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  1. This is caused by the Steam Sale event: The voting. As it requires you to leave a review on something you voted on for the lvl 4 badge, and nobody (well, near nobody) would vote things they hate then leave hate-reviews. This "positive review influx" happens to most (2018) games at the moment.
  2. Are we going to collectively forget that was because MICROSOFT shafted them over? But yeah, while KS existed for a while, KS for Video-games revolved solely around things publishers don't want to publish, and not having to go around and hear no everywhere. Several corporations like, again, Larian did make quite a winning to prevent being subjegated to Publishers.
  3. Yes, but that was the entire basis for KS. So developers didn't need to rely on publishers (or be taken over by publishers) for their games. That eventually apparently all still did shows KickStarter, for gaming atleast, ended up a massive failure. Or maybe the many flops, scams etc. made people give up on it (even if the biggest KS scam is alive and well, scamming on and on). People keep saying here KS success itself is impossible, but Larian is pulling it off. So clearly, impossible it's not. You seem to have missed everything happening since 2012. 2 billion dollar on name alone
  4. I prefer complete too. The naming for this stuff with Hero, Obsidian, Gold, PE Sawyer edition, Super Elite Kickstarter Deluxe Plus, Wael Super-All Inclusive Pack Plus is confusing to the bone. It annoyed me with PoE1 and 2 but since KS I could avoid most of it, no such luck with Tyranny having to fav 3 different Humble Bundle pages and having to keep an eye on all 3 during sales... ugh.
  5. I already left my own opinion so not repeating that, but ME2 made the same "mistake" PoE2 did with that; while it explains The Watcher/Shephard why is the rest of his team reset (Garrus, Talia, Carth, Aloth, Eder)
  6. Ah yes, they even did that dumb thing in Mass Effect 2 where they tried explaining it by blowing you up and re-building you at the start. Or was it to explain a slightly different look from the editor? Anyway it was really dumb and I'm glad they didn't really delve into it for ME3, it just happened. Much better.
  7. I just meant selling out as "selling their company". I know the other meaning, I probably should have phrased it better. Was just pointing out Sonic's "great" argument that Obsidian is a great financial genius... yet somehow in financial need for a savior. *Something* doesn't quite add up there... Yet somehow they and the "industry" are surprised people aren't happy about it... *sigh*
  8. Sorry about previous post, didn't read all the comments of previous page yet You ARE aware people are thinking the *exact* same thing over us and this deal right? Are we pathetic now to your eyes?
  9. A year later and heavily modified. It's like saying "All is fine for PC with Rockstar. You get GTA V a year later and RDR not at all, but hey... nothing changed much, right... Riiiiiiight? If they are strong, why did they need to sell out? Whoopsie. And once again I ask... if you payed like $200 to hear the BIG DIABLO NEWS and then get this **** shoved in your face... *are you not allowed to be dissapointed*? To me it's YOU people who act entitled. And I HATE Blizzard and all their games. "EA added pay-to-win lootboxes to Battlefront II because it was better for them as a company. How DARE y
  10. I suppose it can be from mechanical standpoint? I don't care as much about that as some other people on these forums. But PoE2 got a host of unfinishable quests and the entire random encounter system are broken. These are BIG issues and I don't recall that happening in PoE1. And I'm not even sure any of these have been fixed as of yet. But that's just my experience between the two itself of course. Different people, different likes? It seems pretty clear from the likes on other post vs. yours people here ACTUALLY prefer to start at lvl 1 rather than lvl 20 godhouses. Nothing to do
  11. PoE1 was a mess at release? I played it back then and while it definitely had issues (surely my bugreport thread on it lingers here somewhere) it was nowhere as bad as say D:OS1. And that mess got a ton of bugs sequel that also does very well. So I don't think it's really the buginess fault. And all this WM talk reminds me how I loved WM1 as is on the difficulty I played the original, but WM2 shook the gameplay and balance up so much I couldn't be arsed learning the actual mess it became (IMO) and I just plowed through it auto-attack on the lowest difficulty since all the UI and balance a
  12. Streaming services require subscriptions. Making an account on a different digital platform doesn't cost anything. I have a steam, gog, origin, humble bundle, uplay, and windows store account and none of those requires that I pay a monthly subscription. True. The worry really is biggest for Netflix rather than gaming since it's centralised position was what it had going over it, now people make it so you need to sub to 10 different services. In the end it will only result to people returning what they did pre-Netflix for easy access; Pirating. Same reason Steam combated piracy, due to easy
  13. It's the reason Netflix is a massive hit; centralised entertainment. And now everyone and their mother start their own streaming service instead, removing that one pro the service offered.
  14. Yeah, nobody hates a franchise like a fan of that franchise. (New Star Wars rules BTW.) Nothing like trading 2 billions from pre-existing fans for that promising NEW market of 400 million from people like you. Can't help but think about that when people glee about "new markets of massive untapped potential"
  15. Loyalty is hard to come by, and by no means guaranteed. They may indeed gain a lot of new customers, but whether or not there will be a remotely comparable loyalty... again, such is hard to come by. *cough cough* STAR WARS *cough cough* Signed: A former hard-core fan of Star Wars. Going for a new fanbase over the backs of your perfectly fine existing fanbase rarely works out.
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