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  1. I wish I could do this, but - as you can see - other instances of shoddy writing belie such an interpretation
  2. One more, in case any Obsidian QA mole lurks here, fishing for errors to fix in the next patch... http://imgur.com/mzKfAVr
  3. For all the other grammar nazi like myself, here are three more nits to pick (I really need to start charging people for doing this) http://imgur.com/a/vspcK
  4. As far as this Watcher remembers, I am not Sarah, nor am I female in this life. While an English teacher I may be, Copenhagen is not where I am at... in this instance of my soul
  5. See the attached screenshot with the contents of a book I found. Am I the only one whose gears are ground by this kind of ineptitude?
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