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  1. Does this apply to programming too?
  2. I've heard from reliable source that Bokishi got them all.
  3. My second favourite space cowboy is back!
  4. Even broken clock is right twice a day. So maybe this time will be different.
  5. I do think The boys is still good, but it did feel like I was watching episodes 9, 10, and 11 of season one instead of first three episodes of season two.
  6. Umbrella Academy season 2 I liked the first season and I thought this was even better, less angsty more comedic.
  7. But can it run Microsoft Flight Simulator?
  8. If Deep Purple had played metal.
  9. Apparently he had been battling colon cancer for 4 years. Mad lad still did Black Panther. I can't even think how hard it was to get into super hero shape while battling cancer.
  10. Maybe Obsidian could now hire Mitsoda to work with the Outer Worlds 2 with Boyarsky and Cain?
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