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  1. The Nevers Essentially X-women in late 1800 London.
  2. How can I make this to happen? Is there a setting or a mod I could download? I don't like chromatic aberration to be on all the time, but I do want some extra effect for my extra effect.
  3. I wholeheartedly agree. I hate only two things: the racists and the swedes.
  4. Ben-Hur Overall it was weird mix of feeling abrupt and overly long with sprinklings of over the top acting. But that chariot race scene, man.... It was the best race scene I have ever seen on a movie. Nothing even comes close. That 9 minutes makes everything else worth it, and it isn't like everything else was bad. So if you haven't seen it, go and and watch it.
  5. They are going to have to sell so much DLC just to break even.
  6. Learning letters with Alpha Protocol 4/4 C is for Cheap ass Scarlet paying nickels for top intel. D is for Don’t build your Mike like this. M is for Mirror mirror on the wall who is the stealthiest boy of them all? R is for Revenge!
  7. Learning letters with Alpha Protocol 3/4 S if for Sleeping with Sean across the globe.
  8. Learning letters with Alpha Protocol 2/4 B is for Buggiest map in the whole game. W is for When in doubt: headshot. Y is for Yeeting the ugly off the bridge.
  9. Learning letters with Alpha Protocol 1/4 N if for Naive recruit four missions away from disaster. O is for Orangish-yellowish-brownish color and I hope you like it since everything in Saudi is in that color. A is for Aggressive impromptu dancing lessons. H is for Hugging men isn’t gay if you do it from behind.
  10. If you do them both at the same time, I'm pretty sure that qualifies as a threesome.
  11. Can you play Doom on the LCD screen?
  12. He looks like the "my face is tired" woman from Mass Effect Andromeda. Edit:
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