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Found 22 results

  1. I wish for support Arabic Language to interface and Subtitles In the Shroom and Doom Update
  2. dear team, you have built a great game here (I think), but why can not I make the font bigger? I speak only German and understand poor English. can you change something here in the UE? in the menu to adjust or make the font generally directly thicker and larger? I'm sitting 2 feet from the 55 inches and can read it only with great difficulty.
  3. The initial text when staring a new game is skipped without the player doing anything. Only the first phrase is narrated, then it is skipped. Tested in english and it is normal, it seems to happen on ly and portuguese.
  4. Hello! I would like to know whether the game will be announced in other languages ​​of the world? In Russia, a large fan base in the games Obsidian. A lot of oldfeds from the good old Fallout) Everyone was disappointed by the lack of voice acting from New Vegas. Thanks for answers. Sorry for my English.
  5. Hi. Pillars of eternity was translated in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Russian. Unfortunately, for the moment it seems POE 2 will get only German and French localizations. This thread is for all those players who played and enjoyed POE in their languages but they are facing the horror of having not the same chance for POE. Post your opinions guys and show them how we care!!
  6. I like computer games. But I don't play much. Why? Because after every session with a game I feel guilty (sic). And I wonder if I could spend this time in a better, more productive way. So I had to come up with a good excuse and I've found one! Learning languages! But it's sometimes hard to play a game in a foreign language, especially at early stages of learning when you don't know many words. And it's no fun to play with a dictionary... The solution is a bilingual game but because I don't know any I had to modify a monolingual one. I chose Pillars of Eternity. I have some coding skills so I’ve created a small application that allows me to have this: This little program can combine two (or more) languages in the Pillars of Eternity game. Why? For language learning purposes. This way you can play the game in a language your're learning but still don't miss the single word because everything is also written in your native tongue. For example: if you're native tongue is english and you're learning spanish, you can create a en/es mix. Everything will be primarily writen in english, but spanish translations (if possible) will be added just after, like that: "I really like to learn languages." «"Me gusta mucho aprender idiomas."» If your spanish is good enough you could even create an es/en mix, so everything will in spanish with english translations. You can event add a third language buy running this program again! You can create a mix of any of the languages available in the game: english, german, spanish, polish, franch, italian, russian. Please note that it's not possible to have every single text in the game available in two languages because of available space limitations. For this reason GUI (game interface, like menus, buttons etc.) is available only in the first language (the same applies to some item names and other texts in the game category). There are three categories of text in the game: conversations quests game (everything that doesn't belong to one of the two previously mentioned, like items, abilities etc.). You can pick any combination of categories for which you want to add a second language (for example just conversations or conversations and quests). DISCLAIMER This program DOESN'T MODIFY any game files, just adds new ones, so IT'S SAFE. But I have to write this: I can not be held liable for any potential damage caused by it. Also note, that I'm not associated with the game's manufacturer in any way. NOTE I wasn't going to publish this lump of code, I've just wanted a quick tool for myself. But then I've realized that there could be someone that may find it useful, so I'm sharing it, with some 'improvements' that make it easier to use. If you're a programmer and you're looking at the code (which is available in data/mix-languages.php, the rest is just a PHP distribution): usually I produce a better quality code I’ve created it for myself but then I realized that someone may find it usefull too, so after some changes, I’m sharing it: Pillars of Eternity Language Mixer: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=06377743606892622671 Just download it and double click a shortcut named „PoE Language Mixer”. It’s pretty easy to use and it will guide you step by step. Also, if you like it, I have a request, just keep reading. POLITE REQUEST This is totally free. But if you find this script useful, you want to help me and you have a Facebook profile, blog (or any other place where you're socially active), please share this page: http://nighthee.com " (or any of its language versions or subpages). Thank you and happy gaming! Cant EDIT: links edited out until I get word back from the squad. Cant supplementary EDIT: Returned links to the post.
