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  1. Why was the Golden Company outside the city walls? GoT writers sure make their characters do really weird tactical decisions. The Hound versus the Mountain fight was lit. For that fight alone I forgive all the bad stuff that happened in the episode.
  2. When Hades One left he came back as Sand. I think Sharp One should come back as Rain. It is our duty to keep the ancient customs alive.
  3. I went and saw the Endgame today. Now I can finally surf the internets safely once again. I did enjoy it even with time travel.
  4. While I agree with complaints against the latest episode and criticism against the show in general after they moved past the books, I do think Game of Thrones is still good TV. Watching this latest season has been positively refreshing experience after suffering through second season of Star Trek Discovery. Though, I do have to say: Why would you ever put catapults(or whatever those things are) in front of your foot soldiers?
  5. Livestream of AI generated metal.
  6. Is the background actually obsidian now? If so I approve.
  7. Live action Cowboy Bebop casts huskey for Ein/ Not cool Netflix. Not cool. #notmycowboybepop
  8. This just goes to show that no matter what country you're in, you can always find a politician confidently voting on something they don't understand.
  9. The funeral was just awful. They told tales how important she had been for them and for the ship, but none of it was ever shown. It was like a funeral service for a Red Shirt.
  10. Is this really how it is? Epic just wants to screw Steam?
  11. I know it's becoming a bit of pattern where someone posts something negative about Epic and Fenixp jumps to their defense, so just to elaborate: I don't like exclusives. I never liked exclusives. Exclusives suck. The way Epic goes about getting their place on the market sucks and I wish they didn't do that, let alone a whole array of issues the store has (like, y'know, not complying with GDPR and tiny details like that.) Nonetheless, Mr. Sweeney is entirely correct. Historically, systems which made more sense to develop for (and now I'm not strictly talking about ease of use, throwing bags of money around certainly helps, see) eventually became dominant. I can pretty much guarantee that the people yelling about how Evil epic is and how they're not going to touch their store with a 10 ft pole, while very vocal, are also very much in a minority (see cancellation numbers of Phoenix Point). The explanation's pretty simple: Your average Joe doesn't care whether he installs Steam or Epic store, what he does care is what his friends have installed so that he can play Fortpex Legenite with them. As long as Epic makes sure that all sequels and variations on Fortpex Legenite is released on Epic store, customers will flood to it. For every unique and ambitious release like Phoenix Point, people will flood to it. For every high-profile release like The Division 2 or Metro Exodus, people will flood to it. And all that'll be then left exclusively using Steam will be the vocal minority, which shareholders/CEOs don't really give a toss about. The working class will rise and take down the corporate overlords!!1 On behalf our other corporate overlords. Bit more seriously, I think this just makes it more important to share news like this one so average Joe becomes educated Joe.
  12. Epic Boss Says Developers Will Decide Who Wins The Game Store Wars, Not Consumers "COnSUmeRs dON't HaVe to BE YoUr aUDieNCE aNymoRe, cOnSumeRS ArE OVer."
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