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  1. Does anyone know when these will be arriving? I haven't been able to find anything saying when. Then again, maybe I didn't look hard enough.
  2. So, if my memory is correct, 3 to 5 years have passed sense the events of Pillars of Eternity 1 by the time Pillars of Eternity 2 begins. Question of the hour is, what has the Watcher been up to? Adventuring? Relaxing? Dealing with politics? Raising their kidnapped child (if they took it, anyway) It would be interesting if we could chose what s/he has be been doing. Maybe get some sort of small bonus similar to picking our place of origin in Pillars of Eternity 1
  3. Just put my name. Someday, I'll end up in the credits of ALL the Isometric RPGs! Mwhahaha.
  4. More gun options might be cool. Like How about a really strong character can use a cannon as a gun
  5. I had a thought I hope this doesn't sound ****-ish Maybe like, in game, on the Black Isle Bastard ship, there could be a list of 'Bastards Come and Gone' and you could use the names of everyone who helped fund the Bastards. Just a thought.
  6. If I have learned anything about crowd funded games that make a ton of money, they end up getting delayed a lot further than their original planned release date. Which is a good thing, mind you! It means the devs have more time to put in all the extra stretch goal content. I could be wrong, and Obsidian will have it all said and done by Q1 2018. But I won't bet on it.
  7. Blade of the First Bastard "Many years ago, a noblemen sired a son with his mistress, and upon discovering her pregnancy, disowned the woman and her unborn child. As the years went by, the boy grew to be a thief, a crook, and a general menace to society as a whole. Upon the death of his mother he learned the truth of his lineage from her will, and went out in search of his father. When he found his father and was prompted turned away, he struck his father down with an ornate, obsidian long sword that hung on a nearby wall. The boy fled, sword still in hand, and stole a ship that belonged t
  8. So, suppose we reach the Create an Item goal, what did you have in mind, Captain Fluffy, if anything. I know obsidian has final say, but you are the Captain of this crew of bastards, so I'm curious as to your thoughts.
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