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Found 19 results

  1. just finished deadfire and kind of disappointed that there is no become a god ending it would fit really well for my character because she would think she could do a better job running eora than the gods especially after finding out that they're artificial constructs anyway also would've been cool to agent smith eothas ya know and then take his power for ourselves as well as the souls from the first game and the ones in xoti's lantern then take the power of the rest of the gods and turn our self into the one true god Mu hu ha ah ha
  2. I already played and finished the first PoE. But in my playtrough, Kana died -somehow- early. And I didn't care him, cuz my party did not need a chanter. Even I like his personality, I don't know anything about his story. So, I am curious about him and his background. And his relationship with Maia -his sister in the second game- is a mystery to me. All answers are welcome. Thank you all.
  3. I just finished my first play through. Awesome experience, by the way! I wanted to comment on the unresolved plot line of what happened to the Earth. I read online various theories, that generally agreed that the lack of replies from Earth, the missing frigate, and the decreasing frequency of interstellar freighters meant that Earth was destroyed somehow. I’m thinking that these theories seem a bit deus ex machina and not quite in keeping with the focus of the plotting on the corporate misrule of Halcyon, as opposed to some sort of mysterious off screen apocalypse. It seems that applying Occam’s Razor to the problem of Earth may work best: whatever government or colonial authority now rules on Earth simply cut off Halcyon, writing off the colony, seized the missing frigate and wrote off their investment and all the people there. The gradual reduction in shipping reported on the Groundbreaker could simply reflect the diminishing value of trade and quality of goods the colony was producing. After all, what self respecting merchant wants to spend years traveling to a failing colony to sell stuff to broke people who only have toxic fake Saltuna to give in trade? Earth would’ve figured out by the time of the game that the HHC Chairman had deposed and detained or killed its legate and was sending fake news and fraudulent reports back in his name. Returning traders and maybe spies would’ve reported the horrific and failing conditions in Halcyon. They probably even figured out that the colony would soon starve, and they may even have deduced the HHC’s genocidal master plan. The “missing” frigate could’ve arrived safely on Earth, made irrational demands in HHC’s name and just gotten themselves arrested and charged with crimes against humanity, for supporting the HHC regime. The cost of sending an invasion force to attempt to retake a failing colony ruled by a madman, and enough aid to make a difference, would likely be politically prohibitive, especially given the “loss” of hundreds of thousands with the disappearance of the Hope, a couple generations earlier, so writing off the colony might be the most politically expedient thing to do. There was a bit on one of Groundbreaker side missions about communications from Earth being encrypted, before they just ceased several months before the game begins, which appears to support such a political, instead of an apocalyptic, theory. Also, word of an apocalypse on Earth would’ve reached other, better off, colonies that are hinted at, and interstellar shipping and communications from those other colonies would’ve related that news or even rumors to Groundbreaker. The idea that Earth wasn’t destroyed, but just so disgusted and indifferent toward its “lost” colony of Halcyon that it decided to abandon it within bothering to tell them, just ghosting them, would fit best with the world building bleakness of the Halcyon setting, I think. So, yea, I’m guessing that Earth wasn’t destroyed. It just doesn’t care.
  4. During the ending credits in PoE 2, in the moment describing what happend to Tikawara the credits stops without any options to proceed. Theres is ni problem with the game process, 'cause the game itself is not freezing in this moment Anyone have any ideas?
