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  1. Also in favor of delay (if needed) = for more polishing. But this conversation might be a bit too early one to have. I think there's tons of things to figure out now that the budget and the amount of contect is finally cleared. They said at the start that the real working starts after KS and that was specifically because they weren't sure what where the final numbers and how larger would the world be. I'm confident, that if they say they can do it by spring 2014, they can do it, but deciding a specific date before budget and the size of game is even decided yet seems a bit of a gamble to me.
  2. Haven't been decided yet. Kind of funny, since the project is already so well known from Project Eternity and P:E I don't mind the new name, but it would be cool the the name could still be abbreviated as ''PE/P:E''. Different name but still started with P and E. Might reduce the confusion.
  3. I don't think the lack of diversity will be a problem here. Lorfean's example list is a classic one, which you can start building from. In the KS picture (even if it's more of an extra art piece than actual plan) the first levels suggest for more typical castle dungeon which is always cool place to hang out and hide a trap door or two. Going lower levels you would also go through the stratums -> dirt and roots -> rock/granite -> huge underground caves -> with underground streams (maybe that's why the lower levels seems to be flooting?) and those are just ''normal'' levels caused by nature and more traditional castle/dungeon building. Later you can bring on the magic and the Od Nua's crazy experiments which might have changed the landscape. I'm very tempted to see if they could add some elements from H. P. Lovecraft's The Case of Charles Dexter Ward which is based on similar consept of crazy wizard, dungeon, failed experiments and worked perfectly bringing lots of mystery and horror to the story (no, I don't want any Cthulhu references but I was referring the implement of dungeon/it's horrors from the book for some levels). You could also ad lava if the dungeon goes too deep to reach it (this is a fantasy world) but it shouldn't look too much like diablo. Personally I'd prefer something else. More ''darker'' ancient evil, maybe something that (possibly) intercepted Od Nua during his hunger to dig deeper. That could create a consept of a whole new race or faction for the last levels. Something that was there all along, hiding/locked up down there for centuries until forgotten. Maybe the reason why Od Nua is so interested about those catacombs in the first place? Also the optional ''unbeatable'' boss , discussed here http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/61341-unwinnable-encounters/page__hl__%20unbeatable%20%20boss, could be located at the very bottom. The whole thing is optional anyway and saves time to create place and story for that boss. That would create a lot of new ways to build up the story and keep the Endless Paths interesting. Example: Od Nua found that ancient horror/faction which attacked the old wizard causing war and destruction at the lower levels. Earlier (don't remember where) it was even suggested that there would be two cities raging war down there (like now been suggested to happen between the two mega cities). Those factions could be the Od Nua and his experiments and those ancients, a war fought a long long time ago. Now it's your turn to search the remainings for what really happened. You could even create a city/dead city of the ancients at the bottom. Awesome place for some really abstract and unique city planning. I don't think they have problem with ideas. A day ago I would have been worried about the time they have, but if 500k was calculated for the dungeon and they've already got 600k~ extra after that, even if most of that is used to polish the ''main game'' there should still be more than enough money to hire more people for the dungeon if needed. If they truly prepared for the possibility of up to 15 levels from the start, now with this amount of more money, the more the reason they have the capacity to make this happen. Not even sorry for the long post.
  4. It might be more phychological thank you think. For example: the boost started on the 11th and 12th day but decreased a litte just under the 3m mark (the first half of 12th). Never the less, since the 3m mark was achieved, during the next hours and days till now (and beyond) the bledges started to rise once again with immense speed. Immediately we got around 9k/h during those hours and even topped the chart in this website: http://ruinedkingdoms.com/project-eternity/ ( ^P:E got over 14k during one hour, which is more than the chart could count for! ) So yes, I do think that it is very much a psychological aspect, not just the extra goodness that Obsidian has provided to us during these last few days. I'd say you could call it a ''snowball effect'' or social sense of community/influence to bledge, but just the fact that we are on the ''same million'' as the next strech goal, makes it seems much more plausible to achieve. And btw, it's past 00.00 here (in Japan), so excuse me for my spelling. Good ''what-ever-the-time-is-there'' for everyone! I'm going to sleep...
