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  1. Can you scale this to show the steam release date as well?
  2. I have always been appalled the lack of customization options for characters' backs in 3rd person games. Let me choose how big my shoulder blades are. Do I have a scar in the back of neck? How firm are my buttocks? That's what I'll be watching for 99% of the time so why no options for it? It's a ****ing disgrace!
  3. Well I think this might be much more successful than the 51 raid since this requires people to do nothing.
  4. This guy has some seriously fast hands. The parts at 3:00 and 6:40 are just unreal.
  5. I went to see Rambo Last Blood and it made me wish this truly was the last Rambo movie. It wasn't bad like Rambo 3. It just didn't have any Rambo specific stuff. It could have been literally anyone who went on a revenge rampage after someone dear to them got killed.
  6. Rey/Luke went in and tried to convince Ren/Vader to leave the dark side. The direct result of their convincing was Ren/Vader killing Snoke/Palpatine. It was their victory.
  7. There's no way you can convince me that she lost against Snoke. Snoke got cut in half and she walked away. She lost a round against Snoke, but her side definitely won the fight. Wasn't the major theme of her training that she didn't need it? "All the ancient texts can't teach her anything she doesn't already know."
  8. I didn't have any problem with Rey in Force Awakens. She was portrayed like Luke and Anakin were in their first movies, capable and powerful. It's in the second movie where my problems start. Luke lost his friend, his hand and lost a fight against Vader. Anakin lost his hand and lost against Dooku, but more importantly he was starting to lose his inner fight between light and dark. With Rey there's nothing like that. She just goes on and wins, always. If you have a character who always wins, then there's no suspense anymore. I am kinda hoping Rey would indeed turn to the dark side. Maybe because everything comes so easily for her, she couldn't connect to normal people or their struggles anymore. She would grow prideful and see everyone else as inferior. But I really doubt it happens.
  9. Shouldn't it be called "Stereo" instead of "Monos"?
  10. Look, if you "randomly" put your age as less than 18 on any website and they wont let you continue, it's your fault. Remember kids, on the internet you're always at least 18 years old. For legal reasons: that was a joke.
  11. The Boys was good. I especially liked the saving the dolphin scene. On the anime front Vinland Saga is god tier with Kimetsu no Yaiba and Enen no Shouboutai trailing close behind.
  12. Atomik vodka: First consumer product made in Chernobyl exclusion zone Mmm, taste the fallout.
  13. Is it good music or has he been just belling it in?
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