  5. Description: After reading through all of the ending slides, the screen goes black and never progresses. I get a pop-up in the background telling me that the game crashed. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: It happens when I complete the game and read through all of the slides and try to progress past the last "watcher" ending slide. I've tried it twice now and it happened both times. Important Files: I included my crash folder as an attachment. I tried to include some save files but they are too large to attach. I verified that I have a "game complete" save file, so this isn't the end of the world for me. 2018-12-31_095920.zip
  6. Completed the quest by convincing Tuaha to take the missive and ignoring her stalker. The ending slide for Port Maje says that the assassination was successful. Platform: Steam; version:, all DLC, except Scalawags Pack. Screenshots and save files: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XmwOF9CWRc0Wcbvb8tqqcBUR-KKALaqM
  7. There were several hidden skill checks in the last part of the DLC (or the sound of "Skill check failed"; the Pool of Memories) and after defeating the Porokoa is was possible to tell Engari that the Faces were incarnations of one Watcher (with "Honest" disposition). I could not confirm or disprove it in my playthroughs, because I was not able to pass the above-mentioned skill checks. Is this information correct? And, if it is, why do the Faces go on a murder rampage, when freed (with or without host)? I apologize in advance, if the topic was started too early (10 days after the release of the DLC).
  8. In the slides in the epilogue of the game I am stuck on one of them and cannot continue, even though the button is selected. The slide is: "Atsura sends a ship with food, aid, and a small garrison of soldiers to the unfortunate village. The leaderless tribe is all too happy to accept Rautai's generosity. They return the favor by reaching out to other far-flung tribes on behalf of their new benefactors." I believe that this is linked to the isolationist Huana village Tikawara. I chose to support the Deadfire Company. With Eothas, I chose to ask him to pity the kith , and option 3 to look after souls until animancers fix the wheel. Game can't be continued or exited without alt-F4. Bug exists even when the slide and the preceding one is not 'continued' until the dialogue has not finished. Save file is too large to be attached.
  9. I have seen many posts praising new factions and there is a lot to like in there. All four of them are well developed, with detailed backstory and with multiple representations throughout the Deadfire. Each of them have a companion to represent them and have a lengthy chain of well designed quests. How Deadfire handles its factions is in many ways similar to New Vegas. The political scene of Deadifire makes up the majority of games content and choosing with whom the player will ally with (if at all) is probably the most important choice in the game. Who will become your antagonist depends on that choice. That’s right, while Eothas might be the one who starts you on your journey, it is the fight before you confront him, which is the true resolution of this games conflict. It is a big deal – you face a major faction representative, with whom, most likely, you interacted for the big chunk of the game and you will have to kill one of the companions who traveled with you for tenths of hours (or from what I understand: you should have to. In my personal playthrough I managed to not kill said companion by now talking to her after making my faction choice, From what I have heard others a just as easy to exploit). Unfortunately, it doesn’t feel nearly as impactful as I am making it sound like and, as I believe, it should be. While there is a pretty elaborate combat sequence before reaching Ukaizo it isn’t quite the same as charging the enemy in the battle for the Hoover Dam in New Vegas. The final confrontation with the faction leader feels more like an afterthought, rather than a climax – perhaps it might be redeemed with a better difficulty, but personally I feel there is just not enough buildup to really allow this moment to properly pay off. However, I think that the weakness of this finale comes from fairly inconsequential faction and relationship system. In New Vegas the conflict between factions was active and present everywhere you went and you were part of it. The choices you made throughout the game – both following certain quest paths and by making mechanical choices (like killing members of certain faction) influenced your standing with various faction in both story and gameplay. This lead to said faction responding: either granting you access to their hideouts and helping you in wilderness or becoming unfriendly and later hostile and even sending bounties after you. Choices you made throughout the game actively allied you with certain faction, making the finale the result of your entire journey, rather than a single choice. While Deadfire has means to achieve a similar effect, it never utilizes it. While many of the quests will force you to favour one faction over the other, I didn’t notice my choices being reflected in the faction system. The following screenshot is taken from my “on the crossroads save” – all of the sidecontent completed with only the final choice and Ukaizo left to complete. How is my standing with all of the factions so high, in spite of my actions hurting some of them? I made a lot of choices against Royal Deadfire Company and yet, none of it is reflected. Only Principi ended up at “mixed” though outside one or two token reactivity in conversations it had