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  1. Thanks, Justin, for taking your time to read through all these posts here! Looking forward to the update on music (whenever it'll happen). Btw, please don't forget to try to play The Witcher 1 and see how the music there fits into the game
  2. Have you guys tried The Witcher and especially The Witcher 2? If not, you'll be pleasantly surprised
  3. I think that giving a more choice&consequence stretch goal would be a good idea, since we've already reached 3.5mil and therefore the world is already going to be substantially expanded.
  4. I don't think I've seen a specific poll on the subject, thus I'm making a new one. So, what do you think about "living world" in PE? Namely, should NPC go to bed at night, perform some work during the day, go on travels, etc?
  5. The questions of this poll were already disscused a bit elsewhere on the forum, but I'd like to raise them more specifically. So, what do you prefer: more choices and consequences that visibly affect things, or just more quests and bigger world, with maybe not so many real choices and visible consequences? And what is your opinion on adding stretch goals specifically dedicated to improving these aspects?
  6. I've created a new poll, here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/61164-live-recorded-music-poll-20/ Hopefully, it's better.
  7. I'm sorry for creating a new poll on this subject, but the old one was apparently formulated rather badly, as was pointed out in the comments. Hopefully, this one is better. So, what do you think about hiring live musicians to record music for Project Eternity? P.S. Here is the previous thread, where you can find some comments by Justin Bell: http://forums.obsidi...a-stretch-goal/
  8. @Justin Thank you very much for commenting on this topic! Unfortunately, it seems that I can't edit the poll anymore, we'll have to ask moderators. That was really an oversight on my side that I didn't specifically include the option you are talking about from the start. In fact, as is now clear to me, the poll is quite badly formulated. I was thinking about "having live recordings of musicians" when I wrote "orchestral", which is, of course, a mistake. So in my opinion the best solution would be to delete this poll and start a new one with clearer descriptions and more choices. Can anybody ask mods to do it? In my opinion, the option "ensembles and soloist recordings of live musicians" would really be the best, especially if you could find some musicians playing some rare medieval instruments. By the way, what is your opinion of the music from the first The Witcher game, which was suggested above?
  9. This was already discussed on the forum, but I don't think that I've seen a poll specifically on this subject. So, would you like to see orchestral score as a stretch goal?
  10. Could a fourth option be added to the poll, namely "Ordinary bows should have limited ammunition, but if the story allows, there can be ones with unlimited ammunition". The point is that having limited ammunition is annoying, but having unlimited ammunition for ordinary bows is unrealistic and breaks immersion. This can be solved by having some e.g. magical bows for which there is an explanation that the amunition is replenished by magical means.
  11. I think that you can start with sending the devs a message through Kickstarter website; they are known to read all the messages there.
  12. The point is that it's quite probable that translation into certain additional languages will increase the resources available to developers (due to increased number of pledges and sales), and not decrease it. Which will allow them to make the game better for you even if you're not interested in these additional languages, since anyway translating the game won't take developers' time, only hired translators' time. The question is then whether the costs of hiring these translators are lower than additional money acquired as the result of having transaltions available, or not. And I think that at least in case of Russian, Italian and Polish it's a safe bet to say that these translation costs are much lower than the pledges/sales resulting from translations being available. So, in fact, it's most probably a win-win solution, and I don't get why are you so opposed to it.
  13. If someone thinks that he or she can help with the translation to a certain language, I'd suggest sending a message to the developeres through the Kickstarter website with that offer, since they are known to read all the messages there.
  14. Please specify which languages should be a priority in your opinion. Sorry that I couldn't include more languages to the poll.
  15. I couldn't find a topic addressing the question whether people want to have player-generatable companions, so I'm starting a new one. Personally, I can't think of a reason how having mindless drones as companions can be justified by having control over thir stats/race/class.
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