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  1. A few months have passed since I started this thread, but copyright claim is still here. As youtube says, my video monetized by copyright owner. https://snag.gy/6D4uK2.jpg Shoud I start another copyright dispute with CD Baby? Is it safe to make videos for youtube with PoE soundtrack?
  2. Hello. I am doing a series of streams / let's plays and upload it to YouTube. Recently one my video was flagged as containing copyrighted music. YouTube claims that combat music from Pillars of Eternity is copyrighted by some CD Baby company. Particularly it is composition "Come Soft Winds of Death". It seems that CD Baby really have some rights on the soundtrack: https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/obsidianentertainment I tried to dispute the claim, but was rejected. Is it possible to do something about this situation or ingame ost will be copyrighted? You can find mention
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