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  1. I too am a bit concerned by this. Hopefully this changes before release.
  2. I actually love the color palette and saturation in TOW. One of several things that drew me to it.
  3. I've seen several new gameplay videos of TOW recently. Overall, I am very impressed with the improved visuals and what seems to be a great looking RPG. I am, however, concerned with one thing that several previewers have mentioned now. That is the lack of ambient music or, in some cases, any music during gameplay. A common complaint is that the previewers would be in a populated area and instead of hearing ambient NPC chatter or music, they would only hear their footsteps. I realize it is entirely possible that Obsidian hasn't added sound files including the soundtrack into demo builds that previewers have played. I hope this is the case. This is literally my only concern with TOW at this time. Everything else looks solid and I can't wait to play.
  4. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest there will be a 99.9% chance of unrealistic scopes in TOW. It is a sci-fi game, after all.
  5. Agree completely. I think the world design of TOW will be very similar to the older BioWare games. (KOTOR, Jade Empire, Mass Effect 1,2, and 3)
  6. Here are my feelings on this issue. I have many personal political and philosophical beliefs. Everyone does. I respect everyone's right to hold their beliefs, even if I don't agree with them, and even if they don't believe I should have a right to my beliefs. In the times we currently live in, it is increasingly hard, if not totally impossible, to make any game/film/book/etc. with any political/philosophical content without enduring instant and constant criticism/harassment. I grew up in a time where artistic integrity and freedom of speech was sacred, and I am infinitely grateful for it. It is very sad to see that this isn't the case any more. IMO, ANY developer should be able to make ANY game they want, ANY way they want. I applaud Leonard Boyarsky for trying his damndest to not preach to a particular audience or shove a particular ideology down our throats. I wish more creative directors had the courage to do so.
  7. My ideal character would be an Anti-Hero in the vein of Mal from Firefly mixed with V from V For Vendetta mixed with Frank Castle from The Punisher and just a hint of Wade Wilson from Deadpool.
  8. I got to thinking about this after reading all the E3 interviews. If nothing else, I thought it would be a good time killer.
  9. Losing a companion, whether they just leave your squad or outright die via permadeath in the challenging Supernova Mode, is a loss in terms of both story and combat.
  10. I will definitely be taking the day off on Oct. 25.
  11. There won't be customization, but trophies/mementos will be displayed based on things you've done. We will be able to store items in the ship. I think of it as a mobile home.
  12. I stand corrected again. Thanks for posting that as well.
  13. I stand corrected. Thanks for posting that.
  14. No word on mod support yet. DLC isn't in the works YET, but during an E3 interview, an Obsidian rep hinted that post-release was possible. There is no plan for a season pass at this time. No word on endgame. No word on how many endings there are. There is a character creator and you can choose gender/race and customize characters. No word on pre-order exclusives. You should know that The Outer Worlds will be the most hilarious RPG released in 2019. Oh, and it's fun as hell.
  15. I second this. Obsidian, PLEASE release gameplay of The Outer Worlds on YouTube in 4K! Let it shine for all to see in all its glory!
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