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  1. While the music is very well done, I'd prefer it if the music while wondering around was less.. "Cello D Minor" And more energetic and peppy like the trailer. To me, there is this under current of just having a good time while the government is transition. I guess I want to hear more fiddle as Rome burns.
  2. Mostly because it pretty much couldn't happen by accident. YMMV, I suppose. What do you mean by accident? Did pre 1.1 recovery on DoC breastplate happen by accident? If its possible to stack defenses so high that it makes a player untouchable, how figurines, per rest bonuses, and empower matter? I do not understand what matrix you use to determine what needs to be balanced and whatnot. Seems to me it does not have a rational base. Clarification: it couldn't happen to a player by accident. The only way a run like this would realistically happen is if the player made a conscious choice to do so, at which point you're really metagaming so intensely that you may as well be allowed to see what happens. (As a general word of advice, I would hesitate to ascribe motive to an opinion without a significant base of evidence, were I you.) As a general advice, I would hesitate to use strawman in an argument. What motive? If there is rational base feel free to present it. Cute and fun is not rational base. It's a single player game, cute and fun is absolute a rational base when it's a out entertainment. Get over yourself. Why are you getting so bent over something someone can do if they wish in a single player game. Multiplayer with unfair advantage against other players? sure You really have nothing better to do then direct your ire at how someone else enjoys a game? I've been video gaming for the entire history of home video games, and I never understood people like you. "What? THEY enjoy the game in a way the I don't approve? HOW DARE THEY!"
  3. Until you are casting fireball spells and fighting skeletons n real life, stop making a 'realistic' comparison. It's ridiculous. I've taken 10 preteens into the woods for a week, we weren't fighting creatures, but we were constantly moving, climbing and prepping camp. that three meals a day, and gear. And in the real world if you are in combat, then after the first combat you leave and go to then hospital, or die in the woods. So let's stop about realism, shall we? Now onward. The camping aspect is just tedious. Not the concept, but the implementation. I'm on level seven of a dungeon. So I get into a few fights, then rest. Then run out of camping gear. Then I need to go back up through 2 empty levels, then go to side stairs. Then go to the surface, then go to an Inn, then the inn has.. 1 camping supply. So Now I have to go to a different zone to get more. Basically running around for a supply, and since all my health is red, I can't do anything else. The is a very tedious process that seems to be put in place with the sole purpose of making the game longer. The should be an option, like the expert option but no camping supplies. It would basically be there for the people who clearly enjoy that aspect. Or change it to what the original poster thought. Set up a camping area on a level. Or at the very least, let me get to the supplies I need easily. Right now, it's just tedious, and that has nothing to do with easy or hard, just tedium. What seems to be missing from some peoples thoughts is that you can want easier camping, and not camp after every fight. Let the players enjoy it how they want. I think most of the people here can't take constructive criticism of a great game. Why does it bother you if people have an option you wont use? Finally, if you are in fights and not taking long term injury? then you are the one playing in easy mode.
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