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  1. I’m really looking forward to this. I’ve played Ark and it scared the #### outta me. Sorry, but was way too scary, carnivores are a no no. This how ever, is something I can handle as it’s the familiar. From what I’ve seen it oozes fun, adventure, crafting and story. And Obsidian didn’t do a bad job of TOW so I have faith in this game too.
  2. From what I’ve seen so far. Your character is someone who was experimenting somewhere. Probably in the shed. An the experiment went wrong and you ended up getting shrunk to the size of an ant. Your main objective is to get yourself back to normal size. This is done with a story which you then follow. But in order to get each task done you are faced with obstacles. The setting is a garden, so naturally insects and creatures will be present. Some friendly some hostile. You need to build shelter, proved yourself with food and water, gather resources to craft item you need on your adventure in the garden and getting back to being human size again. Can be played solo or in groups of 4 players.
  3. First Slot is a Ranged Weapon. Second Slot is a Melee Weapon. In one of the tabs you can select preferred weapon type. Ranged, Melee or Mixed. It’s set to Mixed as default. And Aggression is set there too. Passive, Defensive & Aggressive. Default is set to Aggressive.
  4. There are not many of us left who like physical books and take the time to learn about things in the game whilst playing and to ready ourselves for the journey ahead. The Snowflakes would moan at how they have to read a book to be able to learn it and want instant gratification not Lore. We’re a dying bred, unfortunately. And because it’s tied in with Microsoft it might not be allowed. Frost Punk did one but it was Unofficial. Wiki is all we got.
  5. I find Fast Travel cheesy in all games. The only time I’ll use it is when I’m playing with other people. Solo I don’t. No matter the game or difficulty. Another thing I don’t use is cheesy mods. Lol! I don’t like cheating myself outta something. It’s bad. Mods are so bad. What the point of even taking an option and then making it easier and bragging about finishing it. But you didn’t! Without mods you couldn’t! LMOA! Get back to Normal mode!
  6. I saw Rad-something leather in Stefans Quest inventory slot. I got some from them big beepers, but it went straight into junk. I’m refusing to sell anything at the mo and hoarding everything just in case. Haven’t found a use for it yet.
  7. All of them do nothing that changes the game apart from 1. But as this is the non spoiler thread I can’t say which. But I can give you a clue. Clue. ***Spoiler Alert*** Stop reading. Speech check on the first person. I couldn’t work out why my start was different to the streamers I’ve watched. It’s that profession that changes it. Nothing drastic. But I never got to do something and I couldn’t workout why until I tested the start again. And it was that. Subtle, but amusing.
  8. I wish I was 6 then when I approach jump puzzles I don’t click into Hunter mode from Destiny and think I can jump around corners. This game needs air jets on my shoes. Or a mini parachute like Mary Poppins. I suspect not everyone found/finds that entrance.
  9. Can you fly somewhere in your ship to where you can either steel them or have a good reputation and have access to vendors and vending machines?
  10. Bizarrely all RPG’s are the same. All Looter Shooters are the same All Survival games are the game. I like TOW. I like the map sizes and can see Supernova not being a headache to play through. The companions don’t get in my way, I’m yet to find a bug or a glitch or have anything infuriate me. And this game was technically free with game pass. I have thousands of pounds worth of games which still have bugs in them, game breaking mechanics and dev teams who just don’t give a damn. I can’t compare this to anything I’ve played before because it’s flawless so far and the dev team should be proud of themselves because this is 2019 and this is the standard those who have gotten too big for their boots should be reaching as minimum. I’m considering paying for the game but I need to find out if the money goes direct to Obsidian etc or MS.
  11. I tend to use crouch for that. But a little smoke effect after a scorching wouldn’t go amiss.
  12. No aim assist. But it does have Tactical Time Dilation (TTD). As long as you’re not running head long into a crowd you’ll be fine. Use ranged weapons. Scopes are available as a mod on rifles. No need to worry. Stick it in Normal mode for your first play through. As long as you are aware of cover and your surroundings you’ll be fine.
  13. On console if you press and hold the button with the 2 little boxes on it you go straight to the map. Sorry PC. Don’t have a way for you.
  14. From what I’ve seen so far I think the science weapon damage is a perk. It starts in tier 2 and the other one is tier 3. I think the percentage is a whopping 50% each time. I think there is elemental damage as well. Don’t know if these effects Science Weapons or not. But look in the perk.
  15. Are the devs thinking of introducing mouse and keyboard support for the Xbox edition?
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