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  1. On the link between Fallout and TOW: Nope. The time lines of both games don't allow for this. Hopefully Obsidian will include this in the MQ of the upcoming DLC next year though. Really needed for closure. Also not: it's a fair assessment to say TOW is the space version of Fallout Van Buren, which was supposed to be the Fallout 3 game which Interplay (now Obsidian) wanted to make 3 decades ago. With a deep MQ driven by a good number of game lore/NPC factions/NPC-PC development/player choice etc. Basically New Vegas on NPC faction MQ/side quest steroids lol. But unfortunately this never came to pass due to Murphy's Law. So TOW v. the existing single player Fallout franchise to date (i.e. Fallout 3 and 4 NOT New Vegas) are really two completely different games. As they were made by different lead devs (Tim Cain v. Todd Howard) who have polar opposite design approaches. The only similarities between TOW and New Vegas (both made by Obsidian) are evident in assets like NPC animal designs. Like the TOW Raptidions being bigger clones of the smaller Mojave wasteland geckos you encountered in New Vegas. Or like the artwork like those fear mongering communist propaganda posters you see in corporate office buildings in TOW cities everywhere. And in the NPC corporate centric competitive driven drama that was evident in pre war New Vegas that Obsidian continued in TOW. So not sure what you meant when you said you're "not a Fallout player yet" but posted that in reference to this game which is The Outer Worlds? Because like I said, while similar, TOW and Fallout are different franchises from a fundamental design perspective. Because the former isn't the open world, FPS-loot-craft-build focused the way Fallout franchise has since transformed itself into by FO4. Some background as to why So if you prefer a weak storyline MQ with no player choice, open world sand box exploration, dedicated FPS-looter-shooter (and recently added craft-build feature style of game play with FO4), then Bethesda's version of Fallout is for you. Which again, is very different in design from New Vegas and TOW as you've clearly played the latter.
  2. TOW is a slow burner given the starter location in Edgewater IMO. By the time you get to Sanjar/MSI and the Chairman's obsequious, Prima Donna exec at Byzantium (and especially the Adjutant), that's where Obsidian's dialogue and NPC character development really begins to shine. So TOW game play is mediocre? Well folks that claim this (ESPECIALLY if the words "Fallout game" follows TOW immediately afterwards) either never played an Obsidian game, or are too vested in mindless pew pew FPS style game play. Or are too brain washed and conditioned by a certain AAA dev who took the intellectual property of a franchise (which they lacked the innovative capital to conceive) and transformed it into a mindless, linear, and completely superficial FPS RPG. Same AAA dev who hides the lack of meaningful RP game play behind higher replay value open world sandbox mechanics. Same AAA dev who has historically depended on the goodwill of the PC modding community to constantly improve their games for FREE and extend the shelf life of their shallow RP games. To the point where said dev has finally found a way to exploit, monetize and monopolize the distribution of once FREE & professionally superior modded content provided by the PC community. Then make a profit by acting as middle man peddling fan base made content locked behind outrageously expensive paywalls. Profiting off the free/cheaply acquired PC community intellectual property to the vast mod deficient console player base. Same dev/publisher that was too lazy to come up with their own original way of crafting/building loop in FO4. Which btw, replaced the deep RP/choice game play that formerly existed in FO1, FO2 and New Vegas. Same dev which decided to permanently borrow the crafting/settlement build mechanic in a superior PC mod called Real Time Settler mod for New Vegas. Same dev/publisher that even resorted to STEALING proprietary intellectual capital. Like Autumn Leaves (a New Vegas mod) that somehow was magically teleported into FO4's Far Harbor DLC. Like an exact cut and paste copy of high popular Wizards of the Coast quest line. And then said dev blatantly trying to illegally profit off said theft. Shamelessly trying to pass said stolen content off as original DLC in one of their online game franchises.... So TOW is mediocre? Well perhaps the assessment of others is true. That the OP may be a bitter Bethesda shill? Who turned a blind eye to all of Bethesda's professional, ethical and morally grey faults as a AAA dev in the past. But can no longer ignore personal disillusionment with Bethesda's shenanigans with F76 to date. And so perhaps don't care to see Obsidian succeed where Bethesda has failed? Perhaps OP and others like them either extremely love/hate FO4 and/or that vile dumpster fire called F76? Are salty because they don't want TOW to be perceived as being a superior alternative to what the Fallout franchise has devolved to for both single player and online? BTW: notice the coincidental timing of Fallout 1st live service with TOW's release date? Now why do you suppose that was?
