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  1. I'm still waiting for Red Letter Media to nitpick the last Picard episodes.
  2. The four last episodes of the last season of Clone Wars were so good that I...
  3. NWN SOU I finally finished it for the first time ever. It was kinda weird experience. It starts same as OC, with the training place being attacked by kobolds and you having to find four things, but SOU does it better. Then it is just areas with small hub next to a dungeon and when you clear that dungeon you move to next small hub next to a dungeon. Still slightly better than OC. NWN HOTU HOTU I had actually finished back in the day, but I had to cheat so I'm not sure if that counts. I had made a monk with high DEX and WIS, and low STR. The build worked fine until I hit the last boss. I simply couldn't hit him hard enough to pass his damage resistances. So I used savegame editor to buff my STR by a lot. This time I defeated him fair and square with my mage. Yay. I mean Aribeth helped little bit. HOTU was the best campaign, but not by much. Its later level felt very gimmicky with puzzle ring, grabby hand thing, and polymorphing amulet. NWN EE Overall It is same as the other Beamdog Enhanced Editions. Meaning it needs multiple years of work before I can recommend it. The performance is very poor and companion AI is atrocious. If a companion can cast more than couple spells then they just stand there. 90% of the time they wont fight. It's bizarre.
  4. Is anyone else slightly annoyed that Bobby Null isn't a programmer? He has the perfect last name for it, but here he is mucking about as a lead designer.
  5. Starts at 7 minute mark and ends at around 53 minutes. Rest of the time is spent on Q&A.
  6. I might have been bit too harsh with "romantic scene" being the worst part. It was just one of the last things in the last episode.
  7. NWN EE I was planning to wait at least one more year before I would play this, since Beamdog's enhanced editions need quite a lot of time before they start to feel actually enhanced for me, but here we are. Performance was fine, I guess. My fps is between 30-40 so that is fine, but on the other hand NWN is 18 years old. It should run better that. Maybe this just the quarantine speaking, but Original Campaign wasn't so bad. It was just mediocre and too long. 6.5/10 I just finished the first chapter of Shadows of Undertide and I'm enjoying it so far. You can actually finish quests in multiple ways and areas are more varied.
  8. Picard I think everything in this show was done so they could have dramatic moments, but rarely any build up or consequence for the dramatic moment, because that might get in a way of another dramatic moment. The Borg cube is a perfect example: A dramatic reveal at the end of episode 1 and then nothing. The worst part of the whole series for me was the "romantic scene" between Seven of Nine and Raffi. No build up for the romance or any signs that either of the characters might be gay. Just a single scene so the writer can go to twitter and virtue signal how progressive they are. And since it was just a scene, corporate bigwigs can cut it out for certain countries so it wont affect the profits. It was lazy writing to show progressive ideals without actually standing up for those ideals in places where you actually still have to fight for those things.
  9. I like it. Add the cheese for New Game+.
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