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  1. I cannot believe there is not just a permanent water source at your ship. or the ability to drink from waters sources in the game. So far I have found 3 non alcoholic drinks in the beginning area.
  2. Mmm nah probably overall lack of real interest in reading the thread properly. my bad. folks — did this game not sell well? This forum is really dead! You get about 5 posts a day??
  3. Ahhh sorry... I was gonna say — sheesh what’s wrong with people on this forum! Lol
  4. It’s my early impressions — it’s not a full critique. You think I’m a troll? Lol. You need to get out more pal. everything I’ve said in my initial feedback is facts. The combat whilst not bad, is average. The AI vision radius is very short, it spots you no further than around 15-20ft (I’m being generous) and I have tested it. I could do a video if you want proof. and the AI Is rubber-banded to their spawn location, which I really don’t like in games. Too be fair, other games have this as well e.g Witcher 3. It just breaks immersion and just makes things fee
  5. Any recommendations. The lack of water is almost game breaking on this mode!
  6. I had one marauder chase me 50m and then stop and run back to his spawn point, bend down inspecting the ground (which was his original behaviour)... Like nothing had ever happened. it just takes you out of the experience is all. It sucks. it is what it is.... but the game is good in other areas... namely the dialog.
  7. My main gripes with SUPERNOVA —- 1) WATER — at least have water source on your Ship! I mean water is almost game breaking in this mode. If you are going to have survival mechanics, and food and drink is a thing, then the game world needs to be built around that. Water is incredibly scarce in outer worlds you have to either find it as an item or buy it from vendor‘s and even still it’s in short supply. Seriously obsidian, YOU NEED TO ADD A WATER SOURCE ON YOUR SHIP. 2) BEDS. I have to say most of the things I’m fine about in supernova mode
  8. It’s totally stupid. in Skyrim and Fallout 4, at least something has the option of chasing you which can make for some really dynamic encounters. I never experienced a long que of enemies chasing me in those games, apart from a few persistent Ferals where I had to lose them in a ruined building and then ambush them from a better position. These moments of emergent unscripted gameplay are great. i know it’s hub worlds but they could set their radius a little larger say 100-200ft at least! it’s comical how small the radius limit is, 20-30ft!!! That’s nuts! Witcher
  9. I hate it too — nothing more immersion breaking. Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn are recent games that had that and it really impacted gameplay.... Bethesda games have there problems but the worlds feel dynamic and gameplay is filled with emergent moments. They just don’t have the same level of well designed dialog choices or consequences. But this is my issue with TOW’s so far, if every else in the game is just kinda average , then what’s the point? Why not make a Telltale game?
  10. Rather that than after 20ft they go “Oops! Better run back to my spawn point!” Breaks immersion. And just looks so stupid, and can be used as a cheese tactic.
  11. I have to say I’ve just bought Outer Worlds. So far somewhat underwhelming. Combat and stealth are kinda meh. The enemies are even tethered to the their spawn locations, so run 20-30ft away and suddenly they have a mind wipe and forget about you and run back to the spawn location. AI is pretty dumb and can’t seem to spot the player (standing) at 20ft away. hopefully the game will come into its own. I think what a lot of folks clearly like is the dialog options and choices... but the rest of the game is so far pretty average.
  12. I was looking forward to Outer Worlds. I’ve played a couple of Obsidian games in the past and I’ve never forget how my friend eulogised over New Vegas, how open ended it was, you could do almost anything, kill anybody to achieve your own goals. So far, I’ve only really played a hour or two. I’m on the first planet. Playing on Supernova. Just trying to work out where to get a drink from as I’m dehydrating a bit. Just managed to find a bed on my ship in the cargo hold so could save my game. My objective is to go to the nearby town, I forget what it’s called. Im just mucking abou
  13. Can you split them up? Tell one to go to point A the other to go to point B?
  14. Wait a minute you can tell them to go to a specific location? Like Mass Effect? And they will defend that point....? Really?
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