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  1. I broke my foot last sunday. I did it in the most stupid way possible. Then again I'm not sure if there is a smart way to break a bone. I was at Rammstein concert and I had drank too many drinks so I had to pee. When coming back I took the wrong stairs, because I had drank too many drinks. I took stairs up when I should have taken stairs down. I ended at bleachers. I'll just jump down from here, I thought. It'll be fine, I thought. It wasn't fine and I missed most of the Rammstein concert.
  2. It's almost funny how bad of a decision that was. "Hmm. After a year of crunch should I give Tim a carrot or a stick? Stick, definately stick. That'll motive him!"
  3. The Big Country I liked it mainly because of the lead character. I have never seen that kind of lead in a western movie and I have seen lots of westerns.
  4. Lately I have mostly been listening to Karnivool.
  5. They had to pay seven figure sum which is plenty.
  6. And it only took two years to get that straightened out.
  7. You should watch the Mentalist, as God intended, same time with the Psych.
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