  7. Dear Obsidian Dev Team, Have you ever wished there was a Chinese localization for POE 1? Well, numerous Chinese fans have dreamt of it for very long. Now, I proudly present to you, my high quality Chinese language pack! I released it last Saturday at SteamCN, the largest unofficial Steam forum in China. https://steamcn.com/t334498-1-1 And my post has gained popularity so fast that, after mere 3 days, over 10,000 people have read it, and it is already the second most heated post of the Chinese localization ones this year! (The top one is for Hollow Knight, only twice comments as mine.) Mine is a complete overhaul/rework upon two prior Chinese packs. Those efforts were brave and respectful indeed. But they ceased respectively on 2016 Nov and on 2017 Mar, leaving a huge lot to be desired. Many Chinese players stumbled along, grew very disappointed and sadly gave up this otherwise wonderful game. Until now. So, how about my version?· It’s taken me over 500 hours of hard work (not including my game play time) · I’ve improved maybe 1/50 of the 1,786,450 Chinese characters · I’ve covered at least 1/10 of the 53,062 entries. · I’ve maintained a comprehensive list of 2,037 terms. · I’ve eliminated a great lot of errors, partly by programming (batch replacement, etc.) · Always make sure I understand each term via what’s actually like in the game or what we can learn from the official POE wiki. · Make translations not only correct, but also consistent throughout the huge amount of entries. · Read and think enough about their context and background before fixing some veryconfusing contents. · Fathom out the most likely pronunciations for even the strangest names, even beyond wiki (i.e. Old-English Fyrgen /ˈfirɣen/) · Think twice before choosing the best Chinese words or expressions out of several candidates. · 98% of files in “game” folder and 100% ones in “quests” have been revised with utmost seriousness. · Hard to tell precisely but most of “conversations” have been improved greatly, and I’ll keep working. I believe my translation skill is at a very high level, higher than probably 90% of prior translators (they were many and yet very uneven) who had left me with such a mess of texts. However, this claim may sound to be a boast, and especially unconvincing if you can’t read Chinese and thus has no way to evaluate my word with your own eyes. Never mind. Please allow me to show you two things: 1. The heart of data - GlossaryThere is a vital problem for anyone who translates, or even just plays, POE. Its glossary. There are many proper names, concepts, idioms, and fictional languages. · From “adra” to “Zephyr” · From “He Who Sees and Is Not Seen” to “the Shroud” · From “(What) on Eora” to “I'll be the Effigy” · From “mênpŵgra” to “Di verus” Let alone how to pronounce those strange names. Moreover, common words sometimes mean uncommonly. For example: · In “Príncipi(=princes)” and “anamenfath(=soul prince)”, “prince” is not “son of a monarch”. · Occasionally, “pike” is actually “irontooth pike” fish. i.e., “Pike's Pride”. There are also many words without explanation either in game or in wiki. True, it would be a fail-safe solution to transliterate them into meaningless Chinese words But I always try to do better than that. · For example: “Crägholdt” is probably “crag hold”. I prefer “峭壁塞(crag stronghold)” than “克拉格霍尔德(sounding like Ker-Lah-Ger-Hwou-Err-Der)” · Another example is “Caed Nua”. I suspect “caed” is “cad” which means “chief” or “head”. While “Nua” is just a family name (not that Irish “nua = new”). I’ve also checked every occurrence/appearance of each term in all entries, so that I can fully understand how a term is used and see to correct translations of that term being applied in all those corresponding translated texts. 2. The powerful weapon – Editor I’ve forged this editor for maximal efficiency of my work. And it serves marvelously! With it, I can – · Browse my glossary in the order of occurrences(次数), and filter it with a keyword. Also I can hide those already flagged as “done”(已处理). · Edit a term. · Add Chinese translations. · Keep a note if necessary. · If a Chinese translation is modified, all entries having both the English term in its English text and the old translation in its Chinese text will be replaced automatically. I call this a double-locate-and-replace. · Open a tab to search entries with an English keyword, or a Chinese one, or both. · Matched words will be highlighted. · Or, the view of “unmatched(不匹配)” can greatly help find wrong translations or new correct ones. · Edit an entry. · In its English text, all known terms are converted into links which can be middle-clicked to open a term editor. · Click to select a term, select an incorrect translation in the Chinese text and then click a registered translation of that term (at the sidebar), a double-locate-and-replace will be done to replace that incorrect translation everywhere. · Select a word in English, then search it in entries, in POE wiki or in Youdao, a very good dictionary. · Select a word in English and a word in Chinese, then quickly add a new term about them. · Highlight and compare changes in Chinese text. This is the secret weapon for me to outdo Chinese translation groups. Without it, work would be very slow and many mistakes would be easily overlooked. What next?1. I have many questions which I’ve tried and failed, and thus I believe only you can answer. 2. Would you kindly make my work official? As some games have already done (like Shadow Warrior 2, Darkest Dungeon) or will do (rumors about Divinity: Original Sin EDIT: last Sunday the rumor came true: its fan Chinese local had become official.) (It is said that the Darkest Dungeon team had outsourced to a company, only to find that the old existing fan-made version was still far better, and eventually used the latter.) 3. At least, inherit my valuable glossary in the localization of POE: Deadfire. 4. And discuss about if and/or how I get involved Deadfire. Please contact me by grandsong@163.com Best wishes, GrandSong PS:I am also the author of other two Chinese localizations: · Prison Architect (11,387 subscribers) · Invisible, Inc. (2,378 subscribers) As well as a mod pack of Prison Architect (27,796 non-Chinese subscribers) which took me 500+ hours.
