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  1. If there was ever a game I would be okay with a remake of, it's definitely KotOR 2. Too buggy, unfinished, and promising to leave in its current state. They should have just skipped remaking 1 (already great RPG) and gone straight to 2 so we can get 3 sooner. Oh well... Still excited for a remake for a change since 2 could be fixed and Revan's story could eventually be finished.
  2. Has anyone played Death Trash? Is it good enough to pay to test it or should I wait for the official release?
  3. I've been playing with a controller using remappers a lot during the past year (DS4) and the touch-sensitive thumb sticks are such a great idea; I'm used to not having latency when stopping and moving, and with a stick that is unavoidable because it has to travel back to the deadzone when you let go, and that takes time. With capacitive thumbsticks though they can read when you let go of the stick and instantly stop input from the stick. Good for mitigating stick drift too, if you can't stand increasing the deadzone area. Other potential areas are for chording e.g. thumb on the right stick causes RT to shoot, when thumb is off it makes RT reload instead. Or gyro aiming turns off when the thumb is on the stick, turns gyro on when off the stick. I wish every controller could do that.
  4. I don't care about the OLED but those white joy-cons look nice. Nintendo please sell them separately?
  5. I'm adverse to pouring more and more money into lots of details that is possible like never before with UE5, but I'm definitely a big fan of a lot of the stuff in UE5. Nanite solves a big part of the LOD problem (for opaque rigid geometry anyways), TSR looks like it takes really good care of aliasing and upscaling, virtual shadow mapping looks like it takes care of most of the shadow problems too with aliasing and LOD, etc. Plus Lumen's dynamic lighting instead of baking lighting for different times of day should be good for production, not just the players. So UE5's freebies are nice, but beyond that I'm skeptical... Also Quixel and Meta Human probably won't benefit TOW much unless they change their art style (unless I'm mistaken and Quixel or Meta Human have more than just realistic materials and models)
  6. Id Software helped out with Fallout 4's gunplay, though I don't know if they said how much they actually did
  7. Looking forward to TOW2 and Starfield, but I was before this show and we didn't learn anything so... I like the Guardians of the Galaxy movies so I was initially excited to hear about a game, but man there was something off about what they showed in the trailer, like in the later seasons of Game of Thrones. I really liked Age of Empires 2, 20 years ago. Lately I've been getting into Starcraft again with Starcraft 2 (which I never really played before this May) so maybe this will be for me again. Looks really, really similar to 2 from what little I've seen though, would have expected a little more evolution.
  8. Well for being nothing more than an announcement trailer that was pretty good.
  9. I only want to see gameplay. Need to be able to complain give feedback ASAP.
  10. I'm hoping there is no voiced PC too, and more generally that the principle of least astonishment is followed. The voiced delivery is a problem, but so is having the player character do other things I didn't expect. Didn't realize this could be a big problem outside of Mass Effect-style RPGs until I tried Age of Decadence.
  11. 290W is a lot compared to the alternative products, but when the 11700k is pulling that much (using AVX-512) it is destroying everything else in performance, so that's actually not bad. Of course, the 104 degrees Celsius peak (again, using AVX-512) on an expensive air cooler is still horrifying. 225W is what they recorded under more normal heavy loads that use AVX2, which is significantly more common than the irrelevant (for now) AVX-512. That is in line with other 8-core APUs on the same node like the 10700k and 9900k.
  12. Anandtech posted an early review of the Rocket Lake 8-core 11700k: https://www.anandtech.com/show/16535/intel-core-i7-11700k-review-blasting-off-with-rocket-lake Improvements in most applications, but less than Intel claimed and gaming performance is disappointing. Both the 10700k and 9900k are a little faster in that aspect. And obviously, the 5800X is faster. Hopefully the final reviews are better.
  13. The RX 6800 XT looks like a very good deal for its price got to give AMD that. Honestly can't think of a single game that I'm interested in that would actually benefit from it though, besides maybe Cyberpunk? I'm not a fan of CDPR's games to this date, so even that game I'm unsure about. Anyways this architecture looks promising for AMD's laptop APUs, would be nice to have something that can just play RPGs and maybe the occasional weird indie game on my laptop instead of having to use a separate desktop PC. I wonder if Rembrandt will have any of this "infinity" cache. 32 MiB maybe would be enough for a 1080p laptop? Also want to hear about this super resolution feature, should also be especially useful for laptops like Nvidia's DLSS.
  14. Too much consolidation happening. Zenimax may have been a stereotypically bad publisher lately, but it wasn't too late to mend their ways. However unlikely that may have been. Sigh
  15. First reviews for Wasteland 3 are in and the reviews are good so far; The main negative seems to be technical issues. I'm burning out on post nuclear war I think, but the alternative is Baldur's Gate 3 (which I may play anyways, don't know) and I'm starving for a good "classic" RPG. Guess it is time for my cheap ass to renew that Gamepass subscription or whatever
  16. The game came out in October of last year on PC, so I'm guessing that is when we can expect it on Steam. IIRC the exclusivity was for one year to Epic Games Store.
  17. Sony now claims that the overwhelming majority of its PS4 library will work on the PS5, and the top 100 was just a snapshot or whatever into what would work in boost mode according to their testing over some hundreds of games (which seems to be less testing than Microsoft still which claimed to have done more than 100,000 hours of testing recently). They also have PS4 and PS4 Pro legacy modes, maybe those will require less work.
  18. The SSD speed is crazy too. Much faster than the Xbox SSD or even anything on the market supposedly. And you'll be able to use (PS5 certified) m.2 drives instead of Microsoft's proprietary format. I really like the low latency emphasis with the Xbox though. I think that should be something the PS5 can imitate but we'll see.
  19. Fallout had more content? No way. Fallout 1 was like 15, maybe 20 hours long.
  20. Oh god, I forgot about the gigantic Tali threads. Those were really disturbing. Usually it was a tiny subset of the forum posting but they were EXTREMELY active. I think the other romantic interests had those embarassing threads too but not as extreme.
  21. That's odd. Do you have a flaw that makes you "petrified" or something in less open places? Not really sure what else would cause that
  22. I wouldn't say it killed it for me, but... I wasn't expecting anything and was still disappointed. I'm sure it will be an okay RPG but it looks nothing like 1 or 2. Oh well, not much of a fan of BG these days anyways.
  23. Who cares about some hypothetical ceiling? The game is very profitable despite not being on Steam. Also if that 15M ceiling is based on Fallout 4, I would rather they not chase that dumpster fire.
  24. If we are going to get anything space fantasy related from Disney I would rather get an RPG set in the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Outer Worlds 2 first though.
  25. Ryzen 4000 series laptops look really nice. 8 cores, 16 threads for the 4800 series. LPDDR4x. 6 cores and 12 threads for the 4600 series. I'm not upgrading at least until DDR5 lands but I wish I had just waited a few more months to get a new laptop... Also Videocardz is saying the 3990X is 'only' 3950 USD!
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