  3. Yes there IS a LOT of side quests that may or might not be related to secondary and MQ objectives. You literally need to explore every nook and cranny of the settlements and especially wilderness areas like Monarch. Or you'll miss quite a few!
  4. funny how you can't find booze bottle collectibles to put in her room on the Unreliable. I keep running into books that end up in the Reverend's room
  5. Reading comprehension isn't exactly your strongest suit is it? The need to 1. insert oneself in a reply to a conversation which does not refer to them, and then 2. try to begin a side bar argument using a completely unsubstantiated personal attack completely reeks of narcissism.
  6. I'm not "hounding anyone off" or being partisan about anything. Bottom line is that poster has never really committed themselves to playing this game ---let alone a Bethesda one -- for any meaningful comparison. So their subjective post (to which they're completely entitled) is based on unsubstantiated ignorance, deliberately trolling, or combination of both. What that forum member has done with their post is equivalent to the trolling drivel that you'll encounter on Bethesda's official forum for F76. A decisively split fan base contending over the future of the franchise being an online MMO v. traditional offline single player. And that level of dissention has only become worse in further splitting the pro MMO faction with the introduction of private servers. But at least the warring parties on Bethesda's site actually have a legitimate basis for criticizing the franchise games. Unlike forum members who've never really cared enough to play the game, and/or post inaccurate feedback about a game/franchise they don't care about.
  7. folks, with exactly 2 posts (one not on this game forum) to their credit, @pyrimides clearly does NOT have any investment or interest in Obsidian (or Bethesda) designed games. Because it appears that @pyrimides might not even be a Bethesda or Obsidian fan boi given the fact their only other post was back in 2010. Asking for tech support to troubleshoot how to play totally different game genre on a PC..... Ppl please, ignore this poster's flame bait. Don't feed this forum troll
  8. No offense OP. But why is your PC self suck a d*ck? I mean just how much of a toxic troll is your PC in their daily interactions with NPCs with the Board/Byzantium to make their life such a living hell?
  9. 1. Ellie - for being Ellie 2. Felix - for his boyish charm, honest open personality, fierce loyalty, and go get 'em attitude. 3. Parvati - for her infectious naivety, and adorable mix of childish and eager puppy way in which she views the world outside Edgewater 4. S.A.M. - for being the strong, silent, methodical and efficient killer type. 5. Nyoka - for best in your face attitude and being the best drink buddy ever! 6. Vicar - competent as a ranged fighter. But his somewhat reserved, paternalistic demeanor and virtue signaling attitude can be off putting at times. But being a well versed scholar, makes a great diversion for any deep and meaningful conversations you want to hold while traveling aboard your ship. Hope he enjoys those prayer beads my PC stole acquisitioned from the Groundwater lockup. He's yet to acknowledge my PC's thoughtful gift with the tiniest thank you to date.....