little effect on my interactions with them. Even better, here is my standing after making the choice: allying with Valians, blowing up RDC’s powder reserves and lying to the Queen (while RDC might have been unaware of my actions, queen wasn’t). Nothing has changed. While hand crafted content might not support such flexibility, a worldmap is a perfect space to react to your choices – unsatisfied faction trying to raid your ship, you raiding faction ships affecting their reputation, friendly ships coming to your aid, ambushes in the city etc. Unfortunately, world map is static and shares no connection with the rest of the game, even though many ship claim to represent one of the four factions. Similar problems can be seen among companions – before and after the choice: I didn’t go out of my way to appease all of my companions. And yet as a character who didn’t respect the Gods, was fairly unsupportive to RTC and vocally supportive of Valians, trade and animancy I didn’t step on anyones toes. As a matter of fact, I was pairing companions with opposite worldviews (Pallegina+Maia, Takehu+Maia, Serafim+Pallegina) and yet I didn’t see any disagreement there. Your choice of faction should have repercussions earlier in the game and get reactions from both companions and factions. The final choice should be a natural extension of the previous adventure and not artificial “which ending slide do you prefer” choice, it is right now. It is probably unrealistic as expansions are planned already, but what I would much like to see is an expansion which would focus on core mechanics of the game. I feel that the way faction and companions interact with each other is in need of a major overhaul to make the story that is already in the game effective.
  10. Edit: Found the problem why I didn't get any ending slide for Dyrford. Killing the Skaen cultists, Freeing/Killing Aelys, and also killing Lord Harond = No ending slide. So you cant kill the Skaen cultists and Lord Harond and get an ending slide for Dyrford?
  11. This thread is once again wondering if anyone could answer some questions about tempering abydon. I know how most of it works, but there are some questions I wonder if anyone could answer: 1. Do you have to release the dwarven souls to use that in the argument or can you bind them to the cannons to win that argument? I've seen way too many conflicting reports about this and am wondering if anyone has a way to confirm if binding to the cannons works. 2. Is Maneha still bugged so she wins the argument regardless of what happened in her quest?
  12. There is an ending where Maneha "Rediscovers her lust for battle, and her also having a lover, saying she had a life of violence, excitment, and passion. While there is an ending for Zahua saying that he took on a new apprentice, a female, trained her in everything he knew before she finally left for her own journey. Does anyone out there know how to achieve these endings? I've searched all over google and only know how to get every other ending on Pillars of Eternity EXCEPT those two. Has anyone ever got those two before? Thank you for your time reading this and hopefully having an answer to it.
  13. I searched for a similar thread but I couldn't find one - if this is already being discussed somewhere let me know. Playing the game again, I was blown away of how the beginning of the game tied together so greatly with the ending. When you are awakened you read about a memory of how you confront Thaos with your pressing questions, in front of a large machine. In the end, you are back in front of the great machine, experiencing history all over again by confronting him with your pressing questions. What's so wonderful is that when playing the game again, the flashbacks you see of Thaos means more than the first time you play it as you already know his story. It gives a great new dimension to the game and really encourages me to play it again to see what hints and references I might have missed the first time. What are your thoughts?
  14. (Sorry for my English) When i was watching this silly topic http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/62182-unwinnable-main-questline/ I decided that i will make proper poll for this subject. and please with no trolling like (i let obsidian decide) we only talking about are expectations or ideas for game and not with kiddy Threatening like "I WILL withdraw my backing!" cheers
  15. Yeah the game is not even out and we will be talking about the ending! I want to know what kind of ending and what kind of content in the ending you want? Personally some of Obsidians games had in my taste bad ending, that be for lack of time or what ever, the ending like NWN2 or Kotor2 where you beat the bad guy he place collapsed and we don’t know what happened, are unpolished and unispired. I want an epic ending and filled with info about every little thing I did in the game a la Fallout 2. I like that if the game has multiple endings some to be tragic endings, but if they have a standard ending then don’t make it tragic. An ending with a cliffhanger or tragic, tend to piss me off. For example ME3 unpatched ending was the worst ending ever in my taste, first all the decisions you made till that point fells inconsequential, second it was tragic Sheppard died, third the options given to you felt unispired and it felt that no mater what you do, int the end you screwed everyone and in top of that they didn’t give you the sweet vignettes about what happened to the world after the fact. So what about you? What game endings, movies, books you liked, what you didn’t, what info you would like to be displayed in the ending of the game, etc.
