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  1. The two things I'd love to see in Xbox conference are Eric Fenstermaker stepping in and announcing he is the director and lead narrative designer for this game, and an in-engine trailer. But a man can only dream...
  2. I just realized I don't know who is directing this game. Maybe in another thread I'll see it. I would absolutely love that Fenstermaker would direct it
  3. Just don't get carried away by all the Cyberpunk/Fallout 4/Dragon Age 2-4 casualization. Dialog enriches with lots of choices and answers, and a voiced character turns any RPG into a movie. Anyone has a suggestion for Obsidian on this?
  4. Right on. Do what you know and we will all enjoy it
  5. Probably enough, I dont see TOW as a titan in terms of graphics. But is always good to be prepared.
  6. A spinoff dating sim prequel exploring our favourite characters' first teenage crushes. Released exclusively on the OUYA Shame. It would be a best seller on N-GAGE. And being an Epic Games Store exclusive/ Battle Royal/Loot Simulator
  7. Megan is a good writter(all of her characters are good written,you may not like something, but you have to admit its good) , she is at Obsidian and L Boyarsky( a legend in game dev) is her boss at TOW. Things are looking good!
  8. Microsoft!!! Buy the IP from SEGA with your humongous big cases of money and give it to Obsidian, thats the only way you can beat Sony!!!!
  9. In an interview with game informer fergus urquhart said that there are two small teams that are setting things up, I personally predict that one team is for TOW2 and another team is top secret.
  10. Back in New Vegas, when you met Caesar, that time when you get to see his ideals, his ideolgy, and how he is NOT a cartoon villain/mind controlled/big bad dragon character, he is a human being, his methods are brutal and cruel, but he does that for a reason. At that point( I did not play the classic Fallout until I finished NV) I saw how NV was and still is an amazing, well written game, if only Tim Cain, Leonard Boyarsky, Chris Avellone, Josh Sawyer and Eric Fenstermaker could team up and make TOW2... or a new Fa... something
  11. Hopefully the spanish translation will be better than New Vegas
  12. As long as the game is good, replayable, and fun I dont actually care if there is a 3rd person camera
  13. I know, i know, but it has been quite a while since my hype levels have risen up to 199, so I am a little over excited about this whole new universe.
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