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Found 14 results

  1. Ok so I have a world that I converted to a multiplayer world I wanna convert it back to a single player world so every time I open my inventory it pauses how do I do that Also even with teir 3 armor and weapons the brood mother is killing me Mabye a little nerf I'm just suggesting like a tiny bit lower poison damage or something
  2. Hello beautiful people! I have brought myself from far away systems to Deliver a important letter from my boss! “So while I was play this fabulous creation of a game. A thought came to mind! I wondered if consoles had keyboard and mouse support! (I’m play on Xbox) So with that thought I grabbed my keyboard and mouse and plugged them into my Xbox. Now for the part which I thought was interesting... Once the keyboard and mouse where plugged into the Xbox. I went into settings and then I pressed the left arrow key on a setting with a slider (For Example: Gamma) and it went down in percentage aka the game responded to the keyboard’s input! But when I use the mouse or any other keys other the left and right arrows, nothing works... so I would like to know if there is support but it’s not fully out yet? Or it is and I’m just not seeing it, or doing the right thing?” “Respectfully - Fusion Nuclear” If anyone has knowledge please contact my boss via Wireless! Translation below.... if anyone has any knowledge please reply
  3. Hi, I am currently working on a custom voice set mod, and wondering if anyone could give me some clarification on some things: Why does each voice set have different numbering conventions? (****y: "_ability_cast_0092", Feisty: "_ability_cast_0088", Kind: "_ability_cast_0102")? What do the _v1, _v2, _v3, (attack_40001_v2 for example) files do? Based on their corresponding text strings in chp_common.stringtable I'm assuming they are alternate takes or maybe different parts of the same sequence broken up? What action does _investigate_4001* correspond to? It isn't very clear from entry in chp_common.stringtable what the character is doing only that they'll say: "_investigate_40010" = "Hm?" and "_investigate_40011" = "Huh?". Am I correct that the chatter.chatterbundle file is how the game handles both what files to look for in the folder and how they are used ingame? eg. how long a certain clip should be, when it will be played, how frequently it will be played, that sort of thing. What purpose do the generic_spell_cast*_7000* files serve? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Just questions or thoughts that crop up from time to time that you want to share Should we worry about doing the right thing, or doing things right?
  5. 1. What are the benefits of pre-ordering Deadfire? 2. Which edition do you recommend? 3. Will the price be the same if I buy it AFTER it comes out? Will the content be the same?? Can I get it on May the 8th still?? For PC. 4. If I chose the stranded edition, can I later separately punches extras I'd need for Obsidian Edition?? (Unlikely, but asking anyway....) 5. Is it the same wherever (Gog, Steam etc.) I buy it from? (Kinda dumb question, but asked anyway.) Also...I kinda maybe don't want to pay taxes to my country ...is there anywhere I can punches the game without (legally) having to pay Slovenia?? XDDDDD I'd rather buy myself a lollipop then give my country a single cent lol. ...what? xD .......question 6. How obvious was it that i'm *kinda* broke? Lmao.
  6. Greetings Obsidian and fellow players. Yesterday I have watched the Q&A on youtube for the new game Pillars of Eternity II and I really liked the many answers but I also have questions of my own. The moderator invited us to post our questions on the forum so here they are: - Will PoE II have more summons and minions, or more subclasses which are "pet classes"? - Will you include the "familiars" feature for wizards? I thought it a great addition for the flavor of the class (say a minion grimoire hehe) - Since animats are a thing, will it be possible to make one of your own as an animancer? - I love the ranger class but I would really like to have a bird for my animal companion, will it be possible in PoE II? - I really liked the idea of "artifacts" in Tyranny and our "reputation" with them to unlock their power. Could something similar appear in PoE II? - The ship feature video was very interesting. Will we see just the exterior of the ship or also the internal rooms of it? - Will you include more regional clothing and armor for the races? Say an Aedyr would dress in a certain way, or at least keep the clothing which is part of his culture. Could this be an option for the "cosmetic" armor tab, if there will be one? - Class quests, yay or nay? - You said that rock, paper and scissors is not your take on magic combat, for which I applaud you, but could you please tell us if we will be able to play a proper magic duel as a wizard? - Cannons require a trained crew to fire, especially in the heat of battle. Will it be possible to have more control over this feature, say hire more expert gunners, change ammunition or just sometimes unlimber a cannon during a quest and fire it as a proper seadog should (Hornblower TV series, The Frogs and the Lobsters episode)? - I see what you did with the combat on the high seas (D&D 3,5 Stormwrack book) and I am eagerly awaiting it to play. Will you include more of such cutscenes and events with a more swashbuckler vibe? Will we have options to shine as a seasoned seadog on land too (like rope mastery, knots, gunnery, navigation)? This is a great theme to use extensively throughout our adventure. Questions about classes: - Will the priest have more dialogue options regarding his philosophy, religion