  5. There is at least one projection (calculated) of what the final amount could be, ranking from lowest to highest 3.3m - 3.6m, respectively. http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity/#chart-exp-projection The numbers of course chance as the project goes forward, but for the last couple of days, they have increased from 3.2-3.5m so it's looking promising! Then there's always the trending amount (currently at $3.278.667) which I think is calculated somewhat differently giving the much lower assumption. If you ask me, we'll top the 3.5-3.6m in Kickstart alone and with paypal end up somewhere between 3.6-3.7m. Of course since this is a unique project (even in Kickstart's history), I wouldn't be surprised to see if we get even further. Looking forward to tomorrows update, hoping it'll give me a reason to up my bledge to $250
  6. Mentioned this on other thread, but it's very likely that the cost of translating the text will get covered just by the non-English speaking gamers, especially if the language is big (German/Spanish/French). Even if they wouldn't add much extra, it then won't be money away from other things. Those ''language bledges'' can easily get us to a new strech goal we couldn't have got without them. They'll get their language, Obsidian gets money, everybody benefits ofrom the new stuff. Even English users.
  7. (Example:) I live in Japan at the moment and it's rare that people know enough English to introduce themself. Even all the university students I've met have had problems with that level of basics. I'm on a English class (second year in high school) and only two people can speak it on (somewhat) conversatioval level. For most of them, it takes 10-30 minutes to fully understand one easy page of a children story. All the TV-shows and movies are dubbed. All the books translated. All the games in Japanese. It's rare for people at banks or post office to speak English. etc etc Didn't translate? Too bad, a country of 125 million people, with one of the world's biggest gaming industries/gamer communities in the world, virtually monolingual. Good luck trying selling a RPG there.
  8. Like most of people, after reading Game of Thrones, I too put my vote on the ''there is no good or evil'' side. There are just different motives which lead the way to your actions. The 'judgement' just depends on the side are you looking the story; I murdered a man. Seems evil from the point of view of his poor son. Doesn't seem so evil to me for he tried to rape and kill my sister. I cut a hand from my mother and barely ran away from her. She wanted to sell me as a slave for the sake of food money for my borthers. I fought a battle where many innocent perished against a black and flaming monster to save a village. Later we found that they hadn't even done anything, someone else murdered the villagers and really it was us who were the bloody killers. So much about ''Good and Evil''...
  9. Big thanks to Obsidian for this update! Especially for the language confirmation! (+ the realistic way you're going with artwork is very promising:P ) English players won't lose anything with this update. Most likely the non English speakers pledge enough to cover the cost for translation, so even if there won't be that much extra money, it pays for itself without being away from other contents. And comparing to the final sum they are going to get via Kickstarter (now that the language pack is confirmed, +3mil seems much more likely) the text translation doesn't cost that much. Going to give my bledge (now, I might as well put that $50 for the book^^)
  10. I've always played all my games in English, starting from a point where I couldn't understand the starting screen, to the point that I can read and listen English almost as well as my native Finnish. Sure, the school has helped, but most of my fluency I've got via books and games etc. meaning: by practical use! For that I already owe a big thanks to the gaming industry for teaching me English. Playing shooters don't really improve your vocabulary since the story isn't very important. RPGs on the other hand are the exact opposite with their deep stories and plotlines. Since you NEED to be able to read and understand the language to be able to enjoy the story, playing the game with the target language (that one wants to learn) is extremely good vocabulary and grammar practice, plus a huge motivation boost to your studies! And thanks for the game suggestions! After all, which is a more enjoyable way to learn something new, than playing RPGs, knowing that you're actually improving some other skill of your choosing?
  11. This might be an unusual question since languages beside English are more or less a norm in games nowadays but in this case, is there a enough money for that? Since Project Eternity is fan funded, there are going to be some compromises (it's stated at their Kickstart page that there WILL be compromises if budged is below X number of money). How much do you need to get to give us choises in French/German/Spanish etc.? If there are going to be voice acting, might be too much to ask to have those in other than English (?) but for the text at least? I obviously don't know how much money that will even take, so I'm asking from you guys. And btw, I don't really need other languages than English to be able to enjoy this, but as a language learner I could use this opportunity to practice other languages than English via playing the game.
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