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  1. Sasha's Scimitar with coil too so you can have all those chanter buffs and all those tier 3 inspirations?
  2. Whoops, I must have misread then. I don't think many weapons outside Chain and Ball synergize well with the build then. And I'm not keen to think 15% extra damage is game changing (besides what OP is already using). Was initially messing with a monk/priest death godlike variation because it's really easy to control triggering near death with fist curses, but depending on Barring Death's Door always has me scared if Arcane Dampener is used by someone
  3. Gotta say I am loving this build, it's very self sufficient. With enough heal stacking and doing a solo run you can try Slayer's Claw offhand, upgrades Thunderous Blows and also gets a raw leash when bound to Paladin.
  4. Just came to say I'm very grateful for this mod, currently on a no rest run and the amount of clutter just bugs out the hover-over-portrait window if there are too many things. Will endorse once I'm able!
  5. After playing for a while I think one of my main annoyances is unique gear for some builds coming very late on my playthroughs so these loopholes are always welcome
  6. Thanks @Boeroer, just a quick question for a... friend. If I outfitted a character with console commands and imported that character to a different save, would that also taint it? (achievements off) Just curious for this... friend.
  7. If you wield a single blunderbuss on the offhand with a fist as main hand can you trigger powder burns (for a streetfighter) as melee? EDIT: tested and no, I didn't notice with Serafen early but if you dual wield melee/range weapons only one ever gets to attack according to range.
  8. Gonna test just that, just arrived from work. Thank you! Quick edit: I am proccing Flurry and Heartbeat Drumming out of every dummy if I hit several!
  9. Ah, that's a shame, guessing it'll be the same with Karabörü's on crit bonus. Gotta rethink on that devoted choice for a bit. Thanks Boeroer.
  10. Sorry for not being specific, I meant to ask if WotEP still triggers both HBD and Swift Flurry with its cone, would make it a much more appealing weapon for a devoted/monk.
  11. Sorry for necroing this post but would like to know if this is still true @Boeroer, before investing on a character just to try it out
  12. This is all very interesting to me but for another reason: if I have two copies of a particular unique that I can wear twice, the effects stack? IE having two Rings of Prosperity's Fortune or two Pukestabbers would be fun, at least in my head.
  13. That dragon summon sounds amazing, specially for a class that can generate its ownt resources. What would you run as a reliable damage dealer?
  14. I'm really fond of Slicken, despite it not nuking anything, it shuts down ranged characters pretty well. I think I have my first slot set with the Healing Wall build though. Now it's just a matter of finding two other builds that compliment it well
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