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  1. I've finished a replay of the game on Steam and intend to play the DLC for the first time. I'm getting the most out of the experience by earning all 48 base game achievements. However there is less incentive to play the DLC because its achievements haven't been patched in yet.
  2. I think tinkering is a good idea; taking a piece of equipment you like and keeping it relevant by raising its level. The problem is that regardless of the item's starting level It costs more to raise a level 1 gun into a level 10 than it does to turn a level 30 gun into a level 35. The cost to tinker rises exponentially which discourages tinkering altogether. It wouldn't break the game if tinker prices were linear since you can freely pick up high-level gear anywhere anyway. Having a high Engineering skill doesn't fix the problem. I also find it odd that you use bits to tinker equipment w
  3. If you want to broker a peaceful outcome between the MSI and the Iconoclasts you have to speak to both leaders and then replace Graham with Zora. The thing is you have to have gained Zora's trust beforehand by completing optional objectives for her, otherwise you're screwed. You'll probably only find out you lost Zora's trust hours after the fact, which means all the groundwork like getting her file is completely wasted. You can argue this is realistic and all but it runs counter to the design of the game; which is that all potential quests are signposted, you know when you've botched a q
  4. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SWywuMPIij5n56iQVji7Z5iZPtcEz0yt/view Forty hours in and Arkemyr's mansion is randomly hostile after returning from the Observatory.
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