  8. English is not my native language. I am from small European country, Croatia. Pillars of Eternity is a text heavy game where immersion is created by reading tons and tons of amazing lines. I wonder is there someone who is trying to translate it to more languages. It would be amazing if this forum could connect such people and make PoE even bigger than it is.
  9. Before I begin, I must tell you that the game is great. How can it not be great among the heap of crap shoved to our faces by the gaming industry, but considering what is expected from Obsidian, when I set high standards for this game, it is not great. Not great does not mean that it is not "good". So I do like the game but I think the developers with their credentials are capable of doing much better (like how Baldur's Gate was very good, but Baldur's Gate 2 was epic, I hope the next addition to this series will be as such) And long story short, I am glad that this project happened, having wished for it way before it was on Kickstarter, so thank you Obsidian: There is one (maybe two) aspects to this game that amounts to my disappointment (and before I get flamed in the least constructive and silliest manners for my comments I must add that, yes, I am aware that I am not the ultimate authority on everything RPGs, and gaming, and I am aware that there is no reason my opinion should matter more than anyone elses). That one aspect is "The Setting" of the game and one particular thing done in this setting that bothers me the most, the second aspect is the "dull feeling" I got from the game. So here I go THE SETTING (3/10) I do like the world, I like the races, classes, and I like how the main story is interesting (just began Act III, and so far I am still curious), so why then I am giving the setting a 3 out of 10? It is because of this silly language thing that you have done... You know that I mean right, I am talking about this "fampyr" and "duc" business. Read my quote on the spoilers and my couple other posts, I find Elder Scrolls series utterly disgusting because the setting seems to have been created by 12 year olds who think changing monday and sunday to montag and suntag is creative writing, creative thinking. What I do not understand is that how come you guys have done the exact same thing here, and it is worse really. All those words with an unnecessary use of "th","w", and vowels with accents, all this "Anvii ora Toha", "Lle a Rhemen", "Cean Gwla", "Anamfatha" business. It was interesting when Tolkien did come up with entire languages but it really is not anymore, if you did construct entire languages for the game it is a waste of resources (which is actually not very hard to do). When I interact with NPC's it is as if all of them are my lingustics instructor, Elf: ...Our tribal leaders, the anamfath... Sagani: ...I am on "Torkik Zokrik"(do not remember the actual thing), a journey.... Glossary: ...Caen Gwla, blood mother,.... A direct relation of this is exactly like Talking to a French(Elf) person in English(Common), and they say "I am "aller au cinema", which means I am going to the movies, then I will eat "creme glacee", which means I will eat some ice cream. Seriously who talks like that? And of course there is all this: Duc = Duke Erl = Earl Conyg = King Thayn = Thane Fampyr = Vampire Gul = Ghoul Dargul = Greater Ghoul? goes on forever My goodness, how impressive, in this setting the local lords are "duc"s, very similar to dukes, but they call them "duc"s how original and inspiring. You should have called them ducks instead. Back to being serious now, I understand in fantasy settings there will be special occasions these pseudo-language names are to be used and they actually convey an interest, like personal names, names of a couple of landmarks where the idea is to add some mystery some obscurity, but when overdone it becomes meaningless gibberish!!! e.g. In Baldur's Gate, Watcher's Keep conveys an idea, Helm is "The Watcher", if it was called "Occulo Glavo Defil Krepta" it would mean absolutely nothing, just as Underdark, Trademeet, Umar Hills, are still very interesting names but also carry some meaning and are not complete gibberish, and there is a reason I remember these places but I keep forgetting "Lle a Rhemen" or "Cilaban Rilag" which does not stir any sort of emotion or a sense of danger or interest. However think how it would be if they were instead called, completely making these up, "Rhemen Ritual Circle" or "Ruins of Rilag"? or in Planescape Torment, can it get more interesting than "Alley of Lingering Sighs", would it be better to call it some gibberish? If anyone thinks this is meaningfully creative and immersive we should encourage more of this nonsense why don't we Dwarf = Beerdfolc Elf = Eeerfolc Orlan = Shirtfolc Sword = Sabr'edu Greatsword = Dar Sabr'edu Dagger = Shivv'ass Ship = Galley-vou Inn = Rest'a'casa Lion = Aslan etc. etc. THE DULL FEELING There is not much to say here, the cities and towns lack some dynamics, and the entire game is lacking on surprises and plot twists just as Baldur's Gate was lacking them but Baldur's Gate 2 actually had them so I am hoping this will happen in the next game. The towns and villages have just a background music not ambient sounds, again in Baldur's Gate 