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  1. As the title says, the Threat Engage sound need to be seperated from the music in the audio settings. I like to mute the music when playing and really listen to the sounds of the game. However, if I do this, I will not be alerted of an imminent threat. I would like to suggest two seperate sliders in the audio-settings. One for music and one for alerts.
  2. This combat OST can be played during any fight but it most notably plays during the Finale of the game on Tartarus, this was an excellent soundtrack during the battle against the Board. I should mention that I'm looking for a name if that's possible, I can't find any resemblance for it on the playstore
  3. Can someone indicate where I can purchase the opening and closing themes from the game soundtrack? I loved it !
  4. While the music is very well done, I'd prefer it if the music while wondering around was less.. "Cello D Minor" And more energetic and peppy like the trailer. To me, there is this under current of just having a good time while the government is transition. I guess I want to hear more fiddle as Rome burns.
  5. I'm a big fan of a good game score, and I really like to get a feel for a game ahead of time with the music. Obviously I can't do that since as far as I can tell there isn't an OST released yet, but I really hope we get one soon.
  6. Hi all. When I backed the game on Fig during crowdfunding campaign, there was a possibility to add Audio CD physical soundtrack of the game as an add-on reward (not part of any tier, but added physical item, like those tin figurines of Aloth, Edér and Pallegina were). However, the reward was not delivered with the rest and I didn´t find any info about it anywhere. I contacted the support about this and got no answer at all. This add-on cost 20 USD. Any info about this? Thanks for help
  7. Lately I have been spending much of my free time playing around with character builds in Pillars of Eternity 2 and reading these forums. In addition to being a huge fan of Obsidian games, CRPGs, and fantasy genres in general, I also love to write fantasy themed music. (Actually Obsidian games have been stealing a lot of my time which I would normally spend writing new music lol.) I wanted to share with everyone (and shamelessly self promote) some of my work. You can listen to my music (for free) in my musician profile at Reverb Nation: https://www.reverbnation.com/danielgarzone
  8. I can not initiate ship combat anymore. I sail up to a merchant ship, click attack, hear the battle music, and no combat happens. I keep sailing and hear the battle music. I have tried to attack multiple different ships with the same results. Seems unaffiliated ships are the main issue. I can double click on ships that are not unaffiliated and initiate attack.
  9. The most important part of POE II for me is the music, and since the audio stretch goal was met last February 2017, i.e. a year ago, it seems fitting we should hear some new music this month! What do you guys think? So, if you see this, Justin Bell, when can I hear some new tunes? Please and thanks!
  10. Some of you maybe didn't saw this, I personaly just found out about this video a few days ago. It's a great, almost 2hrs video, of Justin touching on his approach on Music & Sound Design. There are quite a lot of informations regarding his work for Pillars Of Eternity II : Deadfire. In case you're a Music Lover, in general & loved the Music from the 1st Game, this is for you. Hope you enjoy :
  11. I was reading JFSOCC's post about why he/she (sorry don't know you gender ) didn't finish the game (here's the link: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/92127-i-never-finished-pillars-of-eternity/) and at some point he/she complains about hating combat because of its score. Although I liked combat music and didn't got bored of it, I understand why it can become annoying being 3-4 tracks and combat encounters being all over the place. So, wouldn't it be agreat thing if the sequel has unique music tracks for specific encounters and even places? Like if Cancelhaut had his own music only durin
  12. Having recently purchased Pillars of Eternity and both expansions through GOG.com... I was playing the audio files of the soundtrack today - what fantastic job by Justin Bell! I am truly amazed by the music, it has been a perfect complement/enhancement to the whole Pillars of Eternity experience. Loving it! I see that the files that I downloaded are named as such (MP3 & FLAC): pe-combat-a pe-combat-b pe-combat-c pe-combat-d pe-combat-e poe_dungeon_engwithan_ruins ... I see in a old post: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71806-tags-for-digital-soundtrack/ that it looks li
  13. Hey people, I'm hoping to use the vast experience of people here to ask for some help to find some music specifically for a DnD game I'm running, but also hoping to help people in general find some nice background music for their own games. At the moment, I'm sending my players to the Abyss, and I was hoping for people here having knowledge of any fitting soundtracks for that. I don't watch a whole lot of movies or tv shows, so I have'nt stumbled across anything that might fit this. But earlier in my campaign the players ended up in desert landscapes, and I used this as background music
  14. Hello. I am doing a series of streams / let's plays and upload it to YouTube. Recently one my video was flagged as containing copyrighted music. YouTube claims that combat music from Pillars of Eternity is copyrighted by some CD Baby company. Particularly it is composition "Come Soft Winds of Death". It seems that CD Baby really have some rights on the soundtrack: https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/obsidianentertainment I tried to dispute the claim, but was rejected. Is it possible to do something about this situation or ingame ost will be copyrighted? You can find mention
  15. Hello, I keep searching and searching, but I can't find this question previously asked anywhere, so I'll do it for the benefit of mankind or something: Is there any hope of Pillars of Eternity soundtrack appearing on Spotify? I love it and I'd really enjoy listening to it shuffled into my other music while at work, but I'm not a big fan of downloading personal files like mp3/flac files on my work harddrive. There's already a bunch of indie and AAA games featuring their soundtracks on Spotify, and I would personally really appreciate if PoE soundtrack could join these.
