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  1. Too bad. I was really looking forward to this game. Guess I will buy if for the PS4 instead. Gives me an excuse to actually use the thing.
  2. After having already soulbound the Magistrate's Cudgel to Rekke and having succesfully upgraded it all the way, including the last upgrade, I found that upon unbinding the Cudgel and then binding it to a new character, I could not get the last upgrade to trigger again (the one where you rest at the Oathbinder's Sanctum). Steps to make this happen: * Soulbind the Magistrate's Cudgel to Rekke (or presumably any other character) * Complete all upgrades * Unbind the Cudgel * Bind it to another character and complete all upgrades until the last * Rest at the altar at the lowest level of Oathbinder's Sanctum * Find that the last upgrade doesn't trigger Link to save game, with characters present at the altar at Oathbinder's Sanctum's last floor: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zyavtkauq039bjq/OathbindersZip.zip?dl=0
  3. Edit: Nevermind, jumped the gun. That being said, I'm sadly convinced that this is not some sort of hoax. It's a shame, because no one really comes out of this squeaky clean. It's a shame seeing your heroes fall. To be sure, I originally linked to CA's Twitter account, where CA at least acknowledges the interview, and claims it's only 30% of what happened. That still doesn't 100% rule out someone taking over his account on the forum, but honestly I don't find that idea to be very convincing at all. Though I would be very happy if it were true. Relevant link: https://twitter.com/huminds/status/993272944573939712
  4. If anyone still has a code to give away, I would be ever so grateful. Actually, I'm a bit of a dolt as I now noticed that as a backer myself, I got my own coupon. Doh!
  5. Britain has been officially removed from Euro Truck simulator
  6. Well its that strange notion that after WWII and what Hitler did no one is allowed to be nationalist - because Hitler. Strange that noone have problem with socialists because Stalin Maybe because Stalin was not socialist And Wilders is not Nazi Wilders is not a Nazi, but like the rest of his ilk what he most certainly is, is a lying populist charlatan, offering no solutions but only lies about how he is going to "fix" everything - when in fact he hasn't got a clue. And in the meanwhile, he's willing to lie about anything else as long as it means he can draw attention to his one single issue. Case in point, one of Wilders' promises during election time was that he would stop the rising of the pension age (from 65 tot 67) that the then government had planned. Then after the elections, he has his party vote FOR the rising of the pension age because he could make a deal with other parties about immigration. Edit: it's actually not exactly as I remembered it, this link explains it better: http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2010/06/wilders_drops_commitment_to_65 TL:DR version, he propped up a government that needed his backing in able to exist in return for tougher immigration, while accepting that they would introduce laws that would increase the retirement age. Sorry, am at work so mistakes slip through. In fact, I think most of you right wingers who like him so much should take a look at his party program sometimes. Wilders' started out right wing (for Dutch standards) but these days in most things the party program is so left wing they mostly resemble the Socialist Party. With the difference of course that it's all based on "giving welfare back the Dutch, because foreigners". Not that he really cares about any of these things, because he's quite ready to promise anything as long as it gets him votes. But it's okay, the sort of people who vote for him are like sheep, that forget all about the broken promises again next election, and then again it will be the mantra "If we vote Wilders in power, he'll fix everything, because don't you know, he's the feckin' messiah". So yeah, when it comes to Hitler, that's what he has in common.
  7. I almost feel sorry for the British, both the Remain and the Brexit camps are loathsome and contemptible, and they are both thoroughly British. Whether you vote for Brexit or not, you guys really need to clean up your political landscape.
  8. Just to add to this: consider that in my small country, I can travel a few hundred kilometers to the north, east or south, and end up in places within my own country where the local dialects are like languages of their own, which I wouldn't even be able to understand. And these people with their own dialects feel closer to each other than to people elsewhere in the country. I mean, we have Friesland, which has a language of its own, and then we have Limburg where the citizens of one town can speak a completely different form of their dialect than the next. Limburg is also the youngest of our provinces (edit: with exception of Flevoland, which is a completely new polder). Its capital, Maastricht actually joined in the rebellion that would later divide the short lived Kingdom of the Netherlands into north and south. The only thing that kept the city in Dutch hands was the presence of a Dutch garrison under its commander Dibbets. It is said that the inhabitants of Maastricht were still pissing on the commander's grave long afterwards. Some Dutch in the north still refer to Limburg (and to a lesser extent Noord-Brabant) as "reserve Belgium". And this is just my tiny little country...
