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  1. interesting that no one brought up the nwn2 mask of the betrayer god ending wherein you become a god and start devouring other gods and whatnot which i have to say is my favorite and close enough to what i would think my watcher would have done also considering that the godlike are just grand sephiroth style reunion plan just makes it more likely that godlike watcher could find someway absorb the other godlike souls and become a larval form of their parent god or something much like kudaj was larval sephiroth
  2. just finished deadfire and kind of disappointed that there is no become a god ending it would fit really well for my character because she would think she could do a better job running eora than the gods especially after finding out that they're artificial constructs anyway also would've been cool to agent smith eothas ya know and then take his power for ourselves as well as the souls from the first game and the ones in xoti's lantern then take the power of the rest of the gods and turn our self into the one true god Mu hu ha ah ha
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