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  1. [...] Footnotes at best. As i feel the same about that i do think it does does bring up an interesting topic. I do think continuity (of your decisions) is much more important than the gear you wear. I'd be totally fine if only talents are transfered, as long as the impact of the tangential decisions are properly reflected and continued. Few games (btw f*k bioware =P) have handled that continuity really well, and i doubt we can expect a scope (bc. budgetary concerns) that addresses every wish - clean slates are often easier, that is just the reality. That aside i don't need to keep Abylon
  2. (After a quick google) I can see what you are saying. Looking at the recepie does keep me a bit sceptical, as the versions of meringue/marcrons-esque cookies i tried always had at least a bit of grounded almonds. It is always a good idea anyway to make little test batch. After that you can still screw with the recepie or try stuff like cooling the dough. Depending on the consistence of the chips / powder and the size of the eggs, i feel you'll mayb have to start adding about half a cup if it turns into a cookie hellscape. Will try it at the weekend myself tho, so dont take my word for it y
  3. [stuff]Success can often be spontaneous and it spontaneously happens more than you think... all it takes is a good product with the right decisions. The Witcher and The Witcher 2 didn't have good decisions, neither did the series appeal to the wide-scale audience. Furthermore, I could give hundreds of examples of new succesful indie IP's that got lucky, as well as series that were not popular that became popular with one entry and vice-versa. I don't think Witcher 2 did as well as people think, especially looking at the longevity of sales. Like I said, The Witcher as a franchise wasn't w
  4. Sigh - Yes I suppose they were really 'lucky' enough to 'barely' get the money together to selfpublish. Also - what a coincidence, that they modeled TW3 after a game that released around the same time as TW2 and was vastly more successful. Or that the Engine used could draw on a lot of lessons learned. Yes, i mean there is no progression at all. Success is rarely spontaneous.
  5. (Source) Or: a mugger apple tree by day an apple tree mugger by night (windfall can be extra menacing at night ...)
  6. YES - spectral sea monsters. Also vampire-mermaids.. oh and, just because: Were-trees! Also: Drinking contest-esque quest with the usual consequences (blackout + lost gear and you have to talk yourself through a series of embarassing situations; with a +1 that reacts accordingly obviously). Overall less serious quests that give companions a lot more color - like a quest where you or someone else annoys the s*** out of a party member. Like driving off an over eager admirer for Pallegina (hello Nicola Tes* Noober 2.0)... or helping Edér scare off a taxidermist with the help of a smuggled w
  7. One point also to note is that in terms of tone and complexity the witcher series has had a few changes of streamlining (from TW1 to TW2 and also from TW2 to TW3) that made the overall success possible. The series built a cult following with TW1 and transitioned to a more 'radical' and 'edgy' style (as in 'fashionable' art style choice at that time) that drew in mass market appeal and further following. TW2 also was more grounded in a "realistic" (well the enviroment was harsher and there was more depth to the simple "monster hunt" which was the defacto standard up to that point). TW3 str
  8. Very true - i stand corrected. Replacing tedious with tedious doesn't really make sense. But then again would the system - if transfered it in the current state to Deadfire - even make any sense at all? From what i can tell the amount of per encouter abilities will only increase in Deadfire (due to level limit, multiclassing, ...). And all that is disregarding that some casters (hello cipher / chanter) don't have the need to replenish their spells too.
  9. This is how the BGs work, though: the natural recovery rate of a character without superhuman constitution is minimal. It just happens that the setting has lots of readily available magical healing, so 1-2 rests worth of spells will fix whatever ails you (up to and including death once you unlock those spells). The IE games had their own sleep restriction though in the form of frequent random encounters when you tried to rest in hazardous areas. Your choice was to backtrack to a safe location, or keep reloading until you had a successful sleep cycle. Either way it penalized players who sl
  10. More writing love in dialogue for characters with unusual personalities like insane, evil, greedy, naive and religious. I mean not just for roleplaying experience and immersion, but also not getting shoehorned into certain dispositions (not everything needs to make sense). Like bursting into spontainious laughter, doing a sudden "let us pray" speech or just simply going for a "gimmeallyourmoney" when meeting a quest giver would be a bit more fun on occasion.
  11. An increased dramatisation of the narrative and combat via more varied sound and music would certaily be appreaciated. But, then again, this aspect is often underdeveloped in games and can be quite subjective. But then again in Deadfire with the pirate and seafaring themes - there are a lot of opportunities to draw from other media and art to not have (e.g.) the same battle music all the time. I'd be very surprised if there aren't more different themes for let's say fights between ships/seamonsters/...
  12. I do miss throwing axes, the dwarven thrower and the occasional +2 ammunition. But then again i think the different types of ammo also served as a tactical minigame (resistances, immunities), which i dont think cannot be directly translated to PoE. I would still like to see that more tho than the throwable alchemy stuff. On a sidenote: why are there no weapons in PoE restricted by attributes, race or disposition?
  13. I would really like a more .. realized system, that has actual consequences like vendors closing shop to you and all (and not just of the corresponding faction; like when you go ham on the citadel knights to retrieve a certain armor*) based on your background and reputation, currently it seems far to lax. I mean i can kill half the people i come accross for no reason, and people still sell me more weapons and gear (lol). But then again we have things like the bleak walker disposition hypocrisy and similar stuff... Edit: *(you cannot tell me that wiping out a whole garrison doesn't infl
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