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  1. 2018 was the worst year for videogames ever... name something aside spiderman, rimwold or smash bros ultimate that was awesome released that year Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, Celeste, Deadfire, Into the Breach, Dead Cells, Octopath Traveller, The Red Strings Club, Return of the Obra Dinn... Pathetic list
  2. It's pretty great seeing all the casuals turn on Bethesda. What a time to be alive. Microsoft pulled off a coup now that Obsidian keeps the IP. Really hope Tim/Leo stick around, would love to see what they can do with a real triple AAA budget.
  3. There will be bugs I'm sure, but won't be New Vegas bad due to the fact that they aren't using a piece of **** engine and Bethesda isn't handling QA.
  4. At least it's not EA If I was Microsoft I'd just throw money at Tim and Leo in whatever low-stress creative roles they wanted in hopes of another smash IP coming to fruition
  5. Haven't had time to test any of the DLCs and I'm probably going to wait until the 3rd expansion is out But how does Amra interact with upgraded Barb/Berserker frenzy?
  6. I really hope it wasn't intentional and always hated the fact that they didn't show in POE, which completely ruined expert mode for me. Simply put, I don't feel like to having indicators divorced from expert increases difficulty like at all. Not having them visible makes the process of combats tedious and not fun to the point I will never run expert mode ever vs I would play expert mode 100% of the time if indicators were there.
  7. Also less interruptions in your attacking; Frenzy has a "cast time" unlike most other self buffs. Though I personally wouldn't go for int. Too little benefit compared to other classes. Well the question was INT or Resolve and for this build I would go INT any day of the week. You can attain immunity to resolve afflictions/interrupts fairly easy.
  8. And also going No-Subclass Barbarian so I'm not constantly murdering myself with Berserker, I guess. Nah, I mean you want to be bloodied anyways for maximum damage outputs. There are a bunch of items that raise dmg reduction/resists when you're low health.
  9. Isn't scaling for higher levels active by default? Scaling doesn't do much once you're past the point of facerolling
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