and inclination? For example a priest of Magran would have a better knowledge of war and firearms than say a priest of Eothas. - The priest had the option to focus on his deity preferred weapon (a theme I love still in D&D) in the previous game. Sadly the options were not as competitive as the alternatives or were quickly overridden by better and more enhanced weapons as the game progressed. My question is the following, say my priest takes talents for the estoc, will this option allow me to enjoy the weapon choice even at higher levels? - The "invocations" mechanic is a thing that made me curious. Will this be akin to prayers, powerful spells but used only in dire need? It would fit well with the theme of the priest. Could you elaborate more on this game mechanic? - A ranger is usually a hunter, a marksman or a skirmisher. It fits the theme but the ranger could be also an investigator or a champion of the wilds. Will we have such subclasses options? - I love paladins but I would like to ask if there will be an option for the so called "wild or green knight", a zealot still but one who is either enthralled to some spirit of the wild or blessed by "nature"? - Fighters are a staple but as some fellow forum members said, they can become boring quickly. What are the options for the fighter class to be more engaging for the player and not suffer from the "door basher and goblin arrow fodder" archetype? - You said that you will make grimoires more integral to the wizard as their special trinkets. This is good. Care to elaborate more on the mechanic of trinkets and grimoires in particular? - A staple of fantasy games is to search far and wide to acquire a spell or particular power or level? It is a mechanic I enjoy most from the Rpgs and I would love to see some really rare and unique spells to be found in the most dangerous and remote places. It would make the wizard play that much more akin to scholar or knowledge seeker. Could you please elaborate more on the spells of the wizard class on PoE II? - The barbarian is in PoE the premier tank for crowds of enemies. Will it possible to make him as a more single target tank? What other options will be given to the class as subclasses? - Rogues are awesome! Due to inclusion of thrown weapons will it be possible to have a knife thrower subclass which was often aligned with the rogue classes in classic TT Rpgs? Narrative: - We know that Eothas is now running around and almost killed the player character. Will there be an option to side with the Eothosians or somehow redeem the faith for its past misdeeds? - You said that the factions are more akin to those of Fallout NV. I liked FNV because they offered plenty of options but ultimately it ended as following: good ending, bad ending, neutral ending and selfish ending since those were the options given once you sided with the factions. Will we have more choice on how to direct the fate or ending once we take upon ourselves the burdens of a faction? - Class factions will be included? Will the "Orders, lodges, faiths, etc." be included? - As a priest (by now you guessed which is my favorite class) will we be able to "practice" our religion. Namely, will we be able to run a temple, take upon church specific quests, give sermons, or in general act and behave as priests consecrated into a religious order? Same applies for the other classes. - Can we sacrifice or betray our companions at some time during the quests? - Can we betray the faction alliance in a similar way to Tyranny? This is for now. I would really appreciate if some of those questions make it to a live QnA, but overall any answer by the developer would be most eagerly appreciated. I thank you for your cooperation. If some of these questions have already been answered I apologize and if you would be so kind point me to the topic with answers. Thanks Lord Tenebris aka "in love with your games since NWN"
  7. Having just finished PoE, and havign waited for a good Infinity enginge style game for many years I wanted to put down my thoughts on how things went, and my thoughts on the journey. I hope this is of some interest or use to someone. Disclosure: I am a huge Infinity Engine fan. In the interest of providing a full appreciation for what you are getting in to I will break this down in to several sections, if you only want information on a certain area just skip ahead! Story/Plot: Yea: Some difficult choices to be made. Generally a lack of a binary good or evil setup. The world is huge and the lore in depth. Nay: The main story is generic fantasy fair. Revolutionary it is not. Sometimes hard to role-play certain types of character due to the lack of consistent options in conversation. Quests: Yea: Meaningful and substantial, throughout the games. Side quests are plentiful and offer a good reason to explore the world and get the most out of the setting. Nay: The pacing is a little off in places, potentially leading to a lack of drive to finish the story. Characters: Yea: Very developed back stories. A lack of one dimensional characters. Nay: Limited inter-party banter. Party has no bearing on your actual conversations. Bordering on blind followers. Seems like you could slap their Mother with a wet fish and they wouldn't bat an eyelid. Script/Writing: Yea: Phenomenal writing. Voice acting: Yea: Some very impressive voice work, including some fantastic stand outs. Plenty of voiced conversations; there can always be more, but for me there was oodles. Nay: During conversations there are written descriptions to bring the conversation to life. The voice acting does not pause for this, even when it says that the character paused! This can be jarring. Art /Design: Yea: Art and aesthetics