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  1. Who cares about some hypothetical ceiling? The game is very profitable despite not being on Steam. Also if that 15M ceiling is based on Fallout 4, I would rather they not chase that dumpster fire.
  2. If we are going to get anything space fantasy related from Disney I would rather get an RPG set in the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Outer Worlds 2 first though.
  3. Ryzen 4000 series laptops look really nice. 8 cores, 16 threads for the 4800 series. LPDDR4x. 6 cores and 12 threads for the 4600 series. I'm not upgrading at least until DDR5 lands but I wish I had just waited a few more months to get a new laptop... Also Videocardz is saying the 3990X is 'only' 3950 USD!
  4. There are some NPCs and items that only appear if you agree to do a quest, but in many cases you can find NPCs or quest items before being offered or agreeing to a quest. For example (unimportant early area spoiler alert, but just a warning in case you don't want spoilers): However I can think of several more quests throughout the game where NPCs, items, or areas do not appear until you agree to a quest. Sometimes they are justified (most of the area gates are mostly understandable), sometimes they are not.
  5. Played through the whole game three times in hard difficulty. Highest armor + highest DPS is what I settled upon by the end of the my first play through. Didn't change for subsequent playthroughs as I had no role-playing reason to do so. I didn't notice any advantage in sticking to any different armor or weapon type either. I only noticed my companions more often.
  6. Can you do a dodge move? If you can't dodge forwards, try dodging backwards or sideways to get over.
  7. The 3990X basically already exists in the EPYC lineup as the 7H12 with the same TDP and the same core + thread count. The base clock is only 2.6 GHz and the boost is only 3.3. Also the 7H12 costs at least 6950 USD. From a personal computing perspective that is too much of a sacrifice IMO. I can see the 3990X being useful in some professional situations though.
  8. Damn, if only I had gotten into VR sooner. Now I never will!
  9. Half-life 2 had hands attached to arms 15 years ago. It was the rest that was missing, and that is jarring too but only when you look down for the torso. Some games nowadays even include the rest of the body. In Alyx though, the hands are always floating independently it seems. And that is much more jarring, on a laptop screen anyways. I don't have a VR headset.
  10. Floating hands are... Jarring, to say the least. Is there a reason for that?
  11. I don't have a crazy amount of points in science in my second play-through (only 40 instead of 100), but it doesn't seem that bad to me. You can't realistically expect to upgrade anything forever and the first few tinkers are cheap. There are bits everywhere, though if you use them to progress the main plot or bribe NPCs often then I suppose you could be feeling the squeeze. But well, that is your fault for spending your bits differently.
  12. No need to worry yet. This game was in development before the Microsoft acquisition. And it is just one little team working on this.
  13. I have noticed some aim assist late into the game but it is not that helpful, at least for the way I am playing with mostly a shotgun. Metroid Prime did fully automatic aim all the way back in 2001? 2002? And it still had some challenge and was a decent game. Combine that with the character's skill to determine hits, and allow target selection (and other commands) either with time dilation or pausing. If only. Anyways, I think relying on your companions and investing in skills and equipment for them is your best bet. And making sure your own character can take a punishing and can quickly inhale some Adreno or other health regenerating consumables.
  14. Some music seems to only play in one place, like the Roseway tune. That would be a nice tune to explore with in the Emerald Vale in general, or maybe at night. Seems wasteful to have it play only in Roseway.
  15. Playing lots of The Outer Worlds (over 20 hours now) and damn did I miss this type of game. There is a long list of things I absolutely hate about this game but here I am, playing ~4 hours per day. But seriously though, if someone could mod this game to be proper real-time with pause, action queued, auto aimed, and attribute/skill based hit determination, that would be great. Also whoever wrote Martin Callahan should get a bonus.
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