  10. Yep. Some suggestions: After finishing the MQ for first time, give it a little rest. Go play FO4 (vanilla or heavily modded) for a while. Then return and play TOW on supernova. Play a dumb character (if you didn't do this previously. Or the opposite PC of what role you played the first time). Try to challenge yourself by taking all the character flaws as they come up in your game progression. Make sure you're eating, drinking and sleeping frequently to keep your combat skills sharp. And this time, reading all the food descriptions will be critical. Because accidentally drinking alcohol instead of water will have consequences on character health (which will eventually lead to PC death). So this time around, food buffs are critical to your PC health and combat readiness on this survival level of difficulty. Also whenever your companions die in combat, mourn them for whatever RP reasons (or not) and move on. You could also set personal sand box goals like completing the MQ while keeping a positive rep with ALL major factions (positive meter at 95% or greater). While not offending the minor corporate and independent factions in process. Become the most selfish, double dealing and self serving freelancer in Halcyon. Work for all factions to profit the most money. A space faring Hans Solo privateer without a conscience. Who wouldn't hesitate to blow Pavarati's face off if her virtue signaling got in the way of your PC making a profit. etc etc And for a real challenge, you could always add the restriction of DID (if you're into playing a more Dark Souls type of playthrough).
  11. Yeah. It's called Supernova. You know. Where your PC must eat, drink and sleep daily. And the mode where your companions can experience permadeath. Sorry you didn't get the memo......
  12. I'm trying to start a list of unmarked and/or sandbox side quests you might end up doing outside of the MQ and other side quests like companion/NPC etc. I finally got to Groundbreaker which has LABYRINTHINE scale interior dimensions. Even for a generation style spaceship! Was exploring the immense promenade area when I came across these 2 apparently unmarked quests. These do not appear linked to any of the MQ or side quests. And greatly reward the player for exploration and taking the incentive to track down information they encounter on terminals, notes and other info sources in the world. Starting a list here for anyone who doesn't mind such SPOILERS, Please feel free to add to this when you can! Unmarked Sandbox Quests at Groundbreaker Station (Time for some station sleuthing) Saving Pvt Taylor. This NPC is one of JunLei's Engineers who managed to get himself locked in a deserted corridor bathroom for quite a few days. This unofficial, sandbox quest can be started if you hack the Admin Access link at the public terminal beside the Halcyon board office. First entry is a Board rep email from J Tennyson to the Engineering dept. Bureaucrat rep asks for a status update on the toilet clog. And asks the engineering staff if anyone has seen Pvt Taylor (who appears to have been missing for several days). Please find it in your heart to help out this poor guy when you finally stumble across him. He's located in the in one of the upper most corridors of the ship in Waste Disposal across from Medical Bay. If you encounter several manticores hanging out in an unlocked room down the same hallway, then you're in the right spot! Greasy and a deadly case of heart burn at Auntie Cleo's Kitchen -- You might completely miss out on solving this very SUBTLE mini quest if you fail to read Capt JunLei's terminal. In her daily security logs of denizen and visitor comings and goings at Groundbreaker, she logged something worth investigating. She mentioned seeing an Auntie Cleo auto mechanical tech arrive with a food chef robot at Auntie Cleo's diner. But doesn't recall him ever leaving the station. If you visit Auntie Cleo's Kitchen, you'll meet Greasy the company's robot chef. But there isn't a sign of the human NPC worker anywhere. If you pick the door lock for the restricted storage backroom behind the kitchen, you'll find the bloody corpse of the missing worker on the floor. The body is slumped against the wall beside the fridge. Checkout the bloody company repair manual on the food counter just above his head which describes how he met his untimely, gory demise. Questioning Greasy at the food counter gives you an Engineering option to repair its damaged shock simulator sub routine. While unrelated to the unfortunate demise of the Auntie Cleo NPC in the back room, performing this mini quest will boost your Engineering stat & XP. 3. The Case of Check on the Trap---Er...Unload Another Case of Farm Fed Sprats. Ethel Gaibler is the Spratwurst vendor on the promenade. Captain JunLei's daily log on the promenade status has an interesting and funny entry about the Sprat infestation at the Rest N Go motel. Chat up Ethel at her diner to investigate whether there is any truth to the speculation in Junlei's potential health advisory. Ethel claims her sprats are organically sourced fresh from Sprat farms (possibly Spacer's Choice Edgewater colony). Spoke with Ethel before reading the terminal entry. So unfortunately was unable to verify if there were any dialogue choices for Ethel's enterprising indiscretions. Regardless, your PC should proceed eating with caution whenever at this diner..... 