are always personal, but I loved it. Nay: Some random, extremely low resolution assets that would have looked old fashioned in the original Infinity games. Infrequent, but they stick out like a sore thumb Impact of decisions: Yea: It was sometimes difficult to tell the result of your actions and sometimes it was obvious as a sword to your enemies gut. You traverse the world and cause waves of action and interest. Nay: Sometimes a little too unclear or obtuse regarding what would happen when making the choice. Combat/AI: Yea: Clever, nuanced classes without thematic considerations. Strong variety of moves. Several options to support style of combat desired (e.g. turn based, slow mode etc). Some challenging combat, with consideration and calculation being necessary. (Though of course a little luck never hurts.) Nay: Classic issues of not auto-attacking and getting caught on allies. It is not obvious what move the hero is using until you actually select them (i.e. no overhead display of move selected for use). Bugs: Yea: Not as many as expected, does that count? Nay: Voice cuts to halfway through sentences sporadically. Voice cut out/became muted. Some events fail to trigger. Steam achievements didn't update for me. Features/Options: Yea: Lots of customisable options, such as hiding meta information (e.g. possible conversation options you lack requirements for). Regular, helpful tooltips. Nay: Tooltips don't always relate to what they pop-up for (seems to be on a keyword search so damage may bring up the "damage" tooltip, though it refers to "mitigating damage"). Some options don't seem to work as intended or implied (e.g. show relative defense values, limit stash). Pets that add almost nothing. Some locked slots on the inventory that never unlock (did I miss something?) Noticeable omissions: When in main team location you have to swap out characters to be able to look at their items. Humour - other than the odd comment (and maybe one particular character) there is very little of the light-heartedness or amusing comments as seen in other Infinity games. Meaningful differences in loot. Each new weapon tends to be a small, numerical difference from the others. The few that seem to have potentially interesting differences are poorly explained. Explanations of the enchanting system. Overall: Loved almost every minute of it. To anyone who enjoyed the Infinity games, anyone who has enjoyed a party based cRPG I would recommend this. I would also recommend it to anyone who has a passing interest in roleplaying, or immersing themselves in a new and fantastic world. Some improvements are definitely available for the developers, but they are not needed to make the game feel whole and substantial. The game is polished and fulfilling and it is only a matter of time before I play it again.
  8. I'm considering pre-ordering the game. I know I'm a bit late to the party but I'd like to get the pre-order bonuses. The only thing stopping me from pre-ordering right now is concerns about the difficulty of the game. I've played a little bit of Baldur's Gate and enjoyed it. However, I found combat a bit of a challange. Is Pillars of Eternity easier or harder than Baldur's Gate? I do have a few additional questions. First off, Have any off the backers been able to use the pre-order bonuses? The Pledge of Gaun ring sounds useful but the Space Piglet sounds more like a gimmick. I'm also curious, How do spells work in this game? Are they dependant on available energy points or can they only be used once per day? Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.
  9. So in the pitch video, Josh mentions that magic in the setting is going to revolve around characters' souls (this will also play heavily into the game's plot, allegedly). Not only is this a potentially interesting point of origin for magic, but it establishes something like a system of metaphysics for the game's setting, something that can be explored in interesting ways. Some examples: So people in this setting have souls. Therefore we can ask: - What is the substance of a soul? Is it connected to the mind, or the body, or both? How can you even read a person's soul? - Does one soul differentiate from others based upon someone's characteristics? Do different races have demonstrably different souls? Do different genders? - Do one's actions affect his/her soul? Does experience in the world foster soul growth? If I commit senseless violence, does my soul reflect that as well? - Can a person's soul be damaged, removed, controlled or captured? If so, what happens to that person? Can that malady be mended? - Do all creatures and living things have them (failing that, a "spirit")? - It's already been said that the PC and his companions will have "high-quality souls" (paraphrasing here). How does one make that determination? Is a high quality soul born or made? - What of people with "broken" or "anemic" souls? Are they naturally incapable of the things that people like the PC can achieve? Do strong-soul'd individuals pass on that trait to their progeny or is it random? Would we see social caste systems emerge from this "natural order" favoring those with better souls?* What if a race does not seem to have a detectable soul? Are they thought of as monsters, as animals to be exploited at the whim of the soul'd? - Can one's soul be sick, or abnormal? What terrifying or intriguing ways can that manifest? Just riffin' here, but I think there's a lot to explore here! * - I don't much like the show and I think it completely squandered its potential w/r/t exploring this sort of thing, but Last Airbender: Legend of Korra touched on this sort of dynamic with the whole "bender / nonbender" political subplot.