  16. So I went through all the files in the game last night trying to locate the ambient sound files. I have the soundtrack and love it dearly. But what I really want is to be able to extract all the ambient sounds (rain/thunder, tavern talk, etc) and put them on a disk or cell phone. I simply love that stuff. Does anyone know how this can be accomplished? I don't believe they were in WAV format? Would they have to be converted somehow? Thanks in advance!
  17. I have finally sat down, having had some time with PoE and can say without a doubt this is one of the finest rpg's I have ever played. Immediately you start the game you know Pillars is going to be something special when you hear that incredible music, and oh what music it is! At once, chilling, yet eliciting wonder and mythology reflective of all the great English, Saxon and Scandanavian tomes such as Beowulf; story, characterisation, combat, PoE has it all. Thank you so much Obsidian, you have given hope to an old-school gamer who had thought that the suits at EA and Ubisoft ruled unchal
  18. Public Service Announcement by Darren Monahan, web guy Before we get started on this week’s update, we wanted to make all of you aware of a very serious website vulnerability called “Heartbleed” that was discovered since our last update. This bug affected a huge number of sites and services across the internet, potentially exposing passwords and other sensitive information to hackers that understood how to exploit it. Unfortunately, the Eternity website was running an affected version of this software, and as soon as we became aware of it, we took the appropriate steps to close th
  19. When entering in Sanitarium from the outside (doing the Azo quest) the game is still playing Brackenbury music. Switching floors unfortunately don't trigger the proper music too. The only way to trigger the correct music is to reload a savegame inside the Sanitarium. Same thing happens on Ondra's Gift Lighthouse, during the quest.
  20. Yikes :s I mean, first time I listened to it I was like.. seriously ? BG1-2 had so memorable and engaging combat music and I hoped they could capture the mood, but no.. There's little to none I hate about PoE, but combat music is one of them :s
  21. I was worried when so much time passed before Obsidian showed off any of the game, and now it seems that my anxieties were justified--perhaps if they had been more open with the early development of the game, the main problems that I see in the Backer Beta could have been avoided or resolved. But with less than five months of development planned, it seems very unlikely Obsidian will be able to implement any substantial changes. In the course of my 3 hours with the backer beta, I compiled a fairly big list of bugs, general feedback and suggestions. But by the end of my first ride through th
  22. Hi, is there any chance for game soundtrack? I'd love to have the music (cause it's simply brilliant) on me when moving round town.
  23. The chaff from this morning's work has been the idea of going carolling to collect for Help for Heroes and Age Concern. I was thinking of good songs to sing. I don't think they need to be all trad christmas songs. Indeed I think many folks will give more if we leaven the carols with some fun ones they might actually want to sing to. Ideas? EDIT: Is anyone talented enough to fit Rammstein's 'Du Habst' to the tune of Deck the Halls?
  24. Hi friends. My name is Armand, and I've been doing fan songs in the spirit of Project Eternity. I've done four songs so far, and would like your help in doing a fifth! Let me know what you'd like me to sing about! I'd really like to do something more specific to Project Eternity, but as information is scarce as of yet, I've sorta winged it on the info we've got. So far we've got one song about getting killed by sea monsters, as mentioned in Update #5, a song about a very skilled thief that I recorded for fun, and a song about a strange man that can steal your soul by placing his hand u
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