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  1. Hard disagree, 76 was a ****show but you can still write it off as a Zenimax failed attempt to MMO the IP. I don't see the Andromeda comparison as it was just a total and utter bomb and hasn't received any support at all. Wastelanders didn't fix 76 but it was a step in the right direction. New Vegas sold 12million+ copies with a 18 month dev cycle and did much better than 76. MS can easily market that now that they own all principle players. If Gears of War can get a tactics game in 2020, making a properly budgeted modern New Vegas style Fallout wouldn't be an issue.
  2. I mean, Fallout 4 sold a stupid amount of copies on Steam. And people download and play those Fallout games on gamepass. Claiming it's generating zero isn't really accurate. It's a super valuable and proven IP.
  3. No thanks, not after he literally tried to kill Obsidian's sale to Microsoft then excommunicated himself via twitter after he was metoo'd. And he's not really needed when the actual Original Creators of Fallout are all under Microsoft's umbrella with Obsidian/InExile. Todd was ok with letting Obsidian do New Vegas and it wouldn't really be his decision anyway at this point. It was mostly Zenimax pushing Fallout into the trashy MMO direction
  4. Why? MS can actually let the original creators of the IP make a game at this point. No need to kill the entire IP, just delete Fallout 76 and forget it ever existed.
  5. Outer Worlds has been beaten in 12 minutes It can use all the interruptions it can get. Obviously you'll be able to load the save of no return. Continuing after the ending would make zero contextual sense and/or outright impossible
  6. I'm down for Living Lands. Roll me a sad sack Rymargand cultist Borreal Dwarf searching for that sweet release of nothingness. Then I can truly feel how souless and shallow vanilla Skyrim felt on that bleak November day of 11/11
  7. With long guns, Mind Control Ray is killing everything in the game before they can even be mind controlled for more than a half second. It's best to give the Mind Control gun to a companion. The Hammer is completely bonkers broken and the gloop gun not only does great damage, but has one of the best crowd control effects in the game.
  8. The cost should probably be based on level, not number times you tinker? It's just weird that upgrading a lvl 29 tier 3 weapon to 35 is cheaper than upgrading the lvl 2 weapon to lvl 10
  9. Maybe melee is tougher, but I completed my first run on Supernova with Long Guns/Science build and the game was jokingly easy after the first 3-4 hours. As long I kept companions on defensive or passive AI I had ZERO issues keeping them alive. Everything is dead before they can even get in range and any stragglers that actually get through would be nuked by two companion abilities.
  10. My Supernova (first run) playthrough took a little bit over 40 hours. This is was playing very cautious early on and exploring every nook and cranny. On my second run, I expect to finish in about 10-15 hours at the rate I'm going I will definitely be doing a third melee focused run. And most likely will do more if any decent difficulty mods get released, I feel the game is too easy on Supernova to be quite honest.
  11. No thanks, that's just ****ing stupid. Tim/Leo said they already have a bunch of lore written. I don't micro-transaction Halo ****ting up a well written IP from the father's Fallout
  12. Tried that method multiple times and it didn't work for me (on Xbox One X). Only method that actually worked was removing the companions from party. Zero crashing when entering the room solo. Was also using those same two companions. Note this was on supernova, so I had to reload from the autosave a couple floor downs each attempt.
  13. Agreed, had the same exact thought when I went to go check for an alternative aside from gross genocide. Very disappointing.
  14. SAME problem here on Xbox One X: Supernova difficulty. When I entered Rockwell's room with Ellie and Vicar, hard Xbox 1 X freeze crash (loud stutter noise, have to dashboard exit). Now, when Ellie and Max died, or I removed them from party, I was able to enter the room normally. Vicar was equipped with Gloop Gun and Prismatic hammer. Ellie with Mind Control Ray and Ionized Paper Knife I tested this multiple times from the autosave. I was able to enter normally SOLO 3 times and crashed 3 times with both companions. Seems related to the companions being in the party Not sure how to upload saves from Xbox, let me know how if need it
  15. No **** COD is inherently a different audience but there is still significant overlap there consider the massive playerbase. Especially when your less cultured friends/family are bugging you to play with them Which has more to do with Microsoft now owning Obsidian (and paying for the privilege to put it on Gamepass day 1) than any actual effort Private Division put forth. Showing up at a com' is the bare minimum. Quiet release month. Yup, no biggie
  16. Barely any marketing after the EGS deal. Have yet to release PC specs. Release day same as the new COD. What gives?
  17. 2018 was the worst year for videogames ever... name something aside spiderman, rimwold or smash bros ultimate that was awesome released that year Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, Celeste, Deadfire, Into the Breach, Dead Cells, Octopath Traveller, The Red Strings Club, Return of the Obra Dinn... Pathetic list
  18. It's pretty great seeing all the casuals turn on Bethesda. What a time to be alive. Microsoft pulled off a coup now that Obsidian keeps the IP. Really hope Tim/Leo stick around, would love to see what they can do with a real triple AAA budget.
  19. There will be bugs I'm sure, but won't be New Vegas bad due to the fact that they aren't using a piece of **** engine and Bethesda isn't handling QA.
  20. At least it's not EA If I was Microsoft I'd just throw money at Tim and Leo in whatever low-stress creative roles they wanted in hopes of another smash IP coming to fruition
  21. Haven't had time to test any of the DLCs and I'm probably going to wait until the 3rd expansion is out But how does Amra interact with upgraded Barb/Berserker frenzy?
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