  10. PE's current attribute design appears to be a bit bogged down by player expectations and nostalgia and the current design has combat stats spread across attributes very thinly due to the removal of defenses from the equation. This questionnaire will ask some very important questions about what you as a player want to see in Eternity's attribute system and will allow you to give your perspective on some of the nostalgic points of the IE games attributes. This is not a poll as the player's opinion is more important than their vote and it will give the designers a chance to read through what you have to say and perhaps get some ideas or better understand what things are or are not important to the majority. For the record here are some of the main design goals No dump stats Dumping a stat is harmful to every build Every attribute must be useful for every character (class) Attributes must be reasonably balanced It should be hard to make a bad character No Attribute shall govern multiple defenses QUESTIONNAIRE Q1: The current hypothesis is that PE must have SIX (6) attributes because the IE games (and D&D) had six attributes. Does nostalgia require that this be so ? Would you be upset if it was 5 or 7 ? Q2: Do you think that defenses should be weighed against other prominent combat stats such as Accuracy and Damage ? (as in, should you have to choose between putting points into damage or accuracy instead of into deflection or willpower) Q3: Should Health and Stamina be spread across two attributes or would you prefer that they be married in advancement under one attribute ? Q4: What do you think about Deflection be attribute independent ? Q5: Should Action Speed be influenced by attributes? Q6: Should inventory size be handled by attributes like it was in the IE games. If so, how do you see this being handled ?
  11. Hi all. So of the various classes in PRoject Eternity, ciphers were one of the most highly anticipated, based on the rudimentary polling done in the General Discussion Forum. So I wanted to hear everyone's ideas for mechanics and where the devs should get their mechanics ideas from when it comes to ciphers. Also, feel free to ask any questions here that you guys would want answered from the devs. Maybe, we can hlp each other out and find quotes to answer some questions. I personally wonder if ciphers will have consumable resources like "wounds" for the monks. How are ciphers going to be different than the other classes?
  12. One thing I find that makes a big difference for me in games is monster variety. For example, one thing that I find realy disappointing about Skyrim is the slim selection of monsthers, there are basically just bandits, skeletons, vampires, dragons, trolls, animals, and a couple other minor ones that you hardly ever see like hagravens. I realy hope that PE can come up with a fun and varied selection of monster types. So, how do people feel about Greek Mythological monster types? I realize that Pegasus would probably be game-breaking if they could be tamed, but it could be made part of the lore of the game that they simply can not be tamed under any circumstance.
  13. I'm talking about certain quests (eg. gather 20 coconuts) that you can complete over and over again (eg. once per day) for a reward. For a game that could potentially have 10000 quest events (random guess) I think it is going to be quite a challenge for the developers to create 10000 completely unique quests without a considerable percentage of them becoming more or less repetitious. If 500 of those unique quests were shaved off and dumped into a 20 quests that could be repeated once per cycle, then that would mean the developers would have to create 480 less quests, and could use that time to make the remaining 9500 quests just that much better, and it might also potentially make the remaining 9500 quests slightly less repetitious. Of course that would mean that we would need to run those 20 repeatable quests about 25 times each (20*25=500) which doesn't exactly sound fun. Repeatable quests are a tool, with both pro's and con's. Should they be in this game, or not?
  14. So, someone asked this in the progress #20 thread. And of course it got drowned in replies about the screenshot and all. Considering I would also like to know, here a specific thread to keep it 'unflooded'... Would the Lorebook be included in a pledge of over $50 (so increasing now as I might do then would give it to me), or does an increase now to or above $50 still require you to put down $15 extra to get it? (This reward stuff doesn't get any simpler, does it?)
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