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  1. when do you think are they gonan show boyarsky/tim cain secret project?
  2. i miss flash sales already :<
  3. the setting kinda reminds me of the black company
  4. starting black mirror 1, credits to our generous user, shady sands who gifted me the whole trilogy
  5. i'm just about to start after i finished some little work.
  6. Hopefully it will have better development and final execution than the previous Call of Cthulhu, botched by Bethesda. i love styx: masters of shadows, even with all of it's flaws. it got great core play and solid level design. shards of darkness looks like it got better production value and time, which is the source of problem with the first one
  7. i have faith in this tbh. plus they notched the battle up too. like grids and positioning that remind me of radiant historia, or one HoMM game. i was worried too it wasnt developed by obsidian would make the gameplay worse, but i think it is in a good hands
  8. but at least they switched it. unity 4 was HORRIBLE. games with unity 5 run so much better and it looked better too
  9. fellow blood and wine player here. i trust it is money well spent. i doubt it first to spend damn 20 bucks on a DLC, but after 5 hours playing, no ragrets so far
  10. this is the announcement trailer for civ vi for those who just want to see it :
  11. So this game i noticed on GDC, looks amazing. The game is Called The Long Journey Home Here is the story premise: Humans attempted FTL travel for the first time, you are a captain of a ship of 4 crews. Things goes wrong and you are stranded in a wrong part of the galaxy. You must lead your ship back home to earth. Features: -rogue lite, procedurically generated galaxy. -scripted story, quests, characters, handcrafted alien races and interaction and dialogue -manage your resources and crews, deal with aliens to trade. They can be friendly, hostile, trying to con you, or ask for hour help. -t
  12. this game looks cool, played the demo and pretty impressed: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1892480689/insomnia-pc-max-linux here is my impression of it: direct link to demo: http://insomnia-project.com/demo/
  13. Jeff Vogel finally releasing avadon 3 trailer:
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