2 when you went to the Slums or in Copper Coronet you could hear muffled conversations, shouts (WHO ARE YOUUU, or WHY YOUU), doors creaking, people rushing to you etc. Or we had lords turning out to be dragons, commoners turning out to be bhaalspawns, complicated guild wars etc. END NOTE I did not get into Combat, The Exceptionally Dull Stronghold, The Half-Interesting Mega Dungeon (it does not matter if it is 15 floors, Watcher's Keep with 5 levels was much more interesting), The Items where none of them felt any special, The very short and not class specific Talent tree, and all that... As I said, I am happy that Pillars of Eternity exists, I am happy to play it but I really think that you can do much better. I hope the next game in the series will have more polished combat, much more interesting abilities and talents, dual-multi classes, and actually unique items. I also hope that there will be less of enchanting, or a much better system, hunting flowers, body parts and pets are for world of warcraft the intellectual resources might better be spent elsewhere. Thanks for reading.
  10. See the attached screenshot with the contents of a book I found. Am I the only one whose gears are ground by this kind of ineptitude?
  11. I and my friend who live in Taiwan are huge fan of your guys since many years ago (when we are young). We play Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II, Icewind Dale.... as many others games. You don't know how big group in Taiwan that knowing your company's game. Please try to add Chinese Language into this game and let more people who not understand English well can play your game. Thank you (huge fan)
  12. I have a Steam copy of the game. By default, the game runs in German; I want to play it in English. However, if I change the language to English (via Library > Properties > Language), the game still runs in German. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
  13. Someone can say that Polish will GOG and other language version after instalation? Sorry my english.....
  14. This might be an unusual question since languages beside English are more or less a norm in games nowadays but in this case, is there a enough money for that? Since Project Eternity is fan funded, there are going to be some compromises (it's stated at their Kickstart page that there WILL be compromises if budged is below X number of money). How much do you need to get to give us choises in French/German/Spanish etc.? If there are going to be voice acting, might be too much to ask to have those in other than English (?) but for the text at least? I obviously don't know how much money that will even take, so I'm asking from you guys. And btw, I don't really need other languages than English to be able to enjoy this, but as a language learner I could use this opportunity to practice other languages than English via playing the game.
  15. Hello everyone! New player here, willing to buy the game as soon as possible from GOG. I've been following the development of the game during the last few years, but without putting too much attention on it, because I really hate to wait and I already knew that the anticipation would have killed me. So, now that we are really close to release, I'm just starting to catch up with the game, and I've got some questions for the backers/beta/knowledgeable players; I'd really appreciate your help! 1) How difficult is "normal"? I'm not an RPG expert by any means. I'm fascinated by this world, but sometimes I lack the patience to focus on every aspect of a battle, and in general I'm more the APS guy than the strategic one (e.g. I'm skilled at Dota, while I'm pretty bad at D:OS). I've played and enjoyed BG2 years ago, but I think I was switching between normal and easy modes during the whole game, and for sure I remember frustrating moments/battles there. Do you think I can finally face the challenge of an old-style RPG at normal difficulty? Or would it just ruin my gaming experience? And what about "easy"? Is it a viable setting for inexperienced players like me or is it just "trivial", made for people without a brain (or without enough time to focus on the "nerdy" aspects of the game)? 2) About adventurers: I'm planning my party ahead, and I'd really like to fill a gap in my team by using a custom character made by me as my 6th companion. I already know that he won't interact with me or other NPCs, but will "the world" notice his presence in my team? Or will he just be non-existent in roleplaying terms? Example: if my 6th character is a godlike adventurer, will a village hostile to godlike people react to him being in my party? Or will the people just totally ignore him as if my party was made of 5 characters only? 3) Language: The game will be translated in my mother language (italian), but in general I prefer to play any game in its original form. How hard will it be for me to understand everything? Will characters speak in strange/unclear/dialect ways? My official "english level" is B2, will it be enough to understand everything, without missing a comma of this amazing experience? And if I decide to play it in italian, will there be voice dubs or just subtitles? Thank you for reading this wall of text, I hope someone will shed a light over all this!
