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  1. I searched for a similar thread but I couldn't find one - if this is already being discussed somewhere let me know. Playing the game again, I was blown away of how the beginning of the game tied together so greatly with the ending. When you are awakened you read about a memory of how you confront Thaos with your pressing questions, in front of a large machine. In the end, you are back in front of the great machine, experiencing history all over again by confronting him with your pressing questions. What's so wonderful is that when playing the game again, the flashbacks you see of Thao
  2. I just realized how much time they must've spent signing those boxes and varying the sketches made. This is mine. ♥
  3. I've been searching the forums for this kind of thread. I've been avoiding the forums since the release of the Kickstarter but now that I've finally finished the game I can indulge in all these discussions and go here without being afraid of spoilers and give the everyone a big THANK YOU! It's been an absolute pleasure playing this game.
  4. I was a hero for both the Knights and the Dozens when I realized I needed to get into the hearings. I went to the Doemenels because they were a better choice for me and said something like "I need to get into the hearing..", got a new questline and got sponsored by them. After I was sponsored, I tried making more quests for the Doemenels but they said I was too friendly with the Dozens to trust me. So my impression is that you can become a hero for all factions, ask to be sponsored by any one of them, get a questline to be sponsored, but not be able to do a questline for "more" tasks than
  5. Also a small reminder: Don't forget crafting. I was completely wiped two times on normal. The third time I remembered crafting (which I had basically not used during the entire game) and proceeded to make all the endurance potions I could. After that, I made it through without losing anyone...
  6. Thank you! I missed a tutorial on this - I didn't understand this at all.
  7. I found that I auto-failed a quest I hadn't picked up yet after moving to act III. So I would say yes, some quests can become unavailable/unable to finish after you move to another act.
  8. I would like this as well. Currently I line up my ranged fighters and my melee, then lure the enemies with Eder, then continuously pausing/clicking X/forcing Eder to keep running. I strongly miss "hold your ground" option for all characters.
  9. I experienced the same thing. When I had killed the first three flesh golems and ran around in the sanitarium, all guards and patients were still there, alive, as well as the flesh golems. I was also attacked by wights when I entered the large room. The second time, without the bug, all guards were dead and there were no patients left, only hostiles. I never ran into the wights that time. I had no problems killing Azo the second time either. I have tried playing it the same way as the first time when I experienced the bug, but I haven't been able to reproduce it. It just triggered the
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