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  1. You are aware the only other PC source will be Windows Store right? Timmy Weenie's cancerous canoodling doesn't go that far. Especially given Microsoft's superior relation to Obsidian v. EGS
  2. As a PC gamer, I was getting ToW on Steam until EGS destroyed my freedom of choice. Now looking to get it off Microsoft Store for PC. Just pre-ordered my PC copy on Windows store. Very happy to be getting a sweet double deal on release day since it's going to be free to play title list on XBX live
  3. same doomsday policy could be made for 100% of Bethesda games and especially since Morrowind/Fallout 3 i.e. since Todd Howard took over running the show for these 2 franchises at Bethesda. Don't get me started on the lying joke of a cesspool that is Fallout 76. btw: New Vegas was a horrific bug fest because Bethesda refused to give Obsidian an extra year to polish the game and work out the bugs.
  4. I will but on Windows Store only. If Epic finds a way to monopolize on that and completely shut out Windows store, then ToW publisher can kiss my $$$ goodbye for the next 365 days. Because this is complete bull****. I'm waiting an entire year before playing Metro. By then, we might get lucky and mods will be available for the game.
  6. Yes. That would be part of the whole Frostfall/Campfire space theme. Stock your backpack with some food for a good journey away from where you've landed your ship. It's not clear if the terrain on the failed terraformed worlds is suitable for landing your ship everywhere. Odds are this is not the norm. So journeying away from your ship a good distance would require some sort of camp setup while en route to your mission/objective. Also encountering the wildlife on the non populated planets could lead to you or your companions being gravely injured. In some cases, they can die if you opt for the highest degree of difficulty in the game. So a camping feature where you can stop and heal your companions and/or your PC could be necessary. We also don't know how the space environment will work outside of the civilized areas. Whether all the planets will have oxygen/breatheable areas. Or of parts of the planets will be completely inhospitable and require the use of a space suit/body armor etc. They did indicate there were several variants of body suits/armor in the game from a concept drawing. So not unreasonable to think your PC may need to wear a space suit in some areas of these planets. In one of the last previews for the game, your PC and 2 companions were being attacked by those gecko like lizard creatures. The female companion was badly injured and fell to the ground. Both male and female companions were not wearing space suits or any special outer gear. So this suggested the world they were on was environmentally hospitable and earth like. But we don't know if this could change when the game's difficulty rating increases. Also the injured female companion could've been close to death if playing on the highest difficulty/based on the conditions you select by the perk system. Without a camp feature, there may be limited options for your PC to rest and heal their companions. Without a camp like feature, if your PC lacks say a "stimpack" or some sort of health aid to revive their unconscious companions (and/or themselves), then this could result in a failure state. Where the companion/PC dies. Or the PC has to return to the ship to get the necessary health supplies to revive their fallen companions. etc.
  7. Right. I didn't make this clear. It's a purely optional choice which can be toggled on /off from the main menu. I'm not into hardcore survivalist games the likes of Ark/Rust etc. But I crave realism in some form to make the game play more emergent and immersive. So the system would work similar to how Chesko's amazing Frostfall/Campfire but as a space themed version of that. If disabled, you would play the game as is. But if enabled, your character would need to eat at least once a day. Say one good solid meal that would give them temp buffs for combat/exposure to environment. Buying food from Auntie Cleo's brand products for example, would be 100% fulfilling v. buying any of the other cheaper corp brands (at a lesser percentage like 75%). Or you could eat several small meals a day when you're inside the civilized/city areas. Like being able to drop into shops to grab a bite to eat (much the way you did with that Diamond City noodles vendor. Basically eat whenever you want. But being a glutton would have temp adverse effects on combat buffs etc. If you're out on the non populated alien planets with hostile flora/fauna, have the ability to cook and eat while adventuring on the road. The same way in which NV/FO4 worked. Be able to setup camp with your companions or alone. Go to sleep to 1. save game and/or exit and/or 2. start a campfire to cook and eat whatever flora/fauna your PC hunted earlier and/or 3. make a change of clothing that would give you different buffs (the way they have in Fallout & NV) and/or 4. relax/hangout and get to know your companions better (the way you can in Metro Exodus) and/or 5. relax/hangout read etc. if alone and/or 6. just go to sleep to recharge your PC batteries. Much the way sleeping in F76 allows you to rapidly replenish your PC health bar Then once these are accomplished, simply pack up your camp the way Chesko's Frostfall/Campfire mod works. And continue adventuring on your way. Again none of this would be mandatory. And it would add emergent game play for RP/immersive purposes.
  8. I'm really hoping for this. And if not, praying that modders will be able to remedy this. This wouldn't need to be complex but similar to how it worked in NV. Or how Project Nevada managed to spice this up.
  9. The ingenious classic of Skyrim Senile Scribbles immediately comes to mind
  10. Since it isn't going to be open world, the gameplay transition between areas is going to be a lot like travelling between the different zones on the Strip in FNV. I never even realized that the vanilla NV was closed off with loading screens like that. I used the New Vegas Interior mod the first time I ever played FNV (which was heavily modded). So the strip was one continous open region. lol
  11. Perhaps it will be possible to adjust the FOV and relax the zoom/focus from your PC's POV. Like in a text file etc. in the game directory. Will have to wait and see what they release in more detail on the game specs.
  12. AC Oydessey did a surprisingly excellent job with PC romances. It's too bad it's not going to be included in the game. Perhaps Obsidian will leave enough coding wiggle room so modders can make that a reality using UnReal 4 engine.
  13. Just because the devs said no mods doesn't mean we can't have romance. By no mods that means no offical mod support. Unreal 4 engine CAN be coded even thought it's not as well known to the PC modding community as Bethesda's ancient Gamebryo/Creation kit engine. So I'm confident we'll be able to have romantic and/or platonic relations by adding NPCs as followers etc. the way we did in New Vegas. It's just a waiting game to see how the game engine works once TOW is released.
  14. No voiced protag is a good thing. Third person - don't care either way. Yep. Now if they could only have added basic romance options, a basic needs (eat, sleep, drink) survival rp elements and I've have been in hog heaven..... But will just have to wait until they make a forum for this over at Nexus mods. Then start adding my mod creations. Definitely an NPC follower like the insanely popular Willow mod. This NPC could be romanced or just strictly platonic. Either way, she made for an excellent companion/fighter/love interest. And somce customized clothes. The signature NV Ranger armor complete with glowing red eye inserts. And of course a pet follower the likes of a Dogmeat etc. etc. But multiplayer definitely isn't going to be one of them. lol. Now WTH does everyone have to keep infecting the few minority decent single player titles left with this coop/multiplayer online cancer? Virtually every franchise has one, and 99.9999% of them all suck the way GTAO has made online playing a living hell for PvE/lone wolf minded gamers like myself.
  15. My immediate concern is their affiliation with Take Two. Who isn't exactly well disposed to the modding community given their recent legal experience with the likes of Black Hat GTAO modders the likes of Menyoo....
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