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  1. Isn't it the landlady from Kung Fu Hustle?
  2. Always remember the golden truth: It doesn't matter who wins as long as Sweden loses.
  3. Hurlsnot: "I was in love with Monica Seles." Gorth: "She was *the* grunter!"
  4. Hey now, there's no need to bring personal attacks into this.
  5. Game developers and over correcting, name a more iconic combo.
  6. New expansion Legacy of the Sith. I do hope the "tech modernization" means 64-bit client.
  7. I didn't know european football champioship is considered exotic and fringe.
  8. Chris Parker has wanted to make their own Skyrim ever since Skyrim came out and now he finally has his chance. I don't see how anyone could fire him from his pet project, especially since according to the rumors the game is on schedule.
  9. Chris is one the founders of Obsidian. I really doubt he has been fired.
  10. Is this my fault? I just moved to win 10 like half a year ago.
  11. 40€ for a remaster? I mean I'm still going to buy it, but still....
  12. The guy should have scratched his ass instead of his head. 7/10
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