  16. Hi, i run my Windows in English, my steam runs in English, the setting for "Pillars of Eternity" also say "Language: English". The game starts in German anyway. Which is probably the reason why the menu doesn't even work (Menu text is disappearing when moving the mouse). How can i tell PoE to run in English? Yours, Martin P.S. I am German, and i avoid this language in games. Trust me, i have my reasons ;-).
  17. Good evening, question: which languages are supported by the game? sry for my bad english
  18. Hi all, I look all South Park episodes in english at it´s release. Also i look them later in my mother language. So i am used to both Voices, and more important, a lot of jokes get lost in translation. I think it would be nice if there is a option to chose in which language you play the game, e.g. play it the first time in your mother language and a 2. time in english.
  19. One of my favourite thing about the works of Tolkien is the depth of lore that went into constructing his fictional languages. Sadly (for me) fictional languages (or at least reference to them) seem to be largely ignored in many of the modern RPGs of late. Now I'm not necessarily advocating Obsidian construct an entirely new language/languages (I assume that's expensive), all I want is reference to other languages being part of the lore, occasionally being mentioned during the game and perhaps even being a part of gameplay. E.g. A thing that bothered me about the Dragon Age games was that the languages of the other nation states was barely touched on. Yes, we had Qunari (that was good) and a few elven phrases here and there but the languages of the other countries was neither mentioned nor acknowledged. Another thing often ignored of late is the use of language as a skill. Look back to Daggerfall where the player could learn orcish, nymph, elvish, giantish, harpy etc. Now in modern TES games the language gap isn't even mentioned. Also aphabets. Alphabets are cool.
  20. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/62190-martyr-like-paladinsaint/ Now, this sparked a thought.. how does Aumaua talk? Are there chances for Race specific Speech techniques? Could it be a racial benefit if your Orlan knows a language you do not (for diplomatic purposes, or maybe even for that ancient deciphering of that ancient book)? Would it or could it solve some balancing issues we've discussed in other "Speech Skill" related topics? Could Persuasion be specific to the Orlan's because they are born with the language of "Telepathy" or whatever?
  21. How are the languages of PE's world being made? We've gotten quite a bit of the lore yesterday in the 20th update and I had a mixed reaction to the names in there. Some sound vaguely Earthly (especially the elven ones remind me of Gaelic or something like that), others are quite alien. Do you guys have a linguist on the team, or are the writers "just winging it"? Certainly I can understand that most players won't be ever able to tell the difference, but there are advantages to creating the whole thing the "proper" way. (it's easier to scale it up later, or add cultures or cultural evolution) Especially since PE aims to be a long series of games (if all goes well), doing this part of the worldbuilding in depth might be a good move. (if anyone's read Neal Stephenson's ReamDe, there's quite a funny subplot about a writer taking over a fictional MMORPG's lore and rewriting ALL THE NAMES, because he's a linguist and the names don't make sense.) Someone posted this in comments under a RPS article about the screenshot, I wonder if you're familiar with this language development kit: http://www.zompist.com/kit.html
  22. I like games depicting deeply flawed societies fleshed out in a way so no obvious solutions to all the injustices come to mind. The rule of law - Regular egalitarian societies are boring, but introducing a prominent social contract theory into the mix would spice things up. - Separate courts of law for aristocracy and commoners are getting old. In "The Book of the New Sun" by Gene Wolfe, I liked the way society as a whole was 99% segregated. Middle age society lived in the ruins of space age society (of the same race). The few remainders of the space age society ruled all, while never interacting with the lower classes or even explaining or giving name to their technologies and motives. Language and education Incredible studies exist on how language serves as a framework for our thinking. If a ruling class were to somehow keep the "high language" for themselves, technological and socio-economical advance of the lower classes would stagnate. It wouldn't make peasants dumb, just unable to visualize and develop certain thoughts. While unlikely in the real world, the Project Eternity setting offers magic. If well done, the player character could undergo a memorable transformation from not understanding many parts of his/her world to discovering it fresh) By the way, I'd much rather have the main quest be internal (PST), instead of external (BG). Wide reaching changes for society should be incidental to choices resulting from personal development. Religion In fantasy games there is usually a good reason to be religious, because (very human) deities interact with the world. I'd rather not have that. Leave supernatural occurrences inexplicable. Let there be theories, cults and religions, but no proof. Let there be skeptics and believers, and let religion be abused as a political tool. I'd love to see unique characters, such as the Weaver from China Mi
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