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  1. Zen 3 (Ryzen 4000?) will unify the L3 cache on each chiplet, for 32+ MiB instead of 2*16 MiB. I assume that means the 4-core complex will be replaced with an 8-core complex, but AMD did not explicitly state this. And Zen 4 will require a new socket with support for DDR5 as expected. Source (hothardware)
  2. *cough* Paradox *cough* Release a few free content packs to gather interest, monetize future ones. Edit: I'm perfectly fine with this tactic in other Paradox titles where it acts more like expansions to a board game, since those are pretty much entirely mechanics-driven. Doesn't sit well with me in a story-driven game. According to Eurogamer though these clan updates will be free. Not that adding clans in bit by bit is a great idea regardless...
  3. So more news from Anandtech: there will be no GPU chiplets for the Ryzen 3000 series. All the APUs will use the existing APU design but on 12nm instead of 14nm. There will be an APU based on Zen 2 cores but at a later date, so probably the Ryzen 4000 series or whatever comes next. AMD also claims that the TDPs will be the same as for the 1000 and 2000 series. I'm not sure that actually means anything. Couldn't they just release SKus with the same TDP at the same prices as their current lineup but with higher TDP CPUs at higher prices? I think I will be surprised if the 16-core SKUs are supported on my B350 mobo.
  4. We don't know yet because they haven't been around for much time, but on paper TLC should be able to withstand an order of magnitude more writes QLC. The write issue is or was overrated for TLC (if you write the entire drive once a week for ten years, you will on average still have ten years worth of writes to go IIRC), but for QLC it could be an issue. QLC supposedly uses better error correction, so the difference may not be that significant.
  5. Yeah, and looking at a video of the package being held up there is obvious tracing for another chiplet below the top one. Makes sense. Even with the quad-channel memory advantage to the Threadrippers, the 16 core Ryzen 3000 will probably be able to beat it in serial or memory insensitive workloads which will be a lot of workloads. That difference between the non-Threadripper 2700X and the test chip in Cinebench is substantial by itself (~1750 points to ~2050 points).
  6. So AMD went with the CPU die + IO die for the Ryzen 3000 series as You Know Who predicted. IO die is on the left, CPU die on the right. It looks like there might be just enough room for another CPU or GPU chiplet. Oh, and this single 8 core CPU was able to match the Core i9-9900k in Cinebench apparently.
  7. Well, Intel is already offering 8-core CPUs that don't employ the CCX concept. It is more complex so probably more expensive to implement, but I don't think it would affect yields much. Plus the 7nm chiplets are approximately 1/3 the area of the 14nm chips, so that will offset much of the loss in yields of an immature 7nm process. That said Voldemort has retracted his claim on the IO chip; Now he is claiming that these Ryzen 3 products use 7nm chiplets only. More likely that they have slightly larger 7nm chips with IO integrated for PCs, at maybe 1/2 the area of 14nm chips each. This also makes more sense with the combination with Navi which I think would have IO integrated because of bandwidth and energy requirements. Infinity Fabric 2 will do what, 100 GB/s between chips? That may be enough for an integrated GPU, but not for any discrete GPU nowadays.
  8. For the sniper rifle? Or at least that is how I remember using it. That is what people are calling bullet time, I think. That was a life saver as I couldn't aim with the FPS molasses I got in that game. Even better IMO in ME1 you could pause and aim, letting the accuracy of your character determine the hit. The game wasn't designed for that though, so it was a bit OP, and I can't remember if you could zoom in while paused or not. So, glad that this game at least offers bullet time or whatever. I think what would be better though is bullet time with automatic targeting. And character stats determining the chance to hit or get a crit. But most people want a shot aimed at the head to hit no matter what realism be damned, so...
  9. They have an animation for that in the trailer at least... I wonder if that was supposed to refer to the PC. "You seem capable" was said by the scientist at that part.
  10. I want to see lots different plants and ideas of biology. Hopefully grounded in science! But obviously very speculative. I'm a fan of very lush environments, whether that is in a cave, a sea, a forest, or whatever. Such environments would be difficult understandably because of all the different organisms or whatever you could find, but it is one of the strongest points of potential for space operas. Bringing in some biologists and astrobiologists to consult for the series would be a good idea IMO.
  11. Kicking People While They are Down: The Game. Also known as Tyranny.
  12. I don't think the 6 cores and 8 cores per chiplet means that is how many cores there are per CCX. Each chiplet would surely have 1 or 2 CCXs (8 or 4 cores per CCX respectively), and then 2 cores are disabled to get salvaged chiplets with 6 cores. Just like current Ryzens.
  13. The graphics are okay. The art direction is a little weird, but I thought the gameplay preview made it look much better than the trailer did. The next game in the series could benefit from Microsoft's vast wealth if the first game is criticized for the graphics too much. What I want to know more about is the VATS replacement. In the preview, Game Informer claimed that it just slowed down time IIRC. But it looked to me like the game paused for the first shot in the encounter before the larger battle in front of the bunker entrance. Wishful thinking? I would really like to pause and consider things during combat or stealth or whatever. More than a slow down would offer sometimes.
  14. Isn't he an Exec Producer on it? (Which isn't a direct development position as opposed to project management, and is highly variable in terms of responsibility too, but would be involvement in some capacity) He is apparently 'providing feedback' but nothing more. From Sawyer's Tumblr.
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