4. Cpl Leonard Wheeler terminal entry lists a "dead beat" at the Rest N Go who tried to pass himself off as one of the freighter crew on a Freelancer vessel. But the crew called his bluff and left him still stranded at the station. It's possible this dead beat is Ephraim Maywood? 5. Public Terminal Billboards If you access the public terminal beside the Halcyon board office, you'll notice 3 entries made by station personnel and denizens. It at lest 2 different NPCs made 2/3 of these public terminal entries The 1st entry is called "Looking for Work". NPC states they were stranded at the station for a year after being accidentally abandoned by their freighter ship (Update: this NPC could be possibly Felix). The 2nd entry is called "Down on my Luck". NPC claims his damaged ship had to dock at the station. But he was too broke to afford the repairs, fines and O&M. So station admin ended up confiscating his ship/cargo and sold it off as scrap. NPC was unable to find employment with any other ship since. Entry indicates this NPC was spamming the public terminals for the last 2 years ever since. (Update: This NPC is confirmed as MacReddy after a lengthy conversation). If you hack the Admin Access link at a public terminal, you'll see a entry from an NPC called Iceman. Message was sent to the IS Conveyor's Collective on "Conveyer's Rights". NPC states they had a similar cryogenic experience like your PC. They were suspended on ice for a 4 yr round trip to Dashkova for some corporate work contract. NPC complained bureaucracy politicking by station authorities delayed their ability to dock at the station for a week. Which the crew had to endure without pay. Towards the end of the message, NPC tone sounds as though they were trying to organize some sort of worker's union for Collector's Rights. They apparently left the station for GenSan and said they would follow up with anyone who posted a reply when they returned after 3 years. If you attempt to re-access this terminal entry a 2nd time or later, it ends up being immediately and permanently deleted by the network admin (possibly because of Board censorship due to the inflammatory union like nature of the message). Repeated attempts to re-access this entry gives you a message that your activity has been "logged" by the network security. If you investigate the refuse filled alley in Rest N Go that's right beside Glady's office, you'll find a small crawl space opening. Follow this crawl space to a dingy, sprat infested room with 2 filthy mattresses. A squatter's journal is right beside the closest mattress. This provides support for the identity for one the two NPCs who left messages at the public terminal. i.e. the stranded crew member. If this NPC is Felix, then it seems this is his home before you take him on as crew member. If you exit this homeless hobo room, the crawl space will take you to a water logged machinery room. This is a secret back door entrance to a restricted space that leads to a medical bay area. This area appears to be part of a side quest, so I won't make any more speculations due to possible spoilers here. But the proximity of this secret back door entrance is somewhat coincidental. Based on the number of mattresses in that crawlspace, it seems these entries were made by at least 2 homeless and unemployed station NPCs (at least one stranded freighter crew member and a ship's captain). The freighter captain who posted the series of "Down on my Luck" terminal entries, is most likely MacCreddy. Who likely left the Squatter's journal in that homeless hobo crawlspace. Events which MacCreddy apparently confirms if you use persuasion to speak with him in Back Bay. 6. MacCreddy the Accidental Inventor Mixologist. There's much more to MacCreddy than meets the eye. Next to appearing to be the unfortunate freighter captain who lost his ship, the station security log (in the restricted area) indicate MacCreddy was spotted lurking around the Rest N Go. Checking out the terminal in the Rest N Go in the upper room on the right has some interesting correspondence between Rizzo PR and MacCreddy. This makes for an interesting conversation piece if you finally meet this NPC in the Back Bay.... 7. The terminal located beside the Spratwurst cafe has a special job recruitment ad placed by Lilya. If you didn't speak with security about getting station work, then following this lead would take you to Lilya's office. And an alternate way to start her Stellar Bay salvage quest. 