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  1. I don't know much about the types of choices that are going to be in this game but I have to say that I agree totally with wormerine. If the choice is going to be between a holier than thou cliche and an evil just cuz cliche, then I would rather not make a choice.
  2. I think I'm just going to wait a year. I don't feel super strongly about the whole epic vs steam thing but I just don't want another launcher on my PC and the windows store is terrible. I'm honestly not super excited for The Outer Worlds anyway.
  3. I'm torn. On the one hand I really want to support Obsidian for the work they've done and buy the game on release. But on the other, there is no way I'm buying anything on neither Epic nor Windows Store.
  4. Someone on Codex said that Sawyer has been playing a lot of Skyrim lately. Research or just good/bad taste in games? I hope its research on what NOT to do in an open world RPG. The draw of games like Oblivion and Skyrim is, for some reason which I don't understand, their 'exploration' potential. I've never cared for exploring in video games, at least not as a main activity and honestly there is nothing really to explore in those games anyway. Its all just the same dungeon copied and rearranged into different shapes.
  5. Sure. 'Cause you said so. By definition doing things sequentially is inferior to and less complex than doing things simultaneously. That is something to be said about stat/roll based combat and a turn based system giving player time and space to analyze the situation and choose the best tools for the job. It's like D&D was designed to be turn-based or something! Ninjas are better than Pirates. I know because I saw a Ninja once but never a Pirate. Discuss. Wow the first encounter! Haha Sorry I didn't respond. Was too busy enjoying how much better the game is now :D
  6. Well I just completed the very first encounter of the game in turn based mode. I'm sorry to all of you that love RTwP but this is far superior. I hope they include it in all the new isometric games they make as well.
  7. It looks like they set something heavy on top of the box because there's a huge dent in it. Is there any way I can return it for a new one?
  8. I absolutely hate long boring dungeons so I'm glad there are not a lot in this game. Hated the Endless paths.
  9. Bethesda doesn't make games with character progression. They make worlds you can walk around and kill stuff in.
  10. I'm interested in getting Eothas' side of the story. Because it seems like he got shafted big time just for trying to help.
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