In summary: The French victory parade in Paris during WWII was made to be a “white mens parade” (of a “white mens war”) by de Gaulle, acting upon the explicit wish of Eisenhower’s chief of staff to ensure this. This covered up the fact that, of course, many (most, in fact) French soldiers in fact came from the colonies and weren’t quite white.
  10. The owners of a school or any business can place whatever rules they like in their property.I'm against public schools, but that's separate matter. actually, having public schools is very beneficial for maintaining your dominance over the plebs. Cause now you can tell the children they also had the chance to go to school, just they weren’t smart enough to make it, thus having them believe the ****ty situation they were born into is their fault. If you don’t have public schools, they might actually notice something is not quite right when they can’t pay the school fees. Edit: or am I missing something and you use „public school“ like the British do, confusingly meaning „private school“?
  11. eh, I’ve seen religion change people to the better... they at least say they changed because of religion, I say they change regardless or maybe even though. But if I ask them to be critical, it’s only fair to ask the same of me. So perhaps they’re right
  12. that’s not what they’re saying... if I understood correctly, all they say is that these beliefs are shared by right extremists. A necessary, but not sufficient indicator
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