8. Salvage Space Race on Groundbreaker. This one is a murky semi sandbox salvage race between Gladys and Lilya. One of the public terminal messages mention an engineer's entry about a possible mutant infestation. Enter the Waste Disposal from the promenade level and walk to end of hallway that leads to the giant station garbage chute. Climb down the ladder to the right on to the grating below and you'll find the headless corpse of a dead Salvager. Read the note next to his body. It indicates Lilya directed these employees to scout a lead on some hot high value salvage on the station. Note indicates a hidden entrance exists behind a panel located in the Stevedore workers quarters. Use the detailed hints on where to find the well hidden entrance to the salvage area. This secret entrance most likely leads to the same hidden/restricted area that is the station's repair hangar. So be careful if sand box exploring the station with this mini quest. Best to pursue this as a sandbox scouting mission (as the note suggested). Because the area (restricted repair workshop) is guarded by several hostile, well armored NPCs. This restricted repair hangar appears to overlap with one of the main objectives of the science weapon side quest (where the quest log suggests you'll have to poke around Glady's office to get hints on where the science weapon is). If you kill these NPCs, taking note of a certain item in the leader NPC inventory provides a hint to why those NPCs were there in the first place. 9. Moon man Callahan and his Most Cumbersome Hat. Snooping on Cpl Leonard Wheeler's customs terminal indicates a Spacer's Choice freighter ship recently docked at Groundbreaker. It delivered Moon man Callahan's long awaited Spacer's Choice mask. A public terminal next to SubLight indicates Callahan used the terminal for professional and personal reasons. But forgot to sign out. Exploiting this security breach to spy on his email, his work related note to his Spacer's Choice employers confirms receipt of the Spacer's Choice shipment in Cpl docking log. Reading this gives the impression MacCallahan isn't happy with his mandatory new work costume. This gives you an lead to have an extensive and entertaining chat with Moon man on the subject at his vendor stall. Now you know the source of where all his hilarious Moon man costumes are coming from! Callahan has additional dialogue if you snoop in his terminal entries after having that long revealing chat. 10. The Lost Hope Toilet Woes. An engineering terminal note indicates mutant larvae may have been accidentally introduced to the station with cargo. While exploring the station (from the same level you freed PvT Taylor in Waste Disposal), check out the hostile NPC icons in the other closed room down the hall way. After validating the mantipillars infestation from the dead Engineer bodies in the room, check out JunLei's maintenance order beside the headless corpse. Her work order for the Lost Hope indicates a key is behind a locked door in the bar's bathroom. Exiting this room on the far side goes to a ladder. This leads down into the Lost Hope's storage backroom which contains some good loot and the locked door. It's a level 60 locked door which can be also opened with a Lost Hope id card. The inaccessible back store room for Belle's Shells can also be directly accessed from Waste Disposal. It's at the end of the first deserted hallway conduit on the right from the promenade level entrance.
  13. Well player housing has never been a stable feature of Obsidian designed Fallout games. That's a fundamental game engine feature by Bethesda. Seems you're confusing this feature with this sorft of ability in New Vegas perhaps? Did you rush through the main storyline? If so, how many hours per day/how long did it take your play through this first time around? And will you be RPing using a different character to see how this would affect the alternate game endings?
  14. 1st & 2nd pics: my PC...after I forgot to snap a mug screen shot in the creation menu. Didn't pay much attention to his athletic stats as I was too focused on maxing his stealth and charisma attributes. But it seems his normal default build turned out alright 3rd pic: wonder what the look on his face was when looking down to see that floor..... ps: I can't for the life of me figure out how to include pics inside the spoiler. Drag n drop or posting links don't work. Also how to position pic under specific lines of text? They're all showing up at the very bottom of the post in the order you uploaded them Can someone provide some pointers on how to do that here? Would be much appreciated
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