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  1. I had to share this. This is probably a bug, but it was (sadly) hilarious and actually kind of realistic. Playing in Supernova, Nyoka died minutes after joining as a companion by falling off the landing pad, elevator platform, at maximum height, at Stellar Bay, as I was escorting her back to the Unreliable. I just heard a scream and crash behind me, as I walked off the platform toward the ship gangway, assuming that she was following, and she was lying at the base of the platform. I suspect she never really got onto the platform and was just kind of hanging in the air, as it was going up,
  2. I just finished my first play through. Awesome experience, by the way! I wanted to comment on the unresolved plot line of what happened to the Earth. I read online various theories, that generally agreed that the lack of replies from Earth, the missing frigate, and the decreasing frequency of interstellar freighters meant that Earth was destroyed somehow. I’m thinking that these theories seem a bit deus ex machina and not quite in keeping with the focus of the plotting on the corporate misrule of Halcyon, as opposed to some sort of mysterious off screen apocalypse. It seems that applyin
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