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  1. daniela, I emailed support@obsidian.net with my save file. They've been in touch with me to say that they are investigating. You may also want to check and let them know if you have the same situation where the main page of the game shows that you have Beast of Winter installed.
  2. You're absolutely right! Great detective work. I don't own the DLC, but the main page of the game shows that I have the BoW DLC installed when I mouse over it! I'm running the game through GoG Galaxy, and have 8 DLC installed (see attached) I recently re-installed the game onto a new drive (part-way through the playthrough), so it's a relatively fresh install, rather than being an old one that has been updated several times. I think it's even an install straight into the latest patch.
  3. Thanks zigmun and SChin. Sadly I don't have Beast of Winter to apply and try the suggested fix. I'll send the save file over in an email.
  4. In the slides in the epilogue of the game I am stuck on one of them and cannot continue, even though the button is selected. The slide is: "Atsura sends a ship with food, aid, and a small garrison of soldiers to the unfortunate village. The leaderless tribe is all too happy to accept Rautai's generosity. They return the favor by reaching out to other far-flung tribes on behalf of their new benefactors." I believe that this is linked to the isolationist Huana village Tikawara. I chose to support the Deadfire Company. With Eothas, I chose to ask him to pity the kith , and option 3 to loo
  5. Why? I think that it's a great invocation. With three creatures you can sweep around and flank an enemy, engage and distract enemy ranged attackers, and lead more gulible creatures away. Useful right till the end, as far as I am concerned.
  6. Are you using a particular guide to that? If not, would you recommended any particular level 1 and 2 spells, and which statistics do you favour? I'm guessing that you could make a pretty tough tank, but without the Might to damage people.
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