  16. Hey, First off all I want to say that I'm a great fan od BG, Fallout series and I'm very excited about Your upcoming Project. I would like here to share with You with few of my thoughts about Project Eternity: what I would like to see and what unnecessarily. Opening Most of the major RPGs, games that take place in fantasy worlds are starting in the same schema/have similar openings: The major character wake up in a prison cell with amnesia, don't knowing about himself nor how has he ended like this. Maybe it's time to change that. I would like to face a character who's sitting in an Inn with a cup of ale, thinking about how miserable he and his life is (killed familiy, blame, debt etc. ). Who wants to end it. A character that finds himself at a wrong time and place. He observes: a fight in the Inn (someone takes him as a person involved in all this mess), a robbery, a contract killing, someone running from something puts an object in his pocket, A character that during many circumstances finds his life purpose. A persong who's destiny is to become a hero. Quests I know that next to epic quests with depth story there must be simple ones. They make us belive that something is happening in the world and it's not empty. What side quests I would like to see: a common village hidding a horrible secret: vanishing children, a sect that makes rituals celebrated in honor of a Forbidden god, a rogue mage living in a tower that rememmbers ages, who's experimenting with forbidden, dark magic, who does not allow souls of his victims to rest in peace Organization of contract killers. Location: somewhere beneath the earth. They hire us, want us to join, intimidate us, want to kill. Most companions join us when we fulfill their demands - do that and I will join your group. Our camarades should evolve with us. For example we are near a place that is strong connected to their stories and they ask us if we could make roundabout way and check something,for example: to solve the mystery of the death of his family. Crafting There must be a NPC like Cromwell(dwarf), a character whose skills in crafting are famous, legendary in the created fantasy world (maybe a side quest with him - exploration of a dungeon in search of a lost item ). A NPC responsible for heavy armor crafting. Other characters for other type of armor - elves for light armor, bows. Professions like herbalist, alchemist (minor healing potions etc.), first aid(light bandages etc.) should be learnable. Crafting of epic, end-game items should be left to NPCs. A compromise is needed in this matter. Spellcasters, spellcasting, fatigue and ZzzZZZzzz It's normal that a weak mage is not a challange for a warior or for other class. High level mage should bend the power at his will. Personally I would like to have a fatigue factor that acts on character spellcasting capability. For example: I visit a Inn, get smashed with % and I can't cast a high-level spell that requires focus from my char. The same goes when my main char don't sleep for more than 'x' hours or is poisoned and is going numb. Low level spells are not affected by this factor or the range scales with my level. A caster should be able to use all common low level spells like: making a light, pointer or unlocking simple locks, minor healing locating magical auras etc. and few really powerfull ones. Maybe learning spells from lost for ages scrolls - spells that used too frequently affect characters soul. I don't know if a mana pull is a good idea but fatique factor should affect it (even in the smallest degree) - character is tired and his spells are less effective when he's rested, the same goes with mana pull restoration. Using "rest/sleep" button to frequently is making the game less fun. Character should have the opportunity to rest within few hours of his journey instead 2 hours. Crafetd or buyed bandages for minor wounds and hp drops should make the job. Ending ... or endings depending which way will we choose (i would like to choose not only from dark and light/good or evil options but from "grey" aswell) should be epic, explaining, giving hope or announcing the arrival of peace/ dark clouds in the future.Or nothing at all. Sacrifice of the main character for the sake of the world is also an option. peace, ramt1n ps. sorry for my bad english, I hope that it's readable.
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