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  1. While the music is very well done, I'd prefer it if the music while wondering around was less.. "Cello D Minor" And more energetic and peppy like the trailer. To me, there is this under current of just having a good time while the government is transition. I guess I want to hear more fiddle as Rome burns.
  2. Mostly because it pretty much couldn't happen by accident. YMMV, I suppose. What do you mean by accident? Did pre 1.1 recovery on DoC breastplate happen by accident? If its possible to stack defenses so high that it makes a player untouchable, how figurines, per rest bonuses, and empower matter? I do not understand what matrix you use to determine what needs to be balanced and whatnot. Seems to me it does not have a rational base. Clarification: it couldn't happen to a player by accident. The only way a run like this would realistically happen is if the player made a conscious
  3. Until you are casting fireball spells and fighting skeletons n real life, stop making a 'realistic' comparison. It's ridiculous. I've taken 10 preteens into the woods for a week, we weren't fighting creatures, but we were constantly moving, climbing and prepping camp. that three meals a day, and gear. And in the real world if you are in combat, then after the first combat you leave and go to then hospital, or die in the woods. So let's stop about realism, shall we? Now onward. The camping aspect is just tedious. Not the concept, but the implementation. I'm on level seven of a dung
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