  9. Once again so nice to see someone in the EU on this forum say something sincere and kind about how they feel about the EU "But we do also take care of each other when needed " I have been on these forums for 4 years and I have a semi-photographic memory and thats the first time anyone has ever said anything personal and real about each other. Seriously, 4 years and not one person who lives in the EU out of all the members ever just said something like " I may have issues with the central government but I care about my fellow EU members " Even people like Elerond who is positive would say " yes I like the EU but structural changes must happen " Normally I would say something because its not normal but I left it as my second home is the UK, after SA , and this was one of those rare times where I felt I am not going to try to convince people how lucky they are \ So I left it ..... But thanks for being honest Yeah, I am afraid you are taking it the wrong way. What I mean is that a lot of European states have a model that allows freedom while people still take care of each other, and this is something I like about Europe in general. But this taking care of each other is mostly only for people of our own nationality. We simply don't have the same connection with other Europeans as we have with people of our own nationality. And why should we? I mean, I have to be honest here, if I compare myself to the average French person for example... Well, it makes me glad to be Dutch. Apologies to any French person reading this.
  10. Considering the closest language to how they spoke in those days is current day Icelandic, my tongue is quite happy that the above never happened.
  11. And some of us fall in between both, and would prefer to have the best of both worlds while avoiding the evils. To be honest, that's the thing I generally like about Europe. We allow each other freedom, but we do also take care of each other when needed.
  12. Bruce, I feel you're missing the key thrust of this. It's not a question of whether they'll be benign or not. The question is would you really, truly be perfectly happy to abandon your say in your government purely on the fuzzy promise that they'll look after you in the future. But if they don't.. you'll have given up your chance to argue with them or vote them out of office. You see to me that is not an issue because I currently have no say in government and my vote is irrelevant ...but thats because of our history so its not a big deal Also let me not hide this, I am in a very fortunate position where I could get a job in the UK and possibly the USA because of the work I do. So I never ever feel trapped not that I want to leave SA That's great for you, but completely irrelevant to the situation at hand. You have to understand that most people, well, they're not you. In fact, this bears repeating, because I feel it's something that you should really take to heart. Most people are not you, Bruce. Most people are not in your, dare I say it, privileged position. Now I am not saying you should be ashamed, but you could maybe try to see things through other people's eyes sometimes. I am saying this without a trace of irony, by the way.
  13. Yes, well, countries like the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Denmark may feel quite a bit more uncomfortable in an E.U. without GB to balance out Germany and France, so I wouldn't be too sure things will be business as usual. Especially since GB's contributions to the budget will fall away, and that money will have to come from somewhere. And it sure won't be coming from those nice Eastern European chaps... I am very glad you are asking these questions, sometimes I feel you guys in the EU just dont care or realize how beneficial the EU is So I agree, its not a nice thought to think of someone like the UK leaving but the reality is no other country can just leave because of the single currency and the fact the majority of countries in the EU have had to sacrifice old financial structures to integrate. This is also normal and what was required You may not believe me but I promise you its very relevant....there is no leaving the EU unless a country is prepared for a economic meltdown....thats why the UK is different Now being forced to stay may not seem ideal but it is, so people will complain but no one will leave. To be honest I hope we see a reaffirming of commitment and loyalty from some EU members, like PIGS countries, and they contribute towards the deficit from the UK leaving But to be fair you cant expect the East Europeans to fix the gap but never forget the loyalty of the Scandinavian countries The EU will adapt and survive but yes it will be a initial revenue impact I can't speak for other countries, but as someone who lives in the Netherlands I can assure you that you shouldn't underestimate the possibility of people actually voting parties in power that want to leave the E.U., no matter how bad the economic consequences would be, if the people in charge of the E.U. don't start offering solutions rather than more problems real soon. Whatever happens, things are going to need to change.
  14. Yes, well, countries like the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Denmark may feel quite a bit more uncomfortable in an E.U. without GB to balance out Germany and France, so I wouldn't be too sure things will be business as usual. Especially since GB's contributions to the budget will fall away, and that money will have to come from somewhere. And it sure won't be coming from those nice Eastern European chaps...
  15. As someone who actually admires many aspects of British culture, and who at the same time thinks that Europe really does need to work together if we don't want our future to be dictated by other foreign powers, it pains me to think that maybe GB really doesn't have a future in Europe. It's so close in the polls that I wonder that even if they do win, could that really be considered a mandate for staying? Say the Remain camp wins but with 52% of the vote and with 48% against, could that really be considered to be a strong